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Sephora charging twice....

I am a huge fan of Sephora. Always have been. I tell people all the time about how great they are. 


I noticed - somewhat accidentally - that I had double charges in my checking account from them. Pending charges, I should say. When I contacted them, I was told me in no uncertain terms, there's nothing to be done. These will drop off eventually. ("and how frustrating that must be for you!" ... etc)


The problem is, any charges that come out of my balance affect my available spending power. If I allocated those funds for something else, urgent or not, I would still have to wait 7 (or so) days for this charge to fall off before I had that spending power back. This shouldn't have to be explained. It's obvious. 


I'm a single parent. I work very hard to provide, and budget accordingly. If ANY merchant can reach into my account and pull out twice the amount I spent - these tools I use daily to keep our finances secure are deemed useless.


Furthermore, it's wrong. 


But instead of attempting to make this right, the folks at Sephora have twice (including a "supervisor") told me they can do nothing. This experience has, unfortunately, changed my opinion of the company as a whole. There are just too many places to get makeup / hair care / etc, online and otherwise, to put up with this basic violation of consumer ethics. And that's exactly what this is. 


Re: Sephora charging twice....

@ellisgirl13 I will look into this for you and send you a PM. 

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