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Looking for fragrance: incense, woody, church vibes

I’m looking for a fragrance that smells something like incense, woody, that stuff they burn at churches, that kinda vibe. Nothing too sweet. I am having a hard time finding something like that, when I look on google the recommendations i see are very niche and small brands that are always sold out or from

an etsy shop. My fave scent has been from a candle called Ash by Boy Smells . I wish I could find something similar in a fragrance. 

Re: Looking for fragrance: incense, woody, church vibes

So, this is also my absolute favorite type of scent. I just placed an order for a bunch of samples through Luckyscent for fragrances that only have incense notes. I haven't received them yet but I'm super excited to play. Here is what I ordered:


Samharam Parfum - Arte Profumi

Black Eau de Toilette - Comme des Garcons
Rouge Eau de Parfum - Comme des Garcons
Hinoki Eau de Toilette - Comme des Garcons x Monocle
Avignon Eau de Toilette - Comme des Garcons: Incense
Kyoto Eau de Toilette - Comme des Garcons: Incense
*Zagorsk Eau de Toilette - Comme des Garcons: Incense (cold incense scent)
Akkad Eau de Parfum - Lubin
Bois d'Ascese Eau de Parfum - Naomi Goodsir
Autoportrait Eau de Parfum - Olfactive Studio
Wazamba Eau de Parfum - Parfum d'Empire
Arso Eau de Parfum - Profumum
Olibanum Eau de Parfum - Profumum
Black Gemstone Eau de Parfum - Stephane Humbert Lucas 777
Incense extreme Eau de Parfum - Tauer Perfumes (cold incense scent)
Resin Sacra Eau de Parfum - Tom Daxon
Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino il Volto Extrait de Parfum - UNUM
LAVS Parfum Extrait - UNUM


*I already own this one and love it, wear it almost daily. I didn't order a sample since I've already purchased a full bottle but I wanted it on the list 🙂 Longetivity isn't the best, but I don't care. Actually, it lasts quite a bit longer on clothes if that's your thing. 


Hope this helps! Even though I've only actually tried one of these so far.


Re: Looking for fragrance: incense, woody, church vibes

My vote is for Comme des Garçons Avignon. A friend of mine who worked as a groundskeeper for the local Catholic cathedral gave me a handful of their incense once, and it smelled just like this. 

Re: Looking for fragrance: incense, woody, church vibes

@julieandtwocats great sample haul! Hope you find something you really love 🙂

Re: Looking for fragrance: incense, woody, church vibes

I kinda really love living off samples, and only personally own 3 bottles of fragrance - I mostly just buy full bottles as gifts for people 😄 Not the best way to invest money on fragrance, but oh well.

Re: Looking for fragrance: incense, woody, church vibes

@SlimNShady  Comme Des Garcones Series 3 Incense comes to mind. There are 5 of them, I think. They are all churchy incense kind of scents. My favorite is Kyoto.


"A fragrance for meditation, named after the city of Kyoto, considered to be the heart of Japan. Kyoto is calm and wise, it takes us through the temples of the city, making us think and reconcile. The eternal green aromatic cypress mixes with calm and powerful elegance of cedar; vetiver invites us to listen to the breathing of black and warm earth. Powerful, yet not rough."

Kyoto Fragrance Notes:

incense, cypress oil, coffee, teak wood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, everlasting flower, Virginian cedar


L'artisan Parfumeur Passage D'Enfer and Passage D'Enfer Extreme, too. 


Passage D'Enfer Extreme:


"A mysterious and deep note of incense is wrapped in a more profound sandalwood and vanilla base. A hint of black pepper perfectly juxtaposes the delicate, subtle white flower notes."

Passage d'Enfer Extreme Fragrance Notes:

Incense, jasmine, red lily, sandalwood, vanilla absolute


Passage d'Enfer:


"Pure and mysterious, this otherworldly blend of flowers, aloe and incense evokes cool stone walls, grand vaulted ceilings and flickering candles. Subtle and lingering, this darkly beautiful fragrance draws you in and holds you like an incantation. Hypnotic, seductive, unique."


Passage d'Enfer Fragrance Notes:

white lily, frankincense, aloe, white musk




Re: Looking for fragrance: incense, woody, church vibes

I actually was looking at these, where can I buy in Canada?

Re: Looking for fragrance: incense, woody, church vibes

@SlimNShady Oh, no. I'm sorry. These are pretty easily obtainable in the US. But I really don't know where to get them in Canada. But @pocketvenus  might. I think she is from Canada, and she knows whole helluva lot about everything and anything fragrances, so she might know about this, too. 

Re: Looking for fragrance: incense, woody, church vibes

@RavenR Thanks for the tag! 


@SlimNShady  Like RavenR, I'd also recommend the Incense series which is very reasonably priced. Kyoto is a personal favourite, though the classic "churchy" fragrance is Avignon. CdG is not so difficult to find.


The following stores may already have it in stock or should be able to special order it

Perfume Shoppe Canada in Vancouver

gravitypope in Toronto

SSENSE in Montreal

TNT in Toronto and I think Montreal

Nordstrom across Canada - Kyoto is on the Canadian website

Holts carries some CdGs, if you have an SA there, I'd ask them about it

Some online Canadian discounters may carry it but I've never bought from those sites so I can't vouch for them


As for the L'Artisans, try Etiket in Montreal

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