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Color Correcting Help!

I can't seem to conceal the darkness under my eyes! I've tried color correcting with peaches, pinks, oranges, and greens, and if I cancel one color out, it seems to bring another color to the surface. I've also got some fine lines so I try not to use more than 2 products, since it tends to cake up. Any advice what color I should be color correcting with? Or any advice on under eye concealers that might get the job done in one product? I've attached a photo of my under eye with no makeup, and with a medium coverage concealer. I appreciate any help!




IMG_8397.JPG IMG_7486.JPG


Re: Color Correcting Help!

I use the peach corrector but it also doesnt help a lot. But I like the Kat von D concealer it covers well. This week I used a sample of UDs tinted eye primer potion and decided to try it as concealer and it kinda works too.

Re: Color Correcting Help!

I have heard good things about the Kat von D concealer, I'll look into it. Thank you!

Re: Color Correcting Help!

@sailoralison You and I have the EXACT undereye concerns. It’s not so much that we have darkness, but we have hollow undereyes which causes them to seem darker than they are. I use Benefit Boi-oing corrector and Tarte Shape Tape. I have fine lines too. My trick is to apply my eye cream, let it sink, then add the tiniest drop of rosehip seed oil (i use Farsali Rose Gold Elixir) then let that set for a couple minutes. It helps to not accentuate fine lines. Eye creams that contain Retinol will help with darkness. Kate Somerville+Retinol Eye Cream will help. Now...the only “true” fix is fillers. I do it once a year. My Dr injects Juvederm and it fills in the hollows. It’s amazing, and the only thing that truly works, but it’s expensive. Here, in LA, I’m paying $900 for half a syringe for a year of results. It does work, but it is expensive. 

Re: Color Correcting Help!

Thanks so much @darlyndar! I never considered it was due to hollowness - that makes sense as to why color correcting isn't helping much! Filler is too pricey for me now, but something to consider in the future. I'll look into those products you mentioned. Thanks again!

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