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Maybe I don't have oily skin?! (And help: cleanser!)

A month ago I posted about how I'm searching for new skincare products since basically all of mine either had or were about to run out. The suggestions were SUPER helpful, and I've implemented some of them since then. I was able to pick up a small tube of my regular moisturizer (Clinique Dramatically Different Gel) so I could continue with that and just focus on finding a new cleanser. I'm still using the Korres Wild Rose at night. No toner since it's all gone. And I'm only using my Clarisonic twice a week now, and the Korres Pomegranate scrub once a week. (And I've been using these for a while now.)


As for cleanser, I've been using some different samples lately (deluxe, so I could use them for a longer period of time - Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk, Origins Checks and Balances, and now Philosophy Purity Made Simple.) My skin doesn't feel "off" when cleaning - it feels fresh? It feels much better with moisturizer, but it isn't uncomfortable if I don't use any (and that only happens very rarely.) 


I've been paying more attention to my skin lately and I'm wondering if maybe it ISN'T oily, after all?! I'm really only getting oily on my forehead & nose lately. And even then it isn't too bad. My cheeks don't really get oily. In the morning, it just seems to be my nose that is oily and I suspect that has something to do with using the Wild Rose cream at night. If I'm consistent with cleansing/moisturizing, my skin doesn't really get any dry patches, though. Although my chin can be a little iffy (that's where I tend to get blackheads/breakouts). 


I started breaking out after using the Ren for a week, and that's continued with the Philosophy one too. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'd like to find something I can use consistently, but I've thought I had oily skin for so long and now that I'm not sure, it feels overwhelming and I'm unsure of what to look for! 


ETA: My skin is also a bit uneven with freckles/discoloration. I like my freckles, and I know sunscreen is important with this. But I just want to keep my skin healthy. 

Re: Maybe I don't have oily skin?! (And help: cleanser!)

Skin can certainly change and evolve and it's good that you're noticing a change and reaching out to make adjustments to better cater to current issues and matters rather than trying to stick to a strict regimen regardless of factors at hand.


Though the Ren and Purity cleansers are both on the more mild side, were you previously aware of any other products or ingredients that would congest skin or cause similar reactions?


Are you cleansing once or twice a day?


If your skin has relatively balanced out, you may consider options that still remain on the gentle side but also focus on maintaining the current state of skin but just efficiently cleanses.


Try Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser, which is sulfate/soap free (Purity does contain sulfates) and has a slew of natural oils and botanical extracts of strengthen skin but also condition.


Another option is First Aid Beauty's Face Cleanser, the formula is very basic and simple, it's almost like an even more toned down version of the Fresh Soy wash, it's also sulfate free but uses calming and protective antioxidants, feverfew, and licorice to balance skin.


Since you mention using the Korres products, have you considered the Milk Proteins Foaming Cleanser, yet another soap and sulfate free option, this gentle wash improves texture and tone with milk proteins and enzymes (lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid) which is on the more delicate spectrum of AHAs and even aids in soothing sensitive skin or inflammation (whether it be from break outs or reactions).


Try to cleanse just once a day at night since your skin isn't super oily in the morning. Try to obtain samples of the cleansers above next time you're in stores to see which may work best for your skin.

Re: Maybe I don't have oily skin?! (And help: cleanser!)

Thanks, lylysa! 


I'm cleansing twice a day - same cleanser each time. I'm not aware of any specific ingredients that bother my skin. 


I have a small sample of the Fresh Soy, so I can try that out easily. I've looked at the Korres Milk cleanser before (it's on my list of ones I was considering). 


I'll try out cleansing at night and see how that works for me. Is there anything I should do in the morning before moisturizing? 

Re: Maybe I don't have oily skin?! (And help: cleanser!)

If you have any treatments or serums you want to add in or use (most folks opt for a vitamin C or anti-oxidant serum for a boost in free radical protection as they get ready to face the day) then apply that to a clean face in the morning then your AM moisturizer/SPF.


I think easing off morning cleanses will help, especially if your skin doesn't call for it any more because it's more so regulated now and not super oily. If you are interested in a refreshing pick me up, try a conditioning facial mist like one from Caudalie, Bliss, or Fresh. These can be misted direct onto skin or onto a cotton pad and wiped across to remove slight traces of facial oils and to perk up a morning routine to still give a "cleansed" feeling without being as harsh as an AM wash.

Re: Maybe I don't have oily skin?! (And help: cleanser!)

Great! I was going to pick up the OH Truth Serum to use, so that works nicely then. 


Thank you, that really helps! 

Re: Maybe I don't have oily skin?! (And help: cleanser!)

No problem, Lachaton! Please feel free to shoot me a message to follow up if you want too! Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Maybe I don't have oily skin?! (And help: cleanser!)

" It feels much better with moisturizer, but it isn't uncomfortable if I don't use any (and that only happens very rarely.) "


With regards to this, I've had this feeling on my dehydrated parts. You may want to look into a hydration booster, I've used a sample of Dermalogica skin hydrating booster. It's kinda like a serum, only a little bit is needed, I only used where needed and those areas felt better than having nothing on, can be layered with moisturizer. (Dermalogica when contacted directly will mail samples)


For a Sephora sold product (which I haven't used)

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
Clinical Concentrate Hydration Booster

Re: Maybe I don't have oily skin?! (And help: cleanser!)

Oh, great! I'm familiar with Dermalogica so I'll look into that Smiley Happy 

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