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Travel sprays are BETTER than rollerballs

I wish that so many brands would stop producing travel sized fragrances in rollerball form. Rollerballs touch your skin and pick up bacteria and yeast and then roll to the other side and contaminate the perfume inside the bottle (where yeast and bacteria that can tolerate alcoholic conditions will proliferate). It also picks up dirt, lint or other things sitting on the surface of the skin like lotion and oil that can also change the pH or other chemical properties of the fragrance formulation. I hate rollerballs. Can Sephora encourage companies to manufacture travel fragrances that have a sprayer instead of a ball? I'd rather pay an extra dollar or so for a better quality item than a product design that doesn't preserve the product well. 

Re: Travel sprays are BETTER than rollerballs

@lites I love travel sprays too.  I never get rollerballs.

Re: Travel sprays are BETTER than rollerballs

This so much!! There's so many perfumes I want but full size is too much product and their minis are rollerballs so I don't end up buying them ๐Ÿ˜ž anyone else feel like roller balls smell way more of alcohol at first too ? 

Re: Travel sprays are BETTER than rollerballs

@lites I agree with you and the other BICers!  Rollerballs aren't practical for me.  And don't even get my started on coffrets!  They are hard to open, tend to spill, you can't spray on your body or clothing, and you wind up with a concentrated scent on your finger(s). 


I really don't understand why companies don't make travel sprays.  I mean, we use full-size bottles that are sprays!  I think I'd own more scents if they were available to travel sprays. 


AND, I have to pipe up about the price of rollerballs.  When Sephora was first selling them, I got them for $15-$18 or so.  Now, so many are $25 or $30.

Re: Travel sprays are BETTER than rollerballs

@greeneyedgirl107Yes yes yes! I hate coffrets/dabbers.

RE: Travel sprays are BETTER than rollerballs

I SOOOO AGREE WITH THIS!!!! Like what is the point of roller balls?!?! Iโ€™ve pretty much stopped buying travel sized roller balls because I donโ€™t believe they reflect the scent accurately. Plus, I like doing a full body spray/mist so some gets on my clothes, which I obviously canโ€™t do with a roller ball. Roller balls are useful if you need to discretely and quickly do a little touch up, but if anything, the travel sized scent should have a roller on one side and a spray on the other.

Re: Travel sprays are BETTER than rollerballs

I hate rollerballs too, but more so because theyre a nuisance to apply. The size is wonderful (for someone like me who is always changing her mind on which perfumes she likes!),the convenience/portability is obviously handy, and they dont break the bank .. but ball applicators do suck. I do think we are seeing more sprays (in the travel size) lately though which is great and hopefully this trend will continue and expand. And yes, I agree, Id happily pay a little extra for the spray rather than rollerball.

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