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Slip products

How do people feel about Slip pillow cases and scrunches compression to non name brand options? Worth the extra money? Does it actually improve your hair/reduce breakage? 

Re: Slip products

@malbright  I have several 100% silk pillowcases, but they're not made by Slip. They're made by LilySilk. I think my oldest ones are 4 years old... I keep forgetting how long ago I first bought them. But they've held up perfectly and my coily hair loves them: no breakage at all. I also have a polyester (satin weave) pillowcase but rarely use it because it makes me sweaty. 


LilySilk sells pillowcases in various weights: 19, 22, and 25 momme. I have mostly 19 mm cases, but also some 22 and 25 mm. They sell envelope and zipper closure styles; all of mine have envelope closures. And they have a specific small sized pillowcase that fits my Tempur-Pedic contour neck pillow. I buy them from either LilySilk's site or their Amazon store. I have so many of these pillowcases because I change them frequently (cuts down on bacteria invading my skin). I wash 'em the same way I wash other silk items and lingerie: washing machine delicates cycle with cold water and silk-safe detergent, then hang them up to air dry. I've yet to ruin one. 


Oh, and I do have several Slip scrunchies. I also have some LilySilk scrunchies. The LilySilks seem to use a thicker stronger elastic than the Slips, so they don't stretch loose as quickly. The Slip elastic is gentler but stretches out faster. I usually don't buy either brand's scrunchies until they're on sale somewhere. My hair's so spoiled by these scrunchies, I rarely reach for the Scunci "No Damage" flat hair elastics I used to use all the time. 

Re: Slip products

Wow, thank you for the detailed response! So helpful! I actually read about Lily Silk scrunches when I was doing a lot of research so I just got one from Amazon the other day and love it so far! I will have to look into their pillowcases as well. Good to know that they have held up well so far! I’m curious to try a slip scrunchy as well but like you did, I’m waiting for some sales!

Re: Slip products

@WinglessOne Great info!

Re: Slip products

Yes, silk pillow cases make a huge difference! Silk pillowcases also help prevent premature wrinkles and increase moisture in the skin (typically with high quality silk). There’s a noticeable difference in the preservation of my curls.  There’s also a noticeable increase in frizz when I use a sateen/cotton pillowcase vs my silk pillowcase. 

When it comes to the price point, it really depends on your preference. The cheaper silk pillowcases will get the job done but they’ll be lower in momme silk count and higher in polyester. In addition, they tend to have much shorter life spans than higher quality silk pillowcases. You’ll maybe get a year or so out of the lower quality pillowcases with proper care. For me personally, I chose to bite the bullet and spent $100 on a Branche Beauty pillowcase that’s 22 momme, but it will last years with proper care. 

Note that with silk it does require special care. It can only tolerate specific pH balanced silk detergents, wash on delicate cold only, and they can never be put in the dryer.

As for the silk scrunchies I do notice some reduction in hair loss but it’s not dramatic. For my curly hair, I think cotton/polyester scrunchies work just as well. My only dislike with the silk scrunchies is sometimes they actually don’t provide enough hold and my hair slips out so I stretch them out really quickly. I wouldn’t spend my money on silk scrunchies, personally. 

Re: Slip products

@Gracelz Thank you for the info.

Re: Slip products

The cost of the Slip products is Ridiculous.


I got a satin pillowcase on sale at like 20$ from Sask; its really good and makes a big difference.


Dont let a specific brand feed you lies by saying that theyre products are "special" because of wtv.

Re: Slip products

Yes - Silk and satin pillow cases and hair ties can really make a difference for your hair and skin!  I have a few from Slip , but also from Kitsch and a few indie brands and I honestly think the quality is about the same.  You don't necessarily need to pay a lot for good quality.  @malbright 

Re: Slip products

@Tamara76 @aegland Glad to hear that you both like the Kitsch.  I've been wondering about them!

Re: Slip products

@malbright  This is a great question!  I just recently bought some silk pillowcases to try out (I too was questioning the cost of the Slip ones).  I figured if I really liked them I could add the Slip to my Birthday wish list etc.  @Tamara76 @aegland Thanks for letting us know that we don't need to pay a fortune for the same results!

Re: Slip products

I have the Kitsch satin pillowcases which I really love! I feel like they are still helpful in preventing breakage at a fraction of the cost of Slip. I haven't actually tried Slip but I like these $19 pillowcases so much that I don't even feel a need to splurge on the fancy silk ones. I have them in ivory and they're really pretty.

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