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Skincare for Combination Skin 12 year old

Hi there, so recently my little sister is 12 years old and she has been asking me about getting her some skincare. She is turning 13 years old in a few months.


My sister has a combination skin just like me. She barely has acne, just sometimes when she doesn't wash her face all day or she didn't wipe it clean. Her face has oily skin on the forehead and dry skin on the cheeks, rest are also oily. Her right now skincare routine is to wash her face morning and night, put toner from Trader Joe's, The Ordinary hyaluronic serum, and a facial moisturizer from I have no idea. She also wears makeup to school, etc.


Anyway, she said she really wants the glow recipe toner and some drunk elephant products. I read some reviews for the glow recipe toner and some people had a skin breakout. So I'm not sure if I should get it for her or not. The drunk elephant products she wanted were the lala retro moisturizer, goldi drops, and the e-rase milki cleanser. They are pretty expensive but if it's good for her skin, then why not! What do you guys think?


Thanks y'all so much!

Re: Skincare for Combination Skin 12 year old

Those products are for older skin maybe bubble or other Korean skin care??

Re: Skincare for Combination Skin 12 year old

@AvaAmbassador0  Hi, I think it’s sweet you’re contemplating helping your sister with her skincare.  Younger skin doesn’t need the intense strength of skincare that Drunk Elephant makes.  It is much too harsh for young skin and could be quite harmful and stripping for skin that already has high cellular turnover.   With the Glow Recipe young people are likely breaking out due to the BHA’d which are meant to break down oils on the skin and clean out pores.  If it’s applied to clear healthy skin that doesn’t have excess oil it will strip the skin barrier making it more prone to breakouts and infection.  
Great brands that have a cute aesthetic for younger skin are Laneige, innisfree,  Etude House (the packing is cute as heck too), Tony Moly, Jill Stuart and Too Cool For School.  

Etude House has a whole line for skin breakouts, the products are cute and they fall in a more reasonable price bracket to fit a young lady’s budget.  They are very very popular for a reason.  


Re: Skincare for Combination Skin 12 year old

I think Bubble would be something to look at! They have it target and it’s priced fairly. they have a nice line with all the steps if she has trouble. I would say that milk is an okay choice if you’re looking at something specifically in store but not necessarily everything that they have. Hope this helps!

Re: Skincare for Combination Skin 12 year old

Hi, thank you for your help! 🙂

Re: Skincare for Combination Skin 12 year old

@AvaAmbassador0 Heyy! I think that Mario Badescu or Bubble would work great! But if you want to get her Drunk Elephant and/or Glow Recipe, you can start with minis and pay the price if you want! If you want to but don't know if it's good or bad, you can research about the items she want 🙂 But Drunk Elephant is mostly for 13 year olds and older. It is such a great brand in my opinion. The brand Glow Recipe is for all ages. So it's absolutely your opinion if you want your sister to have those products. For the Glow Recipe toner, I think that you should get your sister a mini size since many people have a skin breakout from using it. If your sister ever gets those products, I hope she enjoys!! ❤️

Re: Skincare for Combination Skin 12 year old

13 years old is way too young for any Drunk Elephant product. It will cause more issues later if she uses the strong products. Keep it light and organic for her delicate skin. She’s going to be going through more hormones and you don’t want her body to take it out on her face. 

Re: Skincare for Combination Skin 12 year old

Hi! Thank you for the long explanation!!

Re: Skincare for Combination Skin 12 year old

@AvaAmbassador0 @Kids at that age do not need expensive skincare products. She would be fine with Cetaphil, Aveeno, or Cerave. 

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