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Perfume Samples

Why does it seem like Sephora will never give perfume samples again? Since when did they become a cheap store. Iโ€™ve gone to 3 sephoras the past 6 months and none are doing perfume samples. Kind of bogusโ€ฆ

Re: Perfume Samples

Bogus indeed.  I used to be a big Sephora girl, not anymore.  I got a gift card through work so i figured I would snag a Kate McLeod stone and some other goodies and was super stoked to receive my two perfume samples but what did i discover when I opened the box? Some crappy lotions.  I used to be a big Sephora girl, not anymore.  


You owe me two perfume samples (see below).




Re: Perfume Samples

The best way to get perfume samples from Sephora is when you buy online: sometimes there are good sample options. The best places to get perfume samples is Bloomingdaleโ€™s and Nordstromโ€˜s; when I politely ask they will decant a perfume that has a sample bottle on display or provide a pre-made sample. 

Re: Perfume Samples

Yup! NASTY! I was just there and bought a full sized bottle, after paying i was prioptly rejected from asking for a sample. lol! 


Re: Perfume Samples

Yeah I went in today and was told I couldnโ€™t get a sample of a perfume.

Itโ€™s next to impossible to just pick up a perfume on the spot when itโ€™s so expensive and trying to sniff perfumes all at once just makes everything hard.

So unfair, not sure why they had to stop giving of tiny little bottles of perfume samples. I mean come one really? 

Re: Perfume Samples

I was told it was because of COVID and it was more of a chance of someone getting COVID while interacting with customers and fragrance.  I really can't make this up...smh

Re: Perfume Samples

@taylorwid hi, maybe you are just unlucky. When I go to sephora, they give me perfumes/creams samples, and even mini lipsticks, sometimes. Maybe try to kindly ask for them.

Re: Perfume Samples

They used to do that before the pandemic but unfortunately they have stoped giving samples out. Where are you located, what cities have you tried?


I have asked but they arenโ€™t allowed anymore. I have tried in Arizona, Washington and California. All the same.
now I just return it if they donโ€™t work out. 

Re: Perfume Samples

Yeah, they won't do it in Canada either. Very disappointing, because I need to test more than just the initial scent. Like the longevity, how the scent develops over time, whether I get a headache from it, etc.

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