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Post in Combination Skin

Need a new skincare routine

Hi there! I'm 30 years old and am looking for a new facial wash and moisturizer. I have combination skin as well as blackheads mainlt in my nose. I really want my skin to look radiant. I'm not looking to break the bank with cost. Two brands that I've been looking into are Boscia & Philosophy. Any suggestions would help. Thanks!

Re: Need a new skincare routine

I love philosophy micro-exfoliating peel its amazing on your skin. I also purchased Dr. Dennis Gross Peels, I bought the one that comes 5 in a pack (definitely did not want to break the bank) it costs me $15. I use 1 every other day for a week and a half, this reduced my blackheads and brightened my skin tone, also marks and scars were diminished by a great amount. 


Facial Wash: Boscia Puryfing Gel : $26 This is the best makes my face feel super clean. However I am currently using LUSH fresh farmacy (not sold in sephora)


Moisturizer:  I am currently using Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel moisturizer its $55 but its serves as a primer as well.

My non splurge moisturizer is Murad Skin perfecting moisturizer $35. This helps combo skin and helps keep pores clean. Smiley Happy


hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: Need a new skincare routine

Use Murad's Pomegranate Mask 1-2 times weekly.  LOVE that stuff!  I get 4 applications per packet, so it lasts 2 weeks per packet.  Incredible skin!


Personally, I found Clinique's line to be a little limiting.  For one, their gel has NO anti-aging benefits to it.  It's just a simple moisturizer.  Secondly, most, if not all, of their toners contain alcohol which dries you, can irritate you (as it did me), and then make you overproduce oil to compensate for the drying.  


Boscia was okay, but it was pricey and I think too overpriced for the results.  Murad is really good.  Really, really good.  I would use their line (see their website for a quiz on what to get based on your skin info) but Renee Rouleau's is less expensive per ounce.

Re: Need a new skincare routine

I'm with kd006 (we have the same initials!).

Clarisonic is awesome. Also great for blackheads, because it gives a gentle abrasive face wash every day, which will help with your sebum production. 


I have semi-sensitive skin and have shopped around with a lot of face washes and have definitely settled on the Philosophy Purity face wash. I have a sample of the super highly rated Boscia one you're probably looking at, but haven't even opened it because I'm sooo happy with Purity.

For moisturizer, I've just started using Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion/gel, depending on the season. I mix them in intermediary seasons, which has been working really nicely. I love that they leave no oily residue, which is really important for me because I have excess sebum production as well.

Re: Need a new skincare routine

I also have the clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. I bought a small size just to try it out and really liked it so I bought the full size, and left the smaller one in my bathroom. Then there was a 100 pt perk that had the lotion, their toner, and the face wash. Their 3 step system. Once I used up the samples I put it all away and didn't touch my lotion for a long time... Don't know why.. Took it out recently and i fell in LOVE again. I'm an idiot for putting it away in the first place! I like it more as my night time moisturizer, because I need even more hydration for day time, but it's amazing. Feels nice on the skin.

Re: Need a new skincare routine

I like the philosophy microexfoliating peel for getting rid of my blackheads. I also like the purity made simple cleanser with my clarisonic. For moisturizer I use the philosophy hope in a jar. There is a great kit that comes with all of these products for like 40 dollars I believe? Except of course the clarisonic... wouldnt it be great if that was included haha.But I have become a philosophy junky in the past few months and hope you love it too! Let me know what you end up buying! Smiley Happy

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