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The Pacifica Beauty Thread

️ The Pacifica Beauty Thread ️ 


(I couldn't find Pacifica anywhere on the BIC Beauty boards and I think that means they need thier own dedicated thread)


A place to share all things Pacifica. New releases, Q&A, sharing purchases, anything! If you want to share about this brand, you've come to the right place 😉 


Pacifica means peacefull✌️ And has been creating cruelty free, vegan beauty for 25 years 🥳


Let's share our love of this innovative beauty maker 🩵🩶🩷



Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

You got it @Mellmars1185 they are reusable Silicone masks 😄


If you gently wash and dry them carefully they can last a long time. I really like the tins they come in,  makes storage alot easier 🙂


Sephora used to carry reusable Silicone masks but I haven't been able to find them at least on the Canadian site anyway.  I got them during a points deal at Shoppers. It was a good one, I think I earned 20$ in points that day 🙂


These look alot cuter than the plain ones and my spouse got used to me wearing them 😆


The palette has alot of fun items.  There's a white silver shade that has so much life in it, hum can I find a photo with it..


I used Pacifica's and Morphe on this one

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

Very pretty, @CynthieLu ! 💙💙💙

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

@CynthieLu Beautiful blue look! 💙

Gotta love the points deals...especially when the items you need/want are on sale. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled when going to Shoppers next. 

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

Honest opinion, the makeup palette isn't as smooth and blendable as the high end stuff (Natasha's palettes are spoiling me right now for drugstore 🤗) but they are pretty good with some patience and building them up @Mellmars1185 

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

They do make great, affordable products 

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

I totally agree with that @CorgiMommy 😄

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

@CynthieLu Where do you purchase this brand from? I think I have seen it at Shopper's Drug Mart?

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

It was (for us Canadian Shoppers 😉) online only for the longest time!

Than it started popping up in Marshals and Winners, now they have thier own dedicated section in Shoppers Drug Mart 🤩 I was soooo over joyed when that happened @Mellmars1185  Hello extra Optimum Points! lol

So it's also online for Shoppers too, not the entire line up thou.

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

@CynthieLu Gives me another reason to check out Shopper's! Do you have any favourite products?

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

@Mellmars1185 @CynthieLu - Do you have access to Ulta?  Pacifica is sold at Ulta in the US.  I saw it somewhere else recently (on line).  I'll post if I remember.

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

@Titian06 I am not aware of an Ulta near by or in Canada that I know of. I heard talks about one coming to a mall through word of mouth. I am not sure if Ulta delivers to Canada?

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

Yes! I'm going to post about them but here are 2 fab ones @Mellmars1185 

I really liked the Ceramide Jelly Eye Patches and  * I have the driest skin *  the Wake Up Beautiful Sleep Mask.


Sleep masks and generally just very heavy moisturizers so great anywhere your having dry skin or as an over night deep hydrator.

For my sensitive problematic skin I have never reacted badly to thier products. No Eczema or Rosacea flare ups  🙌

Re: The Pacifica Beauty Thread

First share! Spring savings event, 20% off with code SPRINGBREAK



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