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Post in Dry Skin

concealer for dry skin/setting powder

so i’ve been looking for a concealer that’ll give me total coverage and won’t dry out my under eye. Right now i am using the too faced born this way concealer and i feel like it makes my under eye patchy. i also need i good setting compact powder recommendation because i think the maybelline one isn’t working out either and could also be a cause of the patchiness. 


any clue on two products i can get together?

Re: concealer for dry skin/setting powder

I'm using the Too Faced Born This Way concealer, but I'm experiencing some patchiness, and it's not giving me the flawless look I desire. Any suggestions for a concealer with intense coverage that's also hydrating? Also, I've been using the Maybelline setting compact powder, but it seems to be contributing to the patchiness issue.


Re: concealer for dry skin/setting powder

I have heard that the Tower 28 Beauty Swipe All-Over Hydrating Serum Concealer is great! As for powder I’m using the Kosas Cloud Set Baked Setting & Smoothing Talc-Free Vegan Powder!

Re: concealer for dry skin/setting powder

@sbell0306 How’s your skincare routine? A little hydration goes a long way to helping your concealer play nice when you have dry skin. 

For setting powder, I recently started using two different ones and both have been an improvement over what I used to use. The first is Covergirl’s simply ageless pressed powder. It has Hyaluronic Acid in the formula and as long as I’m light handed with it, it’s not bad.


Another option for setting powder is to avoid ones that are Talc based and find one that’s mineral based. Talc tends to be very drying and we don’t need anymore of that going on! I have one from Revolution that’s Mica based and that one also isn’t as drying. I’m also light handed with its application. 

Re: concealer for dry skin/setting powder

@sbell0306  If you’re still looking: my current favorite concealer is Live Tinted Hueskin Concealer, available at Ulta (if you’re in the US) or direct from the brand. Live Tinted calls their concealer “medium to full coverage” and that’s accurate: I find I don’t need to use much to get full coverage, and it leaves a natural (not matte) skin finish. I use a shade that’s close to my skin tone/undertone. If my undereyes are looking extra dark, I apply a color corrector first (my fave is Live Tinted Huestick; I use shade Rise for my medium-deep to deep skin tone) and finger-blend it out to neutralize the darkness, then apply concealer over it. I have mostly-dry combo skin and very dry undereyes, plus my skin’s quite reactive/inflammation-prone. Neither this concealer nor color corrector have caused any dry patches or other irritation. 


I’m also a fan of the pricier Dior Dior Forever Skin Correct Full-Coverage Concealer 4 Neutral (can’t tag it without picking a specific shade), though this one has a more luminous finish than Live Tinted’s. 


My current favorite setting powder is also pricey: By Terry 8HA Hyaluronic Pressed Hydra-Powder. This is a new reformulation of By Terry’s original pressed setting powder and it’s a huge improvement. My longtime rockstar setting powder is the translucent loose version of the old formula (By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder), which has also been reformulated to an “8HA” version I haven’t tried yet. “8HA” refers to the different forms of hyaluronic acid By Terry’s added to the formula. You can find mini versions of both the pressed compact and loose powder at By Terry’s site, as well as places like Dermstore, LookFantastic, etc. A mini can last a very long time since you won’t need a ton of powder to lock concealer in place all day. 


I’d ask about your skincare routine for your undereye skin, but I have a great routine yet Too Faced Born This Way Concealer irritates my skin too. There’s a chance your skin’s also sensitive to something in that concealer. Otherwise you may want to boost your hydration and moisturization game for that skin, making sure to apply moisturizer while that skin’s damp (but not soaking wet) to seal in more hydration. 


Re: concealer for dry skin/setting powder

@WinglessOne I’ve been reading about that setting powder By Terry. You’re lucky you have easy access to it. I haven’t seen it at any Canadian shops. 

Re: concealer for dry skin/setting powder

@JoSometimes  It’s not very easy to find here in the US either. In fact, since it’s recently reformulated, the only way I’ve seen (so far) to get it in the US is by mail: can’t walk into a physical store to buy it. I know online orders shipping to Canada involve paying duties, though. 😞 


I’ve had to order direct from By Terry a couple times, and they’re located in France. The last time I ordered from them (a year or 2 ago), US Customs seized the package: it was stuck in a customs hold for a few days, and it arrived to me with the dreaded green tape of despair (the bright green tape customs uses to reseal packages they’ve opened to inspect). Two items were missing from that package. I highly doubt that was By Terry’s fault. 🙄 I suspect those 2 items “accidentally” fell into a customs agent’s pockets and gosh, I hope that person’s enjoying them. Trying to get any kind of resolution from US Customs is futile, but By Terry did ship me a consolation prize of a full size Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder + a full size mascara, though I still think customs is to blame. 


EDIT: forgot to mention the setting powder really is quite good. 😄 I’ve used the original loose translucent Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder for a few years to set my undereye concealer, as well as any spot-concealer and occasionally eyeliner wings. Anything I set with that powder does not budge all day. I’ve used this powder many times in hot and humid weather (here in Chicago as well as Jamaica, Mexico, Washington DC, and Florida—before it reached its current state of unwelcomeness): some days, all my makeup melted off—except my concealer, which remained locked in place. I’ve got a mini of the reformulated “8HA” loose powder coming soon, and I hope it performs as well as the original. 

Re: concealer for dry skin/setting powder

Hourglass Vanish™ Airbrush Concealer works great! It does not cling on to my dry patches and has great coverage!!!

Re: concealer for dry skin/setting powder

tell me about it haha. the too faced concealer is just so cakey under my eyes i was really hoping it would not patch up or crease especially under my eyes. i’ve been using the tarte crease less concealer and it’s really good!  setting powder i don’t really use but i do use the maybelline fit me press powder. it works good with the tarte! if the tarte isn’t the best fit for you, i would also recommend the nyx concealer serum which works really good! also works good with the fit me pressed powder!

Re: concealer for dry skin/setting powder

Rare Beauty concealers are great! I have dry skin and recently got their eye brightener, very hydrating and brightening but not full coverage. Although, in store I did try out their regular concealer and it is VERY high coverage but doesn’t have the best shade range. Lots of fair complexion shades if that’s what you are looking for though. Hope this helps!


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