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Question about using hair masks

Hi everyone,

This is going to sound like a dumb question, but do you use a leave-in hair mask INSTEAD of your regular conditioner or in ADDITION to your regular conditioner? I have fine hair and am worried about weighing it down, but also want to get maximum benefits, and I'm new to this. 🙂 

Re: Question about using hair masks



You use it instead of your conditioner and leave it on a bit longer than a regular conditioner. Since your hair is fine, I recommend starting off with a small amount of product first and just concentrating on dry ends.

❤️ Melissa
Anonymous Insider

RE: Question about using hair masks

I love hair masks. You can use them weekly or monthly depending on the needs of your hair. I’ve been using Iles Formula Mask and it has completely transformed my hair!

Question about using hair masks

Hi! I'm also new to this and for the record, my hair is extremely damaged and dry from bleaching. I use the Amika mask and then I condition as usual with my regular conditioner because my damaged hair sucks up all the moisture.

Re: Question about using hair masks

@mmck07 Not a dumb question! I’ve had the same thought (or we’re just dumb together 🙃🙃🙃)! But I always just do a hair mask in the place of conditioner. I also have thin hair and doing just a mask is plenty. Good luck! I hope your hair turns out silky and gorgeous. I’m sure it will! 

Re: Question about using hair masks

Hey there, @mmck07! No worries, there are no dumb questions! I guess it would depend on which mask you are trying to use? I was just looking through my hair mask collection today (I do a lot of sample testing, lol) and noticed that the instructions can very greatly! I'd def take a look and see what the particular product you are trying to use recommends as well read up on some reviews to see if others have found a way to improve upon it or make things easier. As for in the shower/bath, as it sounds like you are asking, I've seen many suggest using instead of your regular conditioner. However, I just picked up one today that says to use the mask first, then shampoo and condition as normal. So it really just depends! I have long but fine hair and if I'm using a mask at the end routine, I usually choose to forego the conditioner in favor of the mask to avoid weighing my hair down too much. It's all about trial and error though, haha. Hope the responses help! ❤ Additionally, if I may recommend, try an overnight mask sometime! You wear it while you sleep and wash it out when you wake up. Personally, I'm loving how they make my hair feel as of late! Good luck to you 😗


Re: Question about using hair masks

Thank you! I'll probably just do some trial and error with the mask I currently have,which is the Briogeo Don't Depair Repair Strength & Moisture Leave-In Mask. The directions just say to spray it in clean damp hair and style as usual, so no specifics about where a regular conditioner factors in (if at all). And I'll definitely try an overnight mask sometime!

Re: Question about using hair masks

@mmck07 ~ Glad to hear! And OMG a big "YES" on that leave-in mask!  (At least in my opinion anyways, haha) I think it works well for the majority of users and I love it too. It's something I will continue to buy repeatedly! I hope you love it as well. As a quick jump back to your original question but concerning this product in particular, you can use it with or without conditioner as I think it'd depend more on the type of conditioner you use when it comes to this. The mask is very lightweight itself. ❤

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