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Sol de Janeiro Thread

This thread is dedicated to all things Sol De Janeiro.  A lot of us love the scent and the fact that they keep coming out with new body/hair products.  Please share new releases or things you love about the brand so it will help others.


Thank you to @treestar86 for suggesting we need a thread for Sol de Janeiro.




Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

Holy Moly!  Between this and the deodorant and dry shampoo... talk about new releases SDJ!

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

That huge Bum Bum cream usually is only a limited edition release around November, right? I just recently opened my jar (I was trying to get through my smaller jar) that I bought last fall. 

I am probably in the minority, but I love the smell of the Coco Cabana cream. I have the spray, body wash and lotion. I’d have that mega sized jar if they made it in this scent! LOL


Curious to smell the newest Bom Dia Bright Cream. It’s in my order and on its way to me. 

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

@StellaBG  I love the coconut one too (but I love everything coconut), although it is a bit sticky.  I just have the mini sample, not sure if its the old or new one...I'd like to get the Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Jet Set ,and would also love a big jar of it. 😍🤗


I like the bom dia...its very smooth too.  I'm suddenly interested in the Sol de Janeiro Açaí Body Power Cream 8.1 oz/ 240 mL , partly bc the purple color is so soothing...I find the bom dia one a bit too fluorescent.


Has anyone tried the acai one? @SportyGirly125 

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

@treestar86  I tried it too and was also not a fan of it. It was ok, but nothing special.

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

@treestar86 I tried the acai one years ago when it was launched but it wasn't a repurchase for me.  I love the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Nude Fragrance-Free Body Cream 13.0 oz/ 385 mL 

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread


The bom dia scent is good, I wish the lotion were a tad bit more hydrating. I’ve used it on my arms and legs yesterday and within an hour or two, my skin felt like it hadn’t been moisturized at all. I’ve not experienced that with the original or the coco cabana.

I have not tried the açaí one. Will you be purchasing it during the sale?

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

@StellaBG ahh, I've only tried it on my hands, and find theyre instantly brighter and smoother.


I was thinking about it...but theres not a small one to try. 


I was also thinking about getting the biggie bum cream...Ive never tried it, but I have the glow oil so I think its the same scent?  I read some reviews of the acai one that said they tried it bc the bum bum was too im not sure if it would be too big or strong to use a lot of...thats why I was interested in the acai, bc it seems more mellow, although some reviews say its really strong like floral perfume and gave them a headache, while others say it doesnt have much of a smell, so idk...

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

@StellaBG Yes the Biggie bum bum cream is usually released around September for the holidays this year they released it earlier. 

I love the scent of the new bom dia bright cream that I got as a sample but it wasn’t hydrating enough for my dry skin. 

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

Thx to @SportyGirly125 @and @treestar86 i buy the gigantic jar of bum bum cream for my son. My entire house will smell liked delicious banana 😘

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

It does have a super cheerful scent!   Late last year, I bought the Hand cream, hoping that it'd have the same level of scent & texture. Nope, no such luck! It was just Ok; I stubbornly finished it. But won't re-purchase.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Cream 1.7 oz/50 mL 

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread

@MvLL I tried the hand cream too and wasn’t that impressed 

Re: Sol de Janeiro Thread



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