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The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023


Another SEPHORiA, another diary! I was thrilled to hear that SEPHORiA would be back in person this year after a 4 year hiatus, and even more so that it was going to be in New York. 

This Community has given me so much over the last decade, and this truly was like a family reunion. I’ve been friends with so many of y’all for years and years, this event is just the most beautiful excuse to get together ❤️


Unfortunately for us, Mother Nature had other plans. As I waited in line for Session 1, the NYC governor declared a state of emergency due to the inclement weather (severe rainstorms). 

There was also something going on with the venue, likely due to the storms. They cancelled the event about 20 minutes after Gold Key holders were supposed to be inside. 

While we weren’t able to go in and see all the amazing booths, they still let us redeem our swag bags. 


So sorry I didn’t get to meet more of you! Our Ambassador group was able to at least get together for a picture. Fingers crossed that we might be let in tomorrow 🤞 



Session 2 is also cancelled, if you were supposed to come make sure you check your emails! They are offering a resolution. 

xoxo Mcakes 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

Awww, thank you so much @Mellmars1185. Ohhh goodness, those late nights. 😆 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

I am loving all your outfits @Mcakes! It looks like you guys had a great time! 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

Thank you @faeriegirl ! I feel like I’ve been waiting an eternity for the opportunity to wear them 😂 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@McakesThanks for sharing the pics!  Looks like you all had a great time.  🙂  I wish things had played out differently.  In the meantime, I'll be over here waiting on bated breath to get the swag bags.     

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@itscarin I’m so bummed that I didn’t get to see you! 😭 I was looking forward to it. If only that rain had stayed away. Hopefully next time ❤️

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

Saturday morning came and I rolled over to reach for my phone and saw this email:


 Yayy!! I was so happy, but also a little shocked and in a slight state of denial. I had a Gold Key ticket for this session, so I knew I was able to get in an hour earlier and get in line 30 minutes prior to that so I jumped out of bed to get ready. 

Have you ever felt like you forgot how to do your makeup? That’s how I felt in that moment! Luckily I was able to pull myself together and out the door I went. To Sephoria!! 


I had brought some special bracelets for my Community Ambassador teammates so I stacked them on my wrist. The email was pretty strict on the bag limitations so I didn’t want to risk a purse getting taken away. 


When I got to the venue I ran into some friendly faces right away in line! Our Community is such a special place, and especially at Sephoria it was wonderful knowing I’d constantly be bumping into my BIC Babes. 


We checked in and got our wristbands then were handed a large Sephora shopping bag for trick or treating. Some Sephoria vendors were even handing out some samples before we got into the event space!


Security led us through another door and then we saw it. Sephoria!! We walked down the stairs and were immediately immersed in The House of Beauty. 
Our first stop was The Spa area, they had a cute little photo op that we couldn’t pass up. 


Team work makes the dream work 😂 



The first booth I saw was Briogeo. They were handing out some deluxe sized samples and encouraged us to take some pictures by their shower photo op. So cute! 


Next was Skinfix, and OMG was I shocked when they handed me a FULL SIZE Skinfix Glycol Lactic Brightening Boost AM/PM Moisturizer 1.7 oz / 50 mL 😱 Did I mention it was FULL SIZE?!?? 

Completely stunned by their generosity I stumbled upon their neighbor’s booth Dr.Jart who has a fun spin the wheel game. I won some samples and blue gummy bears. Look at how cute their display was:



I felt a little tap on my shoulder and it was none other than the one and only @MyieshaBD ! Gorgeous as ever, I had to whisk her into the main Sephoria photo op for a quick pic ❤️



Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@Mcakes ,

Thank you for ALL these Sephoria 2023 photos and your commentary !   Your bracelet gifts are charming!

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@tsavorite I’m so behind! There’s more to post! Just got back from a work trip so I’ll post more soon 👀 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

Your outfits and these pictures 💖 @Mcakes Thank you for sharing! It looks like the most amazing day ever, and you got to see and do so much! 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

Thank you @CynthieLu ! It was an unforgettable experience, it always is. Lots of highs and some lows, but overall so grateful for this Community ❤️

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@Mcakes That bracelet didn't come off until I got home!

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

Aww love that @Samtian ❤️ I am so happy we got to spend time together!! 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@Mcakes Me too!

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

Thanks for the pics and narrative, @Mcakes !  Love your second day top--too cute!  I'm glad you and others were able to enjoy yourselves despite the circumstances. 🙂

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@Titian06 Thank you! Yes we got every lucky that we got to go at all, really wasn’t sure if it was going to happen or not. Forever grateful that I got to go to both sessions! 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@Mcakes How fun.  Loving all the pictures.

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

Wish you were there @SportyGirly125 ! 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@Mcakes @It sounded like you all had a blast.  I was there in spirit 😊 I was constantly checking my phone whenever we had breaks. 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@Mcakes It was so great meeting you 🥰. Thank you so much for the braclet! I really enjoyed wearing it to Sephoria. Also, I really loved the outfits you picked out for the event 💋💄💋

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@Mellmars1185 I’m so glad I got to meet you! You are the sweetest person, I adore your energy! 

Re: The SEPHORiA Diaries 2023

@Mcakes Aw thank you so much. Likewise 🥰

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