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Good but also budget friendly

I'd love to hear suggestions for good eye products but also budget friendly at the same time..

1. Mascara ('full sized) I've been getting my lashes done and had to stop awhile ago. And I do not feel like myself 😢

2. Colored Mascara (any size)

3. A Fun colored/multi/duo/any liquid liner (except yellow as I was given one and was not for me lol)

4. Eyeshadows for blue blue eyes and pale skin   ( I've never been a very bold shadow person still on the fence)





Re: Good but also budget friendly



So, for mascara I recommend the Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara, it's $5. My only complaint is that it runs terribly in the shower.


For eyeshadow, I recommend any of the Morphe pallets. They're $25 for about 15-20 shades that have good pigment


I haven't really tried any colored mascara, I'm sorry!


For black liquid liner, I recommend the NYX Epic Ink Liner, I believe it was around $6-10. 


For eyeshadow, I'd recommend a liquid gold eyeshadow


Hope this helped! Have a great day, beautiful!

Re: Good but also budget friendly

You just made my day!! You're the best!! I'm so happy I decided to log in which I dont remember to do very often!! And I still need mascara!! Woot!! 💜 @FullCoverageBB 

Re: Good but also budget friendly

The Essence Lash Princess mascaras are stellar! Unfortunately every non-tubing mascara seems to give me raccoon eyes anymore, but back in the day the green one - I think it's False Lash Effect - was perfection. And only $4.99! 

Re: Good but also budget friendly

I have grey-blue eyes and very light skin and I use orange shadows like in the Profusion Siennas palette. It makes blue eyes really pop. I also use the Maybelline Lemonade craze palette , they’re a little dusty but good colors and great shimmers. Don’t underestimate Essence beauty, too- I have one of their palettes (air, doesn’t show up well on my skintone) and the shadows are great! The colors don’t work in the air palette for my skintone but the other palettes

May because it has a good formula. My favorite eyeshadow ever is the Maybelline City Minis , I have rooftop bronzes and chill brunch neutrals and they all show up super well and look great on my eyes.  Hope that helps 🙂 

Re: Good but also budget friendly

Tbh I have been on amazon looking at maybellines and wasnt sure, but this is definitely helping me decide! Plus I will be ordering a single from sephora just not sure which

 If anyone knows of a nice single purple. I have pictures I need to take of lipstick for a brand. It's a plum color. So I need a single shadow to go along with the plum lips. So a medium purple. Thx much!!

Re: Good but also budget friendly

oh yeah, definitely get one of the Maybelline palettes. I wasn’t sure but I got the Lemonade Craze one (dusty as heck but also amazing) and the city minis (not dusty and soooo pigmented , I love mine). They are quite underrated.

Re: Good but also budget friendly



 I love the several colors of L'oreal Voluminous mascara-- they have a bright blue, a burgundy, a nice forest green, and I think a purple (not sure about that one). The colors are really great and the mascara is good too, nice formula. It's around 7-8 USD per tube. I have the first three I mentioned.


 For eyeshadows, well, I have similarly pale skin and blue eyes. While I am not shy of using all kinds of colors, I like a soft neutral eye too. If you're looking for something to help you ease off the fence, maybe a mostly neutral palette with a few pops of gentle colors would be helpful, like Colourpop's Garden Variety palette, on sale right now at CP for $15, Or their Wild Nothing palette. These may also be available at Ulta. Another good selection of shades is from ELF cosmetics, their New Classics palette has lots of great shades for blue eyes. The formula of their shadows in palettes is very good nowadays. 


I'm a big fan of Sephora Collection mini eye palettes too-- the Eye Stories ones are so pretty, and not intimidating. They blend easily, and there's one with a soft pink and a medium yellow that is just darling, perfect for blue eyes. Pink shadow (in any intensity) on blue eyes is amazing. But so is orange: sundfay 005.JPG

My eyes aren't that blue without the shadow! They're normally sort of a faded denim shade, but look how this makes 'em pop. I adore wearing yellow, lavender, navy, sage as well. 


 You might just want to buy a couple of singles in whatever shades you most aspire to, to play with. 






Re: Good but also budget friendly

I have been eying a palette from sephora's line that I now see is on sale. I cant go back and see the name but they are all on sale and look like a beginners book. Lol. I am wondering about also toofaced palettes and yes.. colourpop. Oh so gorgeous. I havent purchased ANY! And I want all! But theres so many purples! 

Re: Good but also budget friendly

How odd and yet they do say all things happen for a reason. I was looking at the bright blue a few hours ago and actually have it added to a cart elsewhere. I just wasnt sure how I'd actually look wearing it. 

Its upsetting to me that not all makeup and even just  bigger stores that sell makeup arent all " Virtual try on" ready.. I find those amazing!! Thanks so much for replying 

Re: Good but also budget friendly

@LipstickCrave --you're welcome! As for Too Faced, the Sweet Peach palette (and in fact all of the peach eye palettes) are fab on blue eyes as well. I didn't mention  it due to cost, but... I love that palette.

Re: Good but also budget friendly

Definently need to reccomend the James Charles Eyeshadow Pallette (Morphe) it's a bit pricey but has lasted me a very long time. It has some gorgeous bold colors but also some muted tones. 

Re: Good but also budget friendly

I'm so glad I'm reading all of these replies.. as I'm in the middle of making a purchase and here as well. I knew about morphs but I've never actually looked. So its great you mentioned the brand 💕 thanks!

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