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OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

My hair was destroyed by OLAPLEX and now I want to share my story in order to save other people from experiencing the same. 

Let me preface this by explaining that my hair prior to using the @Olaplex system was long, thick  and healthy. I have natural blonde, straight hair that has not been highlighted in a year. I air-dry my hair every day and only use high-quality products. Because of covid and quarantine, I never have to use heat on my hair. I probably only style my hair with heat once a month. Because I have taken such good care of my hair, it grew and thickened tremendously. I had been getting so many compliments about how healthy and long my hair was. 

Because I was having a major “treat yourself” moment, I splurged on the entire line of products at Sephora because I had heard it’s the holy grail for hair health. Though I had never tried OLAPLEX, I trusted the brand because of how highly recommended and used they are by salon professionals all over the world. 


I used OLAPLEX  0, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & carefully followed the instructions. Immediately, I noticed that my hair was extremely dry after washing out the conditioner. When using the leave-in conditioner, I had to use a lot of product in order to finger through my hair and work through the matted tangles. As heavy as that product was, it didn’t help my dry hair. After using this system for a week, my hair on the top of my head and surrounding my face all broke off.  It started coming out in clumps. I am so devastated.


My hair has turned as dry as straw and has shrunken up to these matted rats nests. It looks like my hair is elastic and fried. Nothing has helped to fix the damage or return the moisture. The hair around my face that was once down to my chest has broken straight off. Now it looks like I have a matted mullet. 

I know people who use these products and love them. However, I’m finding out that I’m not alone in this. There are a lot of people experiencing the same thing as me.


These products need to be removed from Sephora’s shelves. They’re not for everyone and the public needs to know the risks and potential disasters they may face if they use them. It’s not fair for customers to have to be surprised by losing half of their hair. This year already sucks; let us keep our hair. 


Olaplex No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment Kit


Olaplex Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 3.3 oz/ 100 mL 

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

I had the same experience with Olaplex.  I 100% agree it should be removed from stores until they figure out the problem.  I’ve always had long beautiful hair with loose curls.  My professional hair dresser used the products on my hair ONCE and it completely fried my hair.  My hair has been breaking in chunks.  What used to be years of length and shine is nothing but straw like, brittle and fried mess.  To the point that I cannot brush it.  It’s pointless.  This experience has been traumatic and will take years, if at all possible, to regain the hair I’ve lost.  

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

Olaplex did the same thing to my hair. The first time my hairdresser used it, I thought my hair looked pretty good, but started breaking like crazy. I thought it was from the highlights initially (although I had been highlighting for 20 years with no damage previously) so I bought more olaplex products. The more I used it, the more dry, damaged & fried my hair looked. The texture became so weird. I always had thick shiny hair & now it's thin, coily & dried out. I used a ton of deep conditioning masks, but it felt like they weren't even penetrating my hair. It looks so horrible & I am so depressed about it. I finally stopped all Olaplex treatments, realizing that was the cause & my hair is feeling much healthier, but it's all broken. The breakage is all around the root, so cutting it off won't help. This may work great for some but it absolutely DESTROYED my hair. 

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

I had a similar experience. I’m a hair dresser and every few years I switch between between my natural color and full on bleach and tone.  I have strong thick hair and full bleach outs have never ruined it. 
last time I bleached it out I used olaplex on my virgin hair and it felt fine at first but quickly became extremely dry. I tried more treatments and it just continued to feel like a broom stick.  My hair kept breaking off faster than it would grow, and it became extremely thin and lifeless.  


I still have a small amount of bleach out/Olaplex remnants on my ends and they still feel like garbage. Can’t wait to finally cut it all out.  

Anytime you mention breakage to a product ambassador, their immediate response is  “there’s nothing in the product to ruin your hair, you just damaged it too much with bleach” . For a while I tried to believe that- but as months and years have gone by I’ve noticed that there are way too many people on the internet with a similar experience as me, and that can’t just be coincidence . 

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. I thought the products were meant to be used on chemically treated hair (e.g. coloured or highlighted, chemically straightened, permed, etc.)? I have highlighted hair & love the product line, makes my hair soft & healthy feeling, 

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

I am always skeptical about people who write things like, "I had so many compliments..."

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

@ashleyflora  I don't think Sephora should pull Olaplex products from shelves when it works well for so many other people. My skin is very sensitive to azelaic acid, an ingredient that works well for many other people. It gives me one heck of a bad reaction. That doesn't mean stores should deem The Ordinary Azelaic Acid 10% Suspension Brightening Cream 1 oz/ 30 mL dangerous and pull it from their shelves. It simply means that product doesn't work for me. Same with Olaplex: just because it doesn't work for you and a handful of other folks, doesn't mean it's universally ineffective or dangerous. 


EDIT/UPDATE, Nov. 2: Turns out my skin doesn't hate azelaic acid after all—and I learned this after 2 previous failed attempts to successfully use this ingredient. It's an example of why anecdotal evidence alone isn't super reliable. 

Last year I tried Paula's Choice 10% Azelaic Acid Booster, which contains a bit of salicylic acid. I wound up with a red stinging rash. I stopped using that booster, waited for my skin to calm down, then tried again and got the same bad result. I was so certain azelaic acid was the culprit (not salicylic acid, an ingredient I've successfully used for decades), I deemed it unsafe for my face. 

My dermatologist insisted my bad reaction might've been caused by a different product I used in conjunction with this booster. I didn't believe him. Eventually he convinced me to give this product, and azelaic acid in general, another chance. I did that last month and hey, it works great! No bad reaction, aside from some itchiness which I've learned is a well known (by doctors) common side effect. I do also have The Ordinary's azelaic acid product; I alternate between that and the Paula's Choice product because I restrict all BHA use to just 1-3 times a week. 

Gotta say it again, though: I always restricted my initial "azelaic acid is evil" assessment to my own skin, rather than make it a blanket statement for EVERYone's skin. I'm sure there are folks who are indeed very sensitive to azelaic acid. Apparently I'm not one of them after all (and my derm's gonna told-you-so me about it, next time I see him). But without scientific evidence of a red stinging/burning rash commonly caused by either of these azelaic acid products, I can't make a blanket statement that these products should be pulled from shelves. Folks who find they're sensitive to them should certainly not use them without consulting their derms or other doctors. But that doesn't mean everyone else should also avoid these 2 products. 

I'm not making light of your situation. I've experienced hair loss due to a different reason, so I understand the heartache this must've caused you. I can't say whether or not Olaplex is the cause of your hair damage: I'm not a haircare expert, hair stylist, or dermatologist. I do know there are several things that can cause hair loss, including skin (scalp) conditions a derm could diagnose. Before stores start yanking Olaplex off shelves, some scientific evidence—not just anecdotal evidence—would be prudent. It would also help if @Olaplex would do some sort of training session/class + Q&A on BIC, so they could take stories like yours into consideration. 


I've had no problems with Olaplex products. I don't use them each time I wash my hair, and I use Olaplex Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 3.3 oz/ 100 mL more often than any of the other products (I wash it out with a different brand's shampoo). In fact, I've never used the entire Sephora-stocked system in one go because, well, I don't need the entire system. 🤷‍♀️ Again, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience after using these products. 


Hey, I just saw that you posted this exact story in an existing thread about Olaplex and hair loss. Not sure why you then posted a second thread... I get that you want your story seen, but just be aware that duplicate threads are sometimes marked as spam by other BIC members. 

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

This product is a keratin treatment, and therefore should not be used but once every two weeks to once a month depending on your hair damage. Using to much keratin will actually make your hair break off! This is a professional treatment used mainly after bleach, or highlights, or previously damaged hair. I would not use any keratin, or protein treatment more than once a month, unless severely damaged. 

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

Sorry this reply was to the wrong product. Olaplex is a bond builder, ie. It strengthens broken bonds created by lightening, or bleaching. In other words it will strengthen hair that breaks. Many people are using this as an end all treatment for all damage, when all damage does not need the same treatment. Olaplex in my opinion should only be used for people who bleach, used during treatment. Healthy hair also needs moisture, and protein to be healthy and soft. Olaplex will make it strong if it snaps, but does nothing for softness unless your hair is severely damaged. A good test to decide which products you need is the wet hair stretch test. While hair is wet is at its weakest, take one hair and stretch it. A lot of stretch before it snaps is a lack of moisture, or protein. A good moisture mask, or protein treatment should help with what is lacking making it soft, and manageable. If it doesn't stretch much then snaps, use olaplex. If it doesn't stretch at all, immediately snaps, or you cannot even look at your hair without it breaking it is probably beyond help, even olaplex. It's worth a try before cutting it off. The bonds created by olaplex are temporary, so after about 2 months the process will need to be repeated. Olaplex will only help so much, 6 hours of bleaching whether you use olaplex or not is 6 hours of bleaching. It's not a blanket for all damage. 

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

This is hilarious to me.... maybe don't use EVERY product...

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

When it works for some but can have extremely damaging effects to some, they shouldn’t be on the shelves for consumers to have a coin toss on if it’s going to either work well or make their hair both break off and fall out. At the very minimum, they need to educate people on who this product is for and who it is not for, instead of deeming it the universal holy grail for all hair types. 

I know there are plenty of reasons for hair loss. These can include hormonal disruptions, thyroid disease and many others. However, none of these are the reason for my hair breaking off and being chemically fried. These damaging results were directly correlated to using OLAPLEX products, as the drastic effects occurred immediately after use of OLAPLEX 0 & 3 - then continued to get worse while using the shampoo and conditioner. 

Re: OLAPLEX Damaged my hair

Helped you something,anything? I go trought the same. I get my last Olaplex treatment in august 2020. My hair stiff ,dry, brittle, thin and thinner and i'm loosing more than 7 month! I don't know, how can i stopped! I tried eveything, but nothing changes. My hair extremly dehydrated from roots, but impossible hydratyng it! IT WAS OLAPLEX,THAT IS SURE!!!Who experience, agree. We are not alone!



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