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The Benefit thread!!

Welcome to the Benefit thread! A place to discuss upcoming launches, products you already love, and to find new products to fall in love with! Come on in, and join in on all things Benefit! Recent/upcoming launches include:

Image result for benefit cosmetics new launches
Image result for benefit cosmetics new launches

Image result for benefit cosmetics  castaway

Image result for benefit galifornia blush

Image result for benefit cosmetics  castaway

Re: @gonerogue Wasn't this the one you needed as a single?

@Lazybeautybeast YES IT IS! Thank you for remembering! I'm so excited for this! I think it's going to be a great highlight shade on me 😉

Re: The Benefit thread!!

Confirmed Blush Bar Cheek palette - March 8th - Sign up to be notified

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 7.40.40 PM.png

Re: The Benefit thread!!

New blush palette - Should be available at Sephora March 8th

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 12.50.29 PM.png

Re: The Benefit thread!!

I decided to grab the mini version of the new mascara and I actually love it!! Its very wet which is normally an issue for me but it isn’t clumpy and dries relatively fast.  The only thing which slightly irks me is that it is hard to remove, feels like Im dealing with a waterproof mascara.  I applied two coats on the one eye in my photo!





Re: The Benefit thread!!

You have such amazing lashes @sabrinas

Re: The Benefit thread!!

Oh my, that looks intense @sabrinas . That’s some real results from a mascara. I’m really impressed. The only concern is that it’s hard to take off, by the end of the day I need makeup to come off easily.

RE: Re: The Benefit thread!!

Wow! Your lashes look fantastic! I may have to try this one 😊

RE: Re: The Benefit thread!!

Wow! Your lashes are super long and beautiful!! Thank you for the pic and details!

Re: The Benefit thread!!

New mascara just released folks! 🙂 

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 8.39.05 PM.png

I ordered it, didnt like the original BadGal because of s...

I ordered it, didnt like the original BadGal because of smudging and the brush was too big. We shall see!

Re: I ordered it, didnt like the original BadGal because of s...

@SchylarR Okay so - I did a review on the products page but I missed some key points that I'll add here. 

The formula is GOOD. It seperates great, and I find it creates more of a falsie look then They're Real does. It's a very wet formula which would normally be great for building up layers but not in this case. It dries instantaneously. If you're looking for a mascara you can build on, this isnt it. It CAN apply a bit clumpy if you don't move fast, I like a dramatic lash but I don't like a clumpy lash - lash comb is necessary. 

It is a really intense black formula which I love, I didn't notice any curling action but you cant have it all. Definetly no flaking or smudging during the day however removing it has been a challange. I've tried with both Laneige Eye and Lip Remover and Philosophy Purity and still feel my lashes were crunchy. 

@GG84 You should totally let us know your thoughts once y...

@GG84 You should totally let us know your thoughts once you give it a go! I am so curious!

Re: The Benefit thread!!

"Benefit Cosmetics Launches Try-On Technology to Find Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape"


The brow gurus over at Benefit Cosmetics have come up with a genius — and totally techy — solution.

Available on starting today, Benefit new Brow Try-On technology lets you see exactly what various brow shapes, widths, and even colors will look like on you. Simply upload or snap a selfie, then adjust the shade, arch, definition, and placement. Find a finished result you love? You can then shop products that will help you achieve that desired look, and/or bring in the picture to any Benefit location and let the brow experts work their magic.
While we've seen similar apps and technology before, the results here are surprisingly subtle and realistic. They're so natural-looking, that we had to do a double-take in order to see the difference in some of the brow looks we played with. Credit the proprietary "Next Generation Brow Transformation Technology," says Benefit Cosmetics Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey, who worked directly with coders and developers to create it.


im pissed most places stopped carrying benefit balms. pos...

im pissed most places stopped carrying benefit balms. posie balm was my life 😞

Re: The Benefit thread!!


RE: The Benefit thread!!

I’ve been trying to figure out the blush in this Collection so that I can order the correct full-size, I can’t seem to figure out which one it is can somebody tell me please??

Re: RE: The Benefit thread!!

Hi - the benefit blush is also a fav of mine, and I discovered it in the same mini promo kit.  The powder is dandelion box o powder blush.  It's a bit deceiving because the sample kit packaging looks different than even the standard mine size of the product.  

For the holidays, there is a makeup kit called 'I Pink I Love you' that has the blushes, plus Posietint and a mini rollerlash.  Great value, and comes in a cute case.

RE: The Benefit thread!!

I Love this collection and will be purchasing full-sized items once I’ve used them up, these are beautiful on my fair skin

Re: RE: The Benefit thread!!

I'm also very pale - it's the perfect subtle flush.  The mini in the sample lasts forever.  I've used mine daily for a few months now!

Re: The Benefit thread!!


Re: The Benefit thread!!


I love myself a good set of falsies. When I put them on top of my naturally short, frustratingly straight lashes, my entire beauty look goes from zero to 100. I feel 10 times more glamorous. Heck, I love faux lashes so much I got lash extensions to keep them on semipermanently. But after three weeks of not being able to rub my eyes and having to be extra careful around the extensions, I've grown tired.

Lately, I've been toying with the idea of wearing fake strip lashes day to day. My only issue is so many of them look way too intense for the office — or anywhere outside of DragCon, really. That's not the case with Benefit's new Real False Lashes collection, which has falsies so natural-looking people might start asking you what magical mascara you're wearing.

Whether you need a little boost, want a glamorous lift for a special occasion, or are looking to freestyle with individual lashes, there are options for everyone (there's even a handy guide ahead). Trust me, even people who hate faux "Instagram" lashes will find themselves wanting a set. Shop them all ahead.
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