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The Winged Eyeliner Thread

There have been many postings on winged eyeliner.  I thought it would great to have a dedicated thread.  Please post your tips, struggles, and everything in between.


What techniques have you benefitted from?


What products do you like?


What is challenging you?


What tutorials were helpful for you?


Also, please check out 💖 100 Shades of Eyeliner 🌈 




Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

I've tried to do winged looks before. I would use these stencils to help. I don't really even consider doing them anymore because my face is really uneven and it makes it so so noticable. 

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@Samtian which stencils?  I didn't see it in your post.  I'm curious. 

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@greeneyedgirl107 Sorry I didn't meant it that way as in I was including the picture, my bad. But here are ones similar to what I had used 


I have one like this one somewhere, I don't even know if I've used it



Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@Samtian thank you for clarifying!

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@greeneyedgirl107 Of course! They were pretty handy to use. 

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@Samtian If the liner you use is heavy, you can sometimes "fake" more symmetry with it 🙂

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

My favorite way to apply eyeliner is with an angled brush like this SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Eye Liner Brush #22  ( this shape and style work best for me) using any color eyeshadow I feel like. 🌈

I have that specific brush and others of a similar type by ELF, Morphe and Inglot.

I hold the brush from narrow to thick as I draw my line.

(I do post different colors of eyeliner and looks on the 💖 100 Shades of Eyeliner 🌈 thread. 😄)

I use make-up tape and line it up with the upwards angle of my bottom lash line, but you can play with it too get the angle any way you like. I like the easiness of using tape. 

After I apply my eye makeup up I go in to do the wing.

I start by drawing the outer wing line along the tape and bring it across towards my eye, following my lash line towards my inner corner.

You can even use the brush to stamp the powder along your lashline until your comfortable with drawing it in.

Than, I start thickening the wing  by slowly getting it thicker by starting at the end of the wing and connecting it too my eyelid, increasing the thickness a little at a time until I get it where I like it.





Just a few eyeshadow liner looks to give you an idea with different angles and thickness. All using makeup tape too help me out. 😉


I recommend watching lots of how to videos on YouTube or anywhere you prefer. When you find ones that suit you and the look your going for, use them as a reference. And just practice and it will get easier with time. 🩷  

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@CynthieLu thanks for posting!  Bookmarking this for when I have more time to practice. 

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

I hope it's helpful @greeneyedgirl107 🙏💞💚

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@CynthieLu Love the different colours ❤️

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

Thank you kindly 🩷🩵 @pocketvenus I love pops of color soooo much in eye looks. 


Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

I used to do a cat eye almost daily, stopped during the pandemic and now I do a lot more no makeup makeup looks but this is making me want to bring back a more regular cat eye 🙂


My fave for years was the Flowfushi pen. I think for a lot of people it's a toss up between Flowfushi and Kiss Me Heroine. I found the FF lasted longer for me.


My tip for oily lids is to set the liner with a translucent powder. This worked so much better for me than using primer.


My tip for hooded lids or at least, what works for my hooded lids, is to go for thick, short flick. I mean make the flick Amy Winehouse thick and start angling upward partway through the lashline. Don't try to flick at the end of the lid fold and go under it because you're going to end up with weird and low skinny little flicks at the ends that will be more like curls. Start the flick earlier so that it starts angling upward before the lid fold terminates when the eye is fully open. When you cast your gaze downwards and see the full line, the shape will be almost triangular - when you've got that down you can go back and thicken up the line over the rest of the lid. It will be dramatic, it will look great.


My best general tip is to make sure you keep looking dead on in the mirror to keep things symmetrical. Don't just stare at the angle you're applying the liner with, make sure it looks correct when your face making natural expressions and at the angle most people will view you at. My other general tip is that you can use the edge of your fingernail when the formula is still wet to fix the flick angle and create a clean, sharp line.

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@pocketvenus great tips!  I'll have to try when I have more time. 

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

Love these tips 💜🩷 @pocketvenus 

I would love too see some of your eyeliner looks if you start playing around with them again 🤩

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@CynthieLu Thanks, I never post photos online but this is sort of what I mean for my hooded eyes by starting the angle before the fold ends. These angles below are a bit more extreme than what I do for a daily. But this way you can really extend out the flick into a dramatic wing. If you start where the fold ends you can't draw out the flick very far.





I've also seen this technique but never tried it. It basically uses shadow on the lower lash line to extend the corner of the eye beyond the fold.



My mother had a monolid and she did cat eyes by drawing the line right in the middle of her lid so when her eyes were open, she had the perfect line.


Good luck to all with mono and hooded lids! With practice, you can definitely rock a razor sharp cat eye ❤️

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@pocketvenus these visuals are helpful!  

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

These are great examples of what you were saying, I can really see how it works in action now @pocketvenus. I love the way they look! 🤩

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@greeneyedgirl107 Great idea for a thread! 

My first try at winged liner was to use some tape to mask off the area and provide a guide. Same idea as using SEPHORA COLLECTION Makeup Tape.


I’ve also tried the connect the dots method. I put a dot where I want the wing to end and connect it back to my eyes. I like this a little more as it gives me a target to aim for. I combined it with the tape for a little while until I was comfortable doing it freehand. 


One method that I learned from a friend who is a MUA (and also my brow tech) is to map it out with some eyeshadow before going back and committing with actual eyeliner. If you make a mistake or don’t like the result, it’s easier to buff away and try again. 

As for products, I like something with a felt tip. My go-to for a while was SEPHORA COLLECTION Intense Felt-Tip Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner 02 - Satin Chocolate Brown. Now I’m using Dolly Wink My Best Liner for daily looks. I find it easier to get a nice sharp line and do a flick to make a wing.


I also recently saw someone start by drawing the tip of the wing first and then connecting it to the rest of the liner instead of trying to flick it out. Going from the outside-in instead of the usual inside-out. The result is was a sharp, crisp wing. 

Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

Great advice @JoSometimes this was a good read! 

I always draw the outer edge of my wings backwards. ( Imo Once you get the hang of it it makes everything so much easier 😉

What type of wings do you like to draw, What is your go to style? 



Re: The Winged Eyeliner Thread

@CynthieLu My struggle with winged liner is my hooded eyes. The hood gets in the way, so I usually just do little baby wings. 


Figure 1. Baby wing on a hooded eye

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