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Anonymous Insider

Hydrating products for permed curls?



Im thinking about getting a perm to get my straight, fine hair into some springy curls. Unfortunately, the stylist I usually go to wasn't much help during our consultation. I persisted to ask what products she'd recommend for styling/hydrating, and she didn't really answer my questions. (She also seemed to avoid a straight answer when I asked what we should do if the perm went south. Yikes)  I may not go to her for this service.


I'd appreciate recommendations on what you curly people out there use. My ends can be a bit dry, but my hair will get oily and turn into a greaseball very easily if I'm not careful! What's a good styling or nourishing product that'll baby my curls but won't weigh down my hair? Something that will define them, and manage to tame frizz collaterally? Anything sulfate free is great, I try to avoid them completely if I can.

Re: Hydrating products for permed curls?

@Anonymous A good moisturizing conditioner can help.  I'm using Biolage Hydrasouce Conditioning Balm right now and really like it.  I used DevaCurl One Condition for a long time, which was also good.  Before that, I used Phytojoba and Neutrogena Triple Moisture (the one in the tub) and they are both highly recommended.


Hair oils are excellent.  My favorite is Matrix Oil Wonders.  However, I also like Alterna's Kendi Oil (I have the liquid and dry oil spray).  Josie Maran's Argan Oil is decent - and very popular.


I think it's essential to wash your hair as infrequently as possible, b/c water and heat styling can be damaging.  You can use dry shampoo to help get you in between washes.  I like Alterna and Klorane.


Hair masks are also a good option.  My favorites are Ojon Restorative Treatment and Phyotonectar (the latter being the easier one to use; the former gets better results).


A moisturizing shampoo is also a good idea.  A lot of people like the sulfate-free ones.  I personally found them difficulty to work with, so I use John Frieda Beyond Smooth with Pure Coconut Oil.


Good luck!

Re: Hydrating products for permed curls?

Hey there @Anonymous! I actually have curly hair — now. It wasn't always this way. When I was younger it was wavy, but as I got older it got more curly. I'm guessing it has something to do with the grays and their texture. Just to give you some background.


Anyway, I had a couple of perms when I was younger. I was never crazy about them. I'm sure hair perming technology has improved over the years, but I found them to be very drying and dulling to my hair. Also, regrowth is the biggest pain imaginable because you will have two entirely different textures sprouting from the same head. Straight at the top with curly weirdness at the bottom. You will either have to wait for it to grow out or keep cutting it away. Also, if you don't get a good perm, you could experience hair breakage and that could be really awful. Just saying. 


If you do decide to go this route, I suggest DevaCurl products. They are made specifically for curly hair (though they can be used on straight hair, too) and are probably the best I've tried for keeping curls looking their best. Sulfate-free, too!


Tbh, though, if I were you I would just search out a really good stylist and get the most out of your natural texture with a great cut. It can be really hard fighting what's on your head. That's why I decided to just go curly finally. I blew out my hair for decades (so long that I didn't even realize my hair was getting curlier) and used all kinds of product to smooth it out, only to have it frizz right back up as soon as I hit some humidity. I experimented with letting my hair go natural and, well, I've been curly now for a couple of years. Good luck!

Re: Hydrating products for permed curls?

My hair is naturally curly and I will warn you its quite the beast to tame!!! But I welcome you to the curly hair community!!! 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE CURLES!!!

I really recommend cutting out shampoo, it'll strip away a lot of natural oils that are needed to promote healthy scalp and hair. Instead only use conditioner (Maybe shampoo once every two weeks, though I never do and my hair and scalp is great) !!! And avoid and kinds of sulphates. You did mention your scalp gets oily and this can be from shampooing too much. When oils are stripped away your body will try to produce more to replenish it and eventually just give up trying. It may be a little greasy at the start but it'll balance out eventually. 

Next is OILS OILS OILS!!!! Keep those curls shiny and hydrated with oils for your hair. A lot will do the trick, argan oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil. I like to mix it up. I like rosemary oil, its absolutely amazing (just a regular essential oil). I also like to use Marc Anthony Coconut oil. 

I don't quite know how perms work, you may need some mouse to tame them and keep them in place. Again no sulphates and with any hair product make sure that alcohol is not the first ingredient. 

Anonymous Insider

Re: Hydrating products for permed curls?

I finally went back to the perm club after years of stringy, fine hair (56 yrs old) Husband wanted my hair long, and i said, well, your gonna have o put up w/the maintenanence. So, I got "the alk from my stylist re: products, and cuts, etc.. They are not used to doing them anymore. But, I persisited, and best thing I ever did. I wash my hair once a week (I use products), but, I moisturize almost everyday! And my hair is gorgeous! So happy I did it! And I look younger! So, Go for it, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, find a curly salon, and go there. 

Anonymous Insider

Re: Hydrating products for permed curls?

Ha, sorry about typo's, didn't have cheaters on..see I am old. Mary 

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