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Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

I am embarrassed to ask but I am exhausted trying mascara's. I wear hard contact lenses, have sensitive (watery) eyes, fine, short, and hard to curl eyelashes. Could it get worse?  Mascara's either flake into my eyes (forget  fibers) or my cheeks, or one of the ingredients - maybe a wax or oil - slides into my eyes and coats my contacts so that I can't see. The oil is very difficult to remove from my contacts as well - I have to use a specialized cleaner and then I blink and it's all back on them. The biggest and worst offender for oily was Guerlain Maxillash Volumizing and Curling. Of the available mascara's at Sephora here is a list of fails with reason's if I remembered them.


Please recommend what I should try next (my HG was Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir but now it is flaking off even before I leave my house -  brand new tube). Waterproof versions clump and give me spider eyelashes, even using spoolie or lash comb don't help b/c lashes are fine and soft. Primers worsen clumping. but I am still willing to try waterproof and primers. "Wet" mascara's uncurl them. If I remembered why it didn't work, I listed. I usually use 2-3 coats. I've read reviews and searched other threads. I'm confused now. FWIW, I'm 63 yrs old and have been wearing mascara for 50 years - suddenly this problem!


My fails:

Grand Mascara Lash Boosting

Benefit They're Real and Roller Lash

Sephora Lash Crafter (did nothing)

Two Faced Better than Sex regular and waterproof (clumps)

Dior Diorshow Iconic and Black out (clumps) and Overcurl (and waterproof versions)

Clinique Lash Power (did nothing) and High Impact (wet, weighed down lashes)

Milk Kush (this one was great except for flaking after about 2 hrs)

Lancome Hypnose (fragrance sensitivity), Definicils, Grandiose, Monsieur Big (both Grandiose and Monsieur Big were hugely oil on contacts)
Tarte Gifted (did nothing) and Tartiest Lash Paint

Estee Lauder Sumputous Extreme (pil on contacts)

Blinc Amplified (too wet, made lashes spiky)

Buxom Lash volumizing

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir (flaking), O!Mega (dry, flakey)  and Lash Lifter (wet weigh lashes down)

MUFE Smokey Extravagant

UD Cannonball and Perversion

Stila Huge Extreme (clumpy)

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes

Chanel  (fragrance sensitivity) and did nothing

Bobbie Brown Smokey Eye


Price does not matter right now.

My lashes are not strong enough for extensions. Maybe false lashes?


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Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

@ellie50 I don’t see my mascara on the list of fails so I will include it here. Lash Boss by Laura Gellar. It goes on sale a few times a year, when it does I stock up.

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

Thanks! A trip to Ulta is in order, then.

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

@ellie50  Nothing to be embarrassed about! I gave up mascara this season because this allergy season is one of the worst 😬 Have you tried more tubing mascaras? They're more popular in the Asian Beauty community. Usually more resistant to smudging and you only need pressure and warm water to remove the tubes that they wrap around each lash. I see you've tried the 
CLINIQUE - Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula



BLINC - Blinc Mascara

KEVYN AUCOIN - The Volume Mascara

SURRATT BEAUTY - Relevée Mascara

ESTéE LAUDER - Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara

Japanese tubing mascara like

DHC Double Protection

Heroine Make (Advanced Film?)

Shiseido Majolica Majorca




Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

@RNGesusPls-Thanks very much for the suggestions, I will try these!  Clinique was great for many years until age made my lashes thinner. Blinc was very wet - I had it everywhere but my lashes. Extensions aren't a good option since they are thinning, and while I dislike waterproof, I'm willing to give it a go. I bought some finer falsies but haven't tried yet - nothing worse that fluffy falsies on an older lady, lol. LASHFOOD  helped my lashes grow longer (nothing for brows), but made my eyes sting and burn for a while after use so I discontinued.

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

Good luck @ellie50 and hope you find the one!

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

@ellie50 Have you asked your eye doctor about the excess watery eyes? Or do you know exactly what triggers it? There are allergy drops/prescriptions, could be a blocked tear duct etc.

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

@TrysBeautyItems I wish those drops work for me. I also have the same watery eyes issue like @ellie50 . Can't really control all the dust/pollen/allergens around me. The only way to mitigate the symptoms are taking daily antihistamines and using air filters and vacuuming the living space often.

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

@RNGesusPls- and if you haven't already tried antihistamine eyedrops, be careful - despite causing the opposite, excessive dryness, they made my pupils dilate -so I walked around in sunglasses and couldn't focus on a thing until it wore off! Then I read the label (duh) and sure enough it's a side effect for some.

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

Thanks for the info @ellie50 ! I haven't tried them in a very long time so all I know is that they didn't work for me, but they sound like the drops that I'd take during my eye exams!

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

@RNGesusPls Yes, drops and antihistamines aren't foolproof. You can vacuum non stop, here in the desert, and still doesn't pickup enough. Dust is everywhere, places you wouldn't neccesarily think of.

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

Yes, thanks for asking. It's allergies and I'm on antihistamines, and although 24 hr, they only last me about 10 but Dr said I should not take more or use eye drop antihistamines (they overdry eyes).  If I am in a room with a ceiling fan though, they water b/c it blows dust/allergens around.  It's a little trickle that plays havoc with undereye concealer!  I live in NC and hard-pressed to go anywhere where there aren't overhead ceiling fans.  My issue is more the oil substance from mascara's that coat my contacts.

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

Ok, you know the triggers. I'm in the desert allergens, fans are 24/7.  


@ellie50 I wear soft contacts, but dont have issues with Maybelline Great Lash, BTS, Dior. For clumping, if you're not, wipe the wand off to remove excess and go over the lashes with a spoolie. Possibly lighter layers as well.

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

@ellie50 That’s quite the list of fails 🧐 

I don’t know if Sephora USA sells Chanel but in Canada they don’t; I’d recommend Chanel Le Volume De Chanel. It’s weightless, flake free and conditioning. 

Re: Mascara and Gas Permeable (hard) Contact Lenses

Thank you for the suggestion, I have tried one Chanel (I will check my list look to see which one - the one I used left that oily coating on my lenses) and it was highly fragranced.  I've tried at least 10-12 drug store brands too.  FWIW, I can't line my waterlines, either - same reason.


One - I only need one that works! LOL

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