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Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

I wanted to share with everyone a YouTube channel I happily stumbled across late last week:  Jeremyfragrance


This is a man with nearly 20 years' experience in the fragrance industry and the most recent winner of The Fragrance Foundation Consumer Choice Vlog.  Bar none, his reviews are extremely professional, unbiased, entertaining and relatable to a very broad audience.  I find myself frequently binging his videos as well as narrowing a select few to serve as a solid jumping point in researching new fragrances.


I hope you find his channel as helpful as I've found it to be!  Cheers!

Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

I enjoy Redolessence’s YouTube channel.  He goes quite in depth and speaks eloquently as he describes the scent journey.  He gives good comparables as well, there’s not a large fragrance community on the tube.  It would be cool to start a channel.

Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

Never heard of him. For perfume reviews I've been going to the NST (nowsmellthis) blog/website for over 10 years - I prefer reading about perfume over watching a video.

They tend to focus on niche brands over mainstream fragrances, but that tends to be my preference in fragrances anyway. Sometimes they can sound snobbish, which is a little off-putting, but I overall like the content and the discussions in the comments.

Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

@CyncynnI find NST really great for keeping up on new releases as well. My favourite blogs are Take One Thing Off, Bois de Jasmin and Kafkaesque though K hasn't posted since 2018.

Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

@pocketvenus Thank you so much! I'm familiar with Bois de Jasmin, but not the other two. I'll check them out!

Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

@Cyncynnyou're welcome 🙂

Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

@comebackkay I’ve watched some of his videos, but he seems to pick the same range of houses and doesn’t explore or introduce different, less mass marketed brands.  He tends to stick with ‘sexy’ or citrus fragrances, and I wish he would do more informative vids on Woody, earthy, and musky scents.  

Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

Jeremy has been around a while. He is a great marketer and sales person. He knows he is good looking and uses his good looks along with good looking women to push the products to men.  Sex sells after all.


Personally I can't stand him, as he is all show and no depth, plus the fact that he is paid by the fragrance houses to push their fragrances. He is no better than an infomercial.


There are a lot of better reviewers out there as well as the blogs @pocketvenus  mentioned. Don't fall for his hype.


Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

I personally find perfume blogs to be more informative than YT channels. The reviewers tend to be older and know more about fragrance history.

Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

Interesting! I've heard of him but never watched anything because until now all the reviews I've heard have been strongly negative! Not so much reviews of him, so much as they were warnings, lol! Am I the only one who's heard off-putting things about him?

Re: Jeremy Fragrance YouTube Channel

@creasedshadow  I never hear anyone talk about him, but personally I find a lot of his videos to be repetitive.

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