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Making loose curls from tight coils

So I have 3c/4a curls and had to cut my hair really short earlier this year. The grow out is not going well - any length I get just springs up and looks like a giant poof. Any suggestions for styling products that loosen up curls or just how to manage during this grow-out stage?

Heat styling isn't an option for me right now unfortunately.

Thanks for any advice!

Re: Making loose curls from tight coils

Hi @Finendandelion  I totally understand that process, it's frustrating at times, however your hair has to grow out first and then you may get a little "hang-time". Well here are some products and methods you can try along your hair journey.   First, let me share some methods you can try with the products.


  1. Rake when applying products don't rub or comb use fingers, this minimizes frizz too.
  2. Twist the hair into 2 strands and stretch the twist across the head and anchor with bobby pins or hair pins.  This will help elongate the curl pattern as well.

Use a deep conditioner once a week to help drop tight curls down, creating more elongation. (The key is moisture here)

Use creams vs gels to weigh the hair down a bit do lengthen those curls.


Product options:

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 32 oz/ 946 mL  adwoa beauty Baomint™ Moisturizing Curl Defining Cream Briogeo Superfoods™ Avocado + Kiwi Moisture Leave-In Conditioner 5.75 oz / 170 mL  PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Styling Cream for Curly &Coily Hair 15 oz/ 443.6 mL 


Hope this is helpful.




Re: Making loose curls from tight coils

Hi @SherandaPRO - thank you so much for your suggestions. I love your ideas about technique- I am going to try these! The length of my hair right now is very different from the scrunch method I used to employ and I've been a bit at a loss tbh. And of course with curly hair moisture is key but I'm really starting to see how this will help me during my grow-out process. I hadn't thought of the Briogeo Superfoods™ Avocado + Kiwi Moisture Leave-In Conditioner 5.75 oz / 170 mL - love this suggestion as the other products I've tried from Briogeo have really agreed with my hair. And great idea about creams instead of gels. I really appreciate your advice and recommendations!!! I'm so thankful for our beauty community! 💕

Re: Making loose curls from tight coils

@Finendandelion Awesome to hear this works for you, i love being able to support our curly community!  All the best to you.



Re: Making loose curls from tight coils

Hi, I'm just guessing by what you said about how you cut your hair, that you are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. If you are in the transitioning process i want to let you know that it gets better very fast. I started my transitioning process about 5 months ago and i did the chop about 2 months ago. The chop really helped my hair grow and it started to grow 1 to 2 inches every 1 to 2 weeks. I found that keeping my curls hydrated and healthy really helped the growing process. I recommend that you go through you products and look to see if they have any formaldehyde releasers and they can really strip you curls of there natural oils and reduce growth. Personally i have more 3b/3c curls but during the beginning of the transitioning process i found that the brand Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross was very helpful. 

Here is a list of products i would recommend to you and why. 


1. PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Transition Mask 15 oz/ 443.6 mL 

image.png(helps to hydrate you hair and keep it healthy as you are trying to retrain and maintain you natural curl pattern)


2. PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Hydrating Hair Mist 12 oz/ 354.9 mL 

image.png(adds more hydration to you hair and refreshes curls)


3. PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Cleansing Shampoo 7.8 oz/ 230.7 mL 

image.png (helps to remove buildup and relaxer buildup)


4. Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Rice Water Protein + Moisture Strengthening Treatment 5 oz/ 148 mL 

image.png (helps to repair)


5. Fable & Mane HoliRoots™ Pre-wash Hair Treatment Oil 

image.png(helps to strengthen hair and promote growth)

6. PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Leave- In Conditioner for Curly & Coily Hair 9.8 oz / Sweet Floral Esse... 

image.png(helps retrain curl pattern and hydrate hair)


The biggest piece of advise that i could give you is to stay away from heat, wash once or twice a week, and be grateful  that you did the chop sooner rather than later because the more you wait, the more of your curl pattern you will lose. Embrace you curls in their natural state or put you hair in a pony tail or bun but please remember to stay away for formaldehyde and heat. I can also say that heavier products will help to weigh down you hair making your curls more loose looking.

Hope this helps. 

Re: Making loose curls from tight coils

Hi @EmilyManaba - thank you so much for your recommendations!! I can already see the products you recommended like the PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Transition Mask 15 oz/ 443.6 mL  and others from the Tracee Ellis Ross line could be very helpful in rehabilitating my hair as it grows out to a more manageable length. I unfortunately had to do a big chop due to medical reasons and haven't had the energy to put into caring for my hair as I normally would during this recovery period, so now that I am more able to, you've definitely given me a great direction to get my hair back to a better place as it grows out. Your hair has been growing out so quickly- I need to do what you're doing! lol Mine has not been growing out as quickly as I would like- I now see it probably largely due to a lack of moisture. You are a rockstar- I truly thank you for your help and direction. 🙂

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