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Eyeshadow blending!

Does anyone need tips on how to blend? When I first started out I was overwhelmed with brush types & trying to figure out how to get the "gradient" look! Now that I've nailed it, id like to help others!

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Sephora pro editorial paletteSephora pro editorial palette









RE: Eyeshadow blending!

What brushes do you use for your eyes?

Re: Eyeshadow blending!

You are truly an artist!  Do you have a youtube channel?  If not, you should - I would definitely subscribe!

RE: Eyeshadow blending!

This is seriously amazing!!! I wish I had your skills!

RE: Eyeshadow blending!

Omg you not only nailed it, you mastered it!!! I wish I had your talent!!!! Do you have a YouTube? If not you def should

RE: Eyeshadow blending!

I need cut crease help on my hooded eyelids! 😩

Re: RE: Eyeshadow blending!

I do eyeshadow primer, then set it with powder before I apply eyeshadow. Or I use a cream eyeshadow like a Mac paint pot. That helps minimize creasing in my hooded eyes. 

Re: Eyeshadow blending!

These looks are so beautiful! Would love any advice/tips to be able to accomplish something like this starting from eyelid prep, brushes, and technique. Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

RE: Eyeshadow blending!

Your eyeshadow is beautiful. I love vibrant color pallets and would love to know how to get this look.
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