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Anonymous Insider

Cleansing Oils? Really...?

Having had combo as well as acne prone skin, using makeup cleansing oils seem counterintuitive. Can I see some testimonials or product reviews from mu fellow combos, PLZ? Thank you! ❤️

Re: Cleansing Oils? Really...?

I have combo skin. And like most people with oily combo skin, my skin is prone to breakouts. I still get breakouts (oils are not the magical product to solve all acne because acne can be a result of different things) but I know mine are probably related to hormones and unfortunately no skincare product will eliminate those.


For cleansing oil/balms I've used Shu Uemura, Skinfood, Sunday Riley Blue Moon, Clinique Take the Day Off balm. All of these have worked well for me, some better than others but they do a much better job than trying to clean makeup off with a gel/water based cleanser.


I actually rarely use lotion/cream to hydrate anymore. I layer a facial oil, AM and PM, over a serum instead. It keeps my skin supple and glowing.


Since I've incorporated oils (including cleansing oil/balms) into my routine, I have become less oily and my skin has looked better (besides the occasional hormonal breakout that I get, but that's probably just related to getting into my late 20's).


If you consider that like attracts like, nothing removes oil better than (you guessed it) oil. Harsh cleansers do wash off oil but it also strips your skin of its natural oils, which is bad. You end up damaging your skin's moisture barrier and acid mantle, which could lead to more breakouts because your skin can no longer defend itself against bacteria.


If you're concerned about greasiness from the oil cleanser, oil cleansing is should be the first step of two for oily/combo skin (people who suffer from dry skin may only use oil cleansing as their only step). You massage the oil into your dry face, then add a bit of water to emulsify and wash off. Following up with another cleanser that's pH balanced for skin will clean off any residue from the oil cleanser.


SO, in summary, I am a fellow combo skin gal and I can attest that finding the RIGHT oil cleansing products for my skin has helped me clean my skin better without causing further oiliness and breakouts.


RE: Cleansing Oils? Really...?

Hi @Anonymous! As a fairly combo/oily person (thanks genetics!), I find using a cleanser oil like Tata Harper is really helpful to melt off my makeup, since like dissolves like. Then I use a mild exfoliating cleanser (I have been loving Origins Fruit cleanser) to make sure no residual oil cleanser remains. I also apply Sonya Dakar Omega booster immediately after and it all helps my skin from overproducing oil! Kinda like taking steroids inhibits the body from making its own hormones, using oils inhibits your skin from having to produce oil from the inside out, or at least that's how I see it. I have tamed my breakouts and kept myself from being a total greaseball since switching up my regimen and so far so good!

Re: Cleansing Oils? Really...?

Slayer1987 wrote:

Having had combo as well as acne prone skin, using makeup cleansing oils seem counterintuitive. Can I see some testimonials or product reviews from mu fellow combos, PLZ? Thank you! ❤️

Actually, I fixed my breakouts by learning that actually washing your face too much (oil free products, etc.) dries your skin and sends it into overdrive to replenish the oils, thus-acne! Ugh! So actually you should moisturize and I think cleansing oils would be same concept- my skin cleared up SO much after that🎉

The actual products you use won't matter as much once you follow this concept. Good luck!

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