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The Trader Joe’s Thread

I know we have threads dedicated to specific beauty brands but I didn’t really see one dedicated or updated for all things Trader Joe’s. It could be beauty, skincare, haircare, household or grocery items. Post your finds here so others could be on a lookout of what to find or is newly released at their local store. It could also be something you think people should try. Their beauty section is so underrated and most people don’t even know they have a beauty aisle.  Their candles and seasonal items are amazing and they always have unique snacks. 



Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@Kim888 @Thank you for letting me know about the new scrub. I found it in stores today. Got one for @lmaster and I. 


Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

O M G!!!!!!!! @SportyGirly125 you're truly the best!!!!! I love love the sdj one,,,, this I guarantee will be a dupe!! So so so excited!!!! Thank you so very much gorgeous!!!!

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@lmaster Yay so glad to hear. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125 yay! that's great you found it - can't wait to hear your thoughts! I'm going to check my store this weekend!

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@Kim888 @First off it smells amazing. Also it sort of reminds me of sand. I was using it as a hand exfoliator and liked it so far. I will be trying it on the body next. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125 @Nice! The texture sounds perfect !

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Sunscreen has been restocked at my store. 




Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125 @Omg those planters!!


have you been hearing the rumors about a Brazil nut body scrub? I hope that’s true ! 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@Kim888 I haven't heard about it but will keep a look out.

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Ube mochi ice cream is back and new Summer planters are adorable. 











Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

New planters 😍





Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Okay these are adorable @SportyGirly125 ! I’m not very good at keeping plants alive but succulents don’t need that much care so maybe 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@Kim888 I went back to pick 2 up 😂

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread











Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Can’t wait to try this. I didn’t see it in store yet but I heard it’s a dupe for Supergoop Unseen.  It’s $8.99 and a chemical sunscreen. 





Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Look what’s back8F5FA9CB-18D0-47F2-8CA5-A6A7713FDF45.jpeg


Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

Look what’s back








Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125  What does ube taste like?  It's certainly a pretty color. 🙂

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@Ispend2much6 @Sorry didn’t see the tag til right now. To me, Ube has a sweet coconut flavor to it.  I didn’t think my son would like it but he loves Ube brownies we get from a small pop up shop. 

Re: The Trader Joe’s Thread

@SportyGirly125. Thanks for the info- my son would love it!

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