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Help with my wavy hair please!

Hello. I am getting very frustrated with my hair. I have wavy, fine, oily hair. These are the struggles I’m having: hair buildup, dull lifeless hair, very oily at the scalp, a lack of wave/curl definition, and minor frizz. I would really like someone to help me with a set wash routine and to help these concerns as well. I would really like to train my hair to stop being so oily and not wash my hair so often. Also what type of haircut do you recommend? I would really appreciate your help. 

Re: Help with my wavy hair please!

@Mandi99it's hard to say with certainty since curly hair varies wildly in texture, pattern, and overall needs. My hair is a little similar but it sounds like it's a little less fine/coarser than yours. Living Proof Mini Perfect hair Day (PhD) Triple Detox Shampoo 2 oz/ 60 mL is a great way to absolutely clear away buildup. It can be a touch stripping, but if your scalp is oily and your hair is finer you should be ableto handle it. I don't use it more than 1-2X a month to avoid overdoing it, so I just get the travel size and it lasts months. I like aveda's curly shampoo, but it might not be "strong"/cleansing enough or too moisturizing and heavy for your needs. I rarely need conditioner, mostlyI use a spray in option like Together Beauty Mini Whatever Wherever Leave-In Conditioner or Aveda's curly line "co-wash" which is a nice detangler without adding weight to my hair. Something that will help frizz- comb your hair in the shower. Towel dry gently without breaking your curl pattern, and then DON'T TOUCH IT. I put a light spray of a medium hold hairspray to keep frizz away/ protect against flyaways.


As far as the rest- splurge for an experienced stylist that specializes in curly/wavy hair. It is very worth it. They should also be able to give some good guidance about your curl type, hair type, and how to care for it. there's also a page on the community that has lots of help and suggestions from other wavy/curly gals

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