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Is Sephora Trying to Commit Fraud With Anyone Else?

Been having lots of issues with Sephora lately. Anyone else experience anything like this? 

#1 I returned an item and it took almost one month to be refunded. I had to keep calling customer service.

#2 I was so excited to get the La Mer Creme de La Mer Duet during Rouge Sale. I paid for the item, but Sephora never sent it to me. They are still holding onto my money, and have not refunded me. Now the item is Out of Stock. Customer Service told me that as a "courtesy" they could refund me, but I would lose my points, my Rouge status and I would lose out on getting the item at a discount. First off, how is that a courtesy...was Sephora planning on committing fraud? Now, I am not getting the item I waited all year for, not getting a discount, and if I take the refund "courtesy," I will be losing my status and my points. Customer Service told me this was justified. How so? Sephora never sent me the item; hence, it is still in their inventory. Sephora doesn't lose; the customer does. Sephora never even sent me an email letting me know the item was not shipped, or tried to refund me in advance of me calling.

#3 Waited all year for the Drunk Elephant Trunk 4.0; the box arrived opened. The gift item, a suitcase, had animal hair on it and the wheels were scuffed and had lint. Gee thanks Sephora! I love getting returned/used items during a pandemic.


Anyone else experience any of this? It has all happened within the last month. Never had these issues before.

Re: Is Sephora Trying to Commit Fraud With Anyone Else?

@kaygeeroo I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I will look into this for you and send you a PM. 

Re: Is Sephora Trying to Commit Fraud With Anyone Else?

Yes I'm having the same problem. I reported a product missing and they haven't got back to me until now. It's been like a month. They are also cancelling my orders like crazy but not giving valid reasons. Customer support keeps saying that they will look into your issues but meanwhile not being able to explain the simplest issues. 

Re: Is Sephora Trying to Commit Fraud With Anyone Else?

I am sorry to hear that! Thank you for responding to my post. I didn't know if I was the only one. While I definitely understand that COVID has changed things, and retail profitability has been hurt. It seems that while many retailers have stepped up to handle this new normal, Sephora has retrograded. Canceling orders, committing mail fraud, being rude to customers, not timely refunding orders and sending broken or used merchandise, doesn't seem to be the way to get back on course. I buy from Sephora for the convenience, but if the majority of my orders are going to be a headache, I am scared to make another purchase.

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