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Perfume Samples

Why does it seem like Sephora will never give perfume samples again? Since when did they become a cheap store. I’ve gone to 3 sephoras the past 6 months and none are doing perfume samples. Kind of bogus…

Re: Perfume Samples

Bogus indeed.  I used to be a big Sephora girl, not anymore.  I got a gift card through work so i figured I would snag a Kate McLeod stone and some other goodies and was super stoked to receive my two perfume samples but what did i discover when I opened the box? Some crappy lotions.  I used to be a big Sephora girl, not anymore.  


You owe me two perfume samples (see below).




Re: Perfume Samples

The best way to get perfume samples from Sephora is when you buy online: sometimes there are good sample options. The best places to get perfume samples is Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom‘s; when I politely ask they will decant a perfume that has a sample bottle on display or provide a pre-made sample. 

Re: Perfume Samples

Yup! NASTY! I was just there and bought a full sized bottle, after paying i was prioptly rejected from asking for a sample. lol! 


Re: Perfume Samples

Yeah I went in today and was told I couldn’t get a sample of a perfume.

It’s next to impossible to just pick up a perfume on the spot when it’s so expensive and trying to sniff perfumes all at once just makes everything hard.

So unfair, not sure why they had to stop giving of tiny little bottles of perfume samples. I mean come one really? 

Re: Perfume Samples

I was told it was because of COVID and it was more of a chance of someone getting COVID while interacting with customers and fragrance.  I really can't make this up...smh

Re: Perfume Samples

@taylorwid hi, maybe you are just unlucky. When I go to sephora, they give me perfumes/creams samples, and even mini lipsticks, sometimes. Maybe try to kindly ask for them.

Re: Perfume Samples

They used to do that before the pandemic but unfortunately they have stoped giving samples out. Where are you located, what cities have you tried?


I have asked but they aren’t allowed anymore. I have tried in Arizona, Washington and California. All the same.
now I just return it if they don’t work out. 

Re: Perfume Samples

Yeah, they won't do it in Canada either. Very disappointing, because I need to test more than just the initial scent. Like the longevity, how the scent develops over time, whether I get a headache from it, etc.

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