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Just realized my true under and overtones but am lost

Ahoy  all!

 I got my perfect foundation match through and have been   the very wrong undertone path for so long I can’t quite figure out the best blush tone or under eye concealer tone.  I got matched to haus labs 230 so a light-medium cool golden peach. What would you recommend the tone for blush? Perfect, mayve, or pinky?

The under eye issue came from that tgr  shades in

Rare Brauty illuminated under eyes undertones.  i bought in light medium but it is rosy. I haven’t tried the others on my face cus it worries be in the store but they seemed very yellow or What  would you think would be best shade? Should I be matching my undertone or is there another to help counteract the darkening ? What would you say in  equivalent Charlotte tilbury under eye?

My iq match keeps recommended   me super dark shades for some reason.  Thank you for taking the time ! 


Re: Just realized my true under and overtones but am lost

@ZombQueen  If your undertones are peachy then peach and orange and coral tones will look best on you.  Cool shades are pink and warm shades are golden so you’re neutral.  You can also wear pinks and mauves seamlessly if you transition the edges of your blush with a very fine dusting of peach just as you would transition an eyeshadow but much more sheer;) 


peach is a mixture of pink and yellow and very few brands carry true neutral shades so you may need to mix two shades to get your perfect match.  Or you can simply neutralize your undereye darkness with an apricot shade and then use your regular foundation to cover it up and set with a light dusting of translucent powder. Pinks and rose shades will look out of place on peachy skin but you can make them work by either mixing yellow concealer into them or by applying them as is and then setting with banana powder to neutralize the pink. 

I have never had much luck with the shade IQ tool. It has always wanted to pick up any freckling and recommends orange foundation.  Taking the time to go in store and swatch shades against your jawline until you find one that completely disappears into your skin is still the most recommended way to find a color match.  If you can see a finger swatch on your bare skin from six feet away it’s not a perfect match.  If it’s not perfect ask yourself if the swatch looks more pink or more yellow than your skin.  If it’s more yellow find something with a little more pink (or slightly cooler) and vice versa.  

Re: Just realized my true under and overtones but am lost

Oh my goodness,  thank you so much for your time and guidance! There really isn’t a lot of information for peach let alone this mix of tones so your breakdown has cleared so much up for me. That explains why I’ve had such a hard time finding concealers, so I’ll have to play mad chemist instead of feeling like I keep getting it so wrong. 
Oooh that explains the random super off color from the recommended matches too  Hehe

you literally solved so much confusion.

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