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Blending Creams/Liquids



So I’ve been an avid powder blush/contour user, and wanted to hop onto the cream and liquids to feel them out. I started with Rare Beauty’s liquid blush and Fenty’s contour stuck. Both I felt are easy to blend HOWEVER, I find myself turning.. pink? 
I know since the foundation I use is a liquid, it may be dispersing the blush around but for it to turn my whole face pinkish is a little jarring. 
I have watched videos of proper blending, and switch between a beauty blender and a buffer brush but no matter what I do, it turns muddled. 
I’ve tried to go light to dark (concealer, to blush, to contour), I’ve tried putting the concealer, blush and contour on first (under painting I believe is the popular term), and I’ve tried foundation, then the creams and liquids. 
Maybe the liquids and creams just aren’t for me, but they seem so beautiful and lay down so nicely, without all the cakey powdering but I can’t seem to get it right. 
Any suggestions? 
(I’m also trying the LYS contour stick and the TOWER cream blush once it gets delivered, as I know the Rare Beauty is super pigmented- and no matter how little I use it still turns me pink lol). 
thank you! 

Re: Blending Creams/Liquids

using a stipling brush for cream blush on top of foundation has been working great for me!!! i dab the brush onto my cheeks, and i find that the stipling brush helps create a well-blended finish with minimal effort.

Re: Blending Creams/Liquids

Personally I tried Rare Beauty and didn't like it. I did switch to cream blush and contour for the same reasons you stated and like Saie blush and Milk contour sticks.

Re: Blending Creams/Liquids

@JoodleZoodle @Are you using a clean sponge and brush when you are blending the contour and blush in?  Also, for the blush are you tapping it in and not swiping?

Things can go muddy or messy when you are using the same sponge and brush to blend with. 

Re: Blending Creams/Liquids

@SportyGirly125 I use a clean beauty blender for the blush and concealer, and a buffing brush for the contour and a kitten brush for my foundation. 
I have the mini blender for my under eye concealer  that I alternate with as well 😞

Re: Blending Creams/Liquids

@SportyGirly125 I’ve tried it a few ways. Blush after contour, blush before contour, blush, contour, concealer, *foundation, contour, blush, concealer (tried this one today, pink face lol). 
im just not sure what more I could do to make it work 😞 

Re: Blending Creams/Liquids

@JoodleZoodle @As long as you are not brushing the product back and forth and tapping it in I’m not sure what the problem could be since I have never had that happen before. Even when I apply it on myself and others. Are the brushes or sponges you are using the right size for the contour and blush on your face?  If you use the incorrect size it could spread out more. 

Also how much product are you putting on? If you put on too much that could be the issue. 

Lastly, are you using a face primer?

Re: Blending Creams/Liquids

@JoodleZoodle @Are you applying it all

at the same time or separately?  

I know sometimes people like to apply the blush and contour and then blend with clean tools.  Sometimes that could be the issue.

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