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Rewards Bazaar order cancelled?!? Sephora SUCKS!

I placed an Urban Decay book reward order for 2000 points (finally! It's so impossible to snag something you want in the first place) and called concierge as it says to. First, I had to get transferred twice because no one seemed to know what I was talking about. Finally I'm told my reward will ship by the end of the week, great. Then, a few hours later I get an email that it's been cancelled??? Seriously? The excuse is that more people added than the system could keep up with before listing it as "out of stock" and the guy who told me it would be shipped was mistaken. So, my consolation prize is 500 points. Right, let's give her more points that she can't even redeem because our reward system is incredibly flawed and can't even come close to keeping up with the demand. The points are useless to me if I can't use them! What an effing joke. As a rouge member I fail to see the so called benefits. I'm so done with Sephora! Ulta has a much better reward system and they'll be getting all my money from now on. Good riddance!

Re: Rewards Bazaar order cancelled?!? Sephora SUCKS!

I do feel like its hard to redeem the larger prizes in the rewards bazaar, even when I sit by my laptop waiting for 9am to hit, I still lose out 9 times out of 10. I suggest going into the store, maybe you can ask an employee if they have large prizes for you to redeem onsite? I have considered going to Ulta exclusively, but they don't carry a lot of the brands I like, and if I'm being honest, Sephora (despite a few bad experiences) has the best overall customer service and customer appreciation. Maybe take a quick break from Sephora and come back again? 

Any reward over 500 points is only available online. The...

Any reward over 500 points is only available online. The whole thing is frustrating, to say the least. And the thing is, I'm not the only one that feels this way. There are numerous complaints regarding their loyalty program and I haven't really seen anything get better. Yes, Sephora carries brands that Ulta doesn't, but Ulta is quickly gaining traction, having just acquired MAC and Bumble and Bumble. Also,Nordstrom and Neiman's carry a lot of these brands as well and have even better customer service. Sephora has long had a special place for me as they were my first discovery into the world of makeup beyond the Clinique counter at Dillard's but lately I'm just not seeing the same appeal when it comes to getting the most out of my money. The 100 point and even 500 point rewards consist of samples that Ulta generously passes out like free candy so those feel useless to me. The better rewards are hard to come by and while that's frustrating enough it's even more frustrating to finally get one only to have it unceremoniously taken away from you. I'm just upset about the whole thing and since I'm already close to being Rouge for yet another year, I can't help but wonder why the hell I'm spending a grand a year at a place that doesn't offer me much inventive when there are other places I can get my products who do offer incentives. I will say that I do have good experiences at my local Sephora inside Jcpenney. The girls there always give me samples and make my purchases feel a little more exciting so likely I'll continue to shop there if I really want something that only Sephora carries. But, I think that's the Jcpenney end of things that makes it a little better. I am glad that Sephora has this platform so I can at least vent my frustrations. Now I get to sit on my thousands of points for a little longer, but not too long, because Sephora recently made it so they expire, because as my title says, Sephora sucks.
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