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The Besame Cosmetics Thread

besame logo.JPG

A brand dedicated to news and reviews on products from Besame Cosmetics!


Just released:

Infinity War


Already released:

Snow White 

Agent Carter


Besame Lipsticks - swatches


An older thread where some posters have very helpfully posted swatches and comparisons of different products:



Snow White x Disney collection 


released at Besame direct November 8, 2017

Two eyeshadow palettes to come in early 2018 (February)

available from Besame website and Besame boutiques, Modcloth website, Shop Disney website, Box Lunch locations, some smaller items are supposed to be available through Sephora
disney snow white besame.JPG

Details of the Collection:

besame x snow white 1.JPGbesame x snow white 2.JPGbesame x snow white 3.JPGbesame x snow white 4.JPG


Other photos of the collection:

snow white trendmood.JPGTrendmood1 Post Sept 21/17

Thanks to @Randell for sharing pictures from the Besame Bugle of the collection!

besame bugle snow white.JPGbesame bugle snow white 2.JPG

besame snow white lipsticks.JPGsnow white collection besame.JPG

And more posts/images can be found in this thread:



The Snow White Story Book Palette - pre-sale to those who signed up began September 21, 2017 (Besame has said this will not be available at Sephora)



snow white storybook palette.JPG

Besame Snow White storybook palette.JPG






Agent Carter

- released at Besame direct (US only), some items available at Box Lunch website, and possibly Modcloth soon (possibly INTL)



A tease of information from HelloGiggles article on the collection:

"At Disney’s D23 fan expo, we chatted with Loni Clark, Bésame’s Marketing Director about the upcoming collection. She says we can expect lipsticks, powder, cosmetic bags, eyeshadows, and the brand’s existing 1940s perfume, which is the same fragrance she wore in the show. The collection will launch in November."

besame agent carter.JPG

besame x agent carter.JPG


Sweet Dreams lipstick (Red Velvet 1946)
Invisible Dusting Powder
Passport eyeshadow palette


Infinity War (available now on Besame direct, Shop Disney website, and Box Lunch website)

besame x infinity war.JPG


Infinity Stones Rollerball Lip Glosses 
REALITY - a bright red with a red apple flavor
SOUL - a vibrant orange with a mandarin orange flavor
MIND - a sunshine yellow with a juicy peach flavor
TIME - a galactic green with a grapefruit flavor
SPACE - an energized blue with a juicy plum flavor
POWER - a deep purple with a violet flavor

Infinity Stones Eye Shadows 
REALITY - a fiery red
SOUL - a coppery orange
MIND - a gauntlet-like gold
TIME - a galactic green
SPACE - an energized blue
POWER - a deep purplebesame x infinity war shadow swatches.jpg






Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

The Snow White I'm Wishing and Keep Singing palettes are back in stock in case anyone missed them before - Besame direct. 


Modcloth also has them in stock, and ShopDisney.



Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Wait, there's more?



Email link:

https://besamecosmetics DOT com/pages/agent-carter-phone?utm_source=Agent+Carter&utm_campaign=95eabcdc67-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_05_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4b8cec4d2a-95eabcdc67-290456205&mc_cid=95eabcdc67&mc_eid=2c8cc64419

Which takes you to this page:



Apparently, the image is supposed to be interactive, but I keep getting a "besamecosmetics DOT com says invalid password" error message whenever I try to dial the number. 


If someone is able to get it to work, definitely post about what you find! I'm curious. 

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

@lmi82 I forgot to respond to this earlier! In case you didn't get the phone to work - when you dial the number and hit play, there's an audio message from Howard Stark. It seems that the phone message was a reference to the Infinity War collection.

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Besame x Agent Carter should be coming to Box Lunch and Modcloth soon. It looks like those stores might ship outside of the US for this launch. 

Can someone tag me if they see the collection launch? I'd really love to pick up the Agent Carter items, but it was too much of a hassle with no shipping to Canada through Besame Smiley Sad


besame international.jpg


And further to @shimmerbait's post below about Infinity War, there are swatches of the eye shadows:

besame x infinity war shadow swatches.jpgBesame x Infinity War

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Update on the Marvel items available internationally:

Besame sent out an email saying that the items were now available internationally through ShopDisney (Infinity War) and BoxLunch (Infinity War, but a couple Agent Carter items popped up). ShopDisney appears to ship them internationally, but BoxLunch will not ship the items outside of the contiguous US. I haven't seen anything pop up at ModCloth yet.

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Besame x Marvel Avengers Infinity is up for preorder on their website.. ships in May


Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Project Bésame - Agent Carter: 1946 Collection Reveal:


Also, there's going to be a special live broadcast on Disneyland's Dapper Day:

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Peggy, Incoming Transmission:



That AC245 blind box posted about earlier is the Field Agent Lip Kit (AC245).







Product link (replace the DOT with a period):

https://besamecosmetics DOT com/products/carter?utm_source=Agent+Carter&utm_campaign=66fedee4d9-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_03_22&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4b8cec4d2a-66fedee4d9-290456205&mc_cid=66fedee4d9&mc_eid=2c8cc64419 

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

I looove the packaging on these but I'm so disappointed Besame decided to only repackage 3 existing shades for this set! 

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Another message. 


ETA: Well, it's now around 9:20 pm EST and nothing has shown up on the Hello Giggles site. I'm guessing that the news was supposed to be about the AC245 contents (aka the Field Agent Lip Kit). 

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

FYI I received a response from Besame that due to the licensing agreement with Marvel, they can't ship Agent Carter outside of the US. so it won't be available internationally Smiley Sad

Man that really blows chunks!

Man that really blows chunks!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Another Besame email: “Delivery for Miss Carter”...





Larger pic of the document. It mentions lipsticks so those may be in the box.


Product link (replace DOT with a period):

https://besamecosmetics DOT com/products/carter?utm_source=Agent+Carter&utm_campaign=99dfe23899-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_03_14&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4b8cec4d2a-99dfe23899-290456205&mc_cid=99dfe23899&mc_eid=2c8cc64419


Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

I ordered one too! I can't wait until it gets here. Hopefully they ship soon, although I'm sure they're now slammed. 

I just ordered what ever it is. I hope it's the full coll...

I just ordered what ever it is. I hope it's the full collection and not a jewelry box...will see. I'll post pics when it comes in, if no one has beat me to it.

Re: I just ordered what ever it is. I hope it's the full coll...

Awesome, @KireiKirei. I'll be curious to see what's in it! 

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

I just received this email: Bésame Cosmetics ...and suddenly a note was slipped under the door...



Clicking on the pics took me to the sign up page for New Agent Carter collection. It looks like if you sign up, you'll have "24 hour advance notice" when the collection drops during the week of April 23rd.


besameagentcartersignup.PNG Email sign up link (replace the "DOT" with a period):

https://besamecosmetics DOT com/pages/agent-carter?utm_source=Agent+Carter&utm_campaign=cc310dcc76-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_03_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4b8cec4d2a-cc310dcc76-290456205&mc_cid=cc310dcc76&mc_eid=2c8cc64419 

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

The clue gives the actual day of the release.  Not sure if you want me to post the message or if you want to work it out, but I have LOVED these clues so much, lol!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

Oh, go right ahead, @EverythingEllie. Solving clues is certainly not my forte and I haven't been following this teaser campaign that much to begin with. Anyway, Besame sure put A LOT of work into this launch!

Re: The Besame Cosmetics Thread

I have been amazed at how much time and effort they put into this release.  I was able to take a tutorial class at the shop last year, and it was amazing!  Anyway, the clue reads:




So I suppose they will open sale for people already signed up on Friday.  


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