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Delete a Color IQ from Account

Help! I saved my mom's color IQ to my Sephora account. Although I have mine set as the default, when I click on 'find matching foundations' I'm pretty certain I'm getting matches for both. I am a 1R06 and she is a 4Y01, so we have pretty different skin tones. I'm looking to try a different foundation, but want to make sure it matches. Can I delete her Color IQ number from my beauty insider account? 

Re: Delete a Color IQ from Account

I cannot delete a color IQ number. I also do not have the option to choose my preferred color IQ number. It automatically defaults to the most recent one. Please, help.

Re: Delete a Color IQ from Account

Hi @joanniee,


Sorry for any confusion! At this time, ColorIQ numbers are unable to be modified. However you can add a new ColorIQ number to your account and it will become your default. 


You can also type the ColorIQ number into the "search" bar on our website, and it will show matches. You can also do this on the ColorIQ page directly here:

Thank you!


Best regards,


Re: Delete a Color IQ from Account

Can you reset your default to the correct ID on the account. I  need to take off the rest or do can I  just transfer everything over to a new account.

Re: Delete a Color IQ from Account

Unfortunately, that's not possible for me. I cannot add a number that is already on my profile. It won't let me. I cannot modify which shade I want as my default. This is tough because even if I search the Color IQ # on the search bar it still shows results of the "defaulted" color IQ. The only way for me to search the color IQ # correctly is if I am logged out of my account. What hassle!

Re: Delete a Color IQ from Account

Hi @Adrianelee


To edit your Color IQ, please log in to your Beauty Insider account, scroll over your icon or picture up on the top right corner next to your basket, click on Account, then click on Beauty Insider on the upper left side on that page. You will then see the Edit button on the right by your Beauty Traits.


Hope this helps!


Beauty On, 


Re: Delete a Color IQ from Account

This just shows me my color IQ numbers but there's no option to delete

Re: Delete a Color IQ from Account

Hi ladyteresa, 


Sorry about that! You should have the option to select your preferred Color IQ shade. Additionally, you can always enter your current Color IQ number in the search bar and products that match this number will be listed below 🙂


Hope this helps!





Re: Delete a Color IQ from Account

Did anyone figure out how to fix color IQ? I was helping my mom and I adde her color IQ and now her shade is the default and I can't fix it. I have asked for help from Sephora help desk and they give me steps that do not appear or are available for me. Super frustrated right now. 

Re: Delete a Color IQ from Account

Hi @hellonina,


Regretfully, the default Color IQ number cannot be modified. However, you can add new Color IQ numbers to your profile, if you'd like. I understand this may be frustrating and I'm sorry there's not an option to modify the default Color IQ number!



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