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Play Box Never Arrived? Lost?

The mailing facility received my Play Box on the 14th. It was supposed to arrive at my apartment on the 19th. The 19th came and went, and even though it said it would still deliver that day-- there was no package. It's the 21st now and it still hasn't arrived, AND they haven't updated my package's status since the 18th. I'll insert an image below. I thought the box would be here by now.... I'm going out of the country in 2 days, so I won't be here to get my package for an entire week if it doesn't arrive soon. I live in an apartment without a secure way to pick up packages so that could be a security problem??? Someone else could easily just take it from in front of my apartment door. Unfortunately I don't think it will arrive soon based on the fact that there have been no updates to the package's location since the 18th.

What do I do if I never receive it? Can I get a refund? This is the first box I've ever ordered. If it never arrives and I can't get a refund, I think I'll cancel. I had heard that some people never get their boxes, but I didn't think it would be THIS bad. Might just switch to another beauty box subscription... :/ I thought since it was Sephora it would be reputable. Apparently not? 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 5.07.15 PM.png

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Re: Play Box Never Arrived? Lost?

Hi @kstrl,


I'm sorry that you have not received your Play! Box yet. It's not uncommon for the tracking details to update over time, and the boxes are typically delivered anytime between the 15th - 25th of each month. I'll take a look further and I'll send you a private message to help shortly!




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