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How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

OliviaRinkHair.jpgI have very long fine hair that gets SO tangled in the shower after I shampoo. Conditioner helps, but even after I let it sit in my hair for a while, when I rinse it out I still have tangles. The best product I’ve found to-date to make my damp hair more manageable and easier to brush out is the Moroccanoil Treatment. I rub about two pumps of the oil into my palms and then run my fingers through my hair from my ears to the ends. The Moroccanoil keeps my hair light, shiny, and healthy looking throughout the entire day - plus the smell is incredible! Does anyone else have super long fine hair? If so, what's your secret to keeping it managable? I'd love to hear about your go-to products!

RE: How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

Long fine wavy hair here, snarly snarly. Heres my routine start to finish. 1. Brush dry hair 2. Shower-shampoo and condioner AG sleek smooth, conitioner is life changing. 3. While shower is rinsing out conditioner, i use a wide tooth comb to run thru at SAME time. This is more gentle than just doing it with condioner in your hair. 4. Throw towel on head and after i spray with Its a 10. Its amazing stuff. Then comb thru-- wet brush it great here. 5. After comb thru i put "1" thats right "1" styling product in hair. More than that and your asking for future snarls. 6. Dry hair. No more tipping head upside down. Sacraficing volume for less snarls. 7. Tiny bit of hairspray and done. 8. 2nd day no wash, however, if you previously used a lot of styling products this is the day you will pay for that decision. 9. Lastly, once every three weeks or when I am noticing my hair is exceptionally snarly, I do a clarifier shampoo and follow that up with a hair mask. Swear to God that clarifier makes a huge difference with snarls. Goodluck!

Re: How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

I know how you feel! I finally was able to grow my hair long without having it look so dry at the ends!


I have a few tips that really helped my hair out!


-I toned down on the bleaching hair appointments and I do a toner treatment every month or so (this seals the cuticle and makes your hair shiny). I also noticed it protects my hair from hot hair tools.

-I brush my hair using a gentle brush at night and apply a hair oil treatment on the ends. I do this every night! I really like the Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil! It's light weight and does not weigh your hair down. grid:p375391

-Wash your hair every other day to prevent the hair from drying out.


My last tip and I really feel like this helped my hair so much! I apply my conditioner before and a tiny bit after I shampoo! Since I have been doing these tips I noticed a lot more people ask me about my hair and how I get it so long and glossy. I hope that these work for you too!


*I also trim my hair about once every 2 months or so (just the ends).

❤️ Melissa

RE: How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

I’ve had long hair my whole life and get complimented daily. My BIGGEST TIP. ALWAYS BRUSH YOUR HAIR BEFORE YOU SHOWER. you’re hair is stronger dry and it will make the brushing after your shower less painful, less damaging, and the least amount of breakage.

RE: How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

Thats my secret too!
Anonymous Insider

Re: How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

Hey I'm a licensed cosmetologist..I know what u mean my niece's hair is long and fine..I like to recommend it's a ten miracle leave in conditioner..u spray it in ur hair three times a week after ur usual hair washing, then brush or comb it through your hair and style as helps a lot with tangles!!

I have long fine hair too and what works best for me is t...

I have long fine hair too and what works best for me is to comb my hair in the shower with a wide tooth comb when I have conditioner in!

Re: How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

That photo grabbed from somewhere else looks very similar to my hair when I don't straighten it.  Like you, I always use Moroccanoil products because they do absolute wonders for my hair!  LOVE their entire line!!  

Anonymous Insider

RE: How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

I love the Pureologie conditioner and leave in spray that dose 20 things it’s the fushia bottle and the purple bottle

Re: How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

@OliviaRink4591 I have long, fine hair as well! I also have a lot of hair (from what my hairdressers tell me) so my hair gets tangled very easily. When I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a Turbie Twist (you can buy it at Ulta) for about 15 minutes to let it soak in all the excess water. Then I take it off and spray about 4 sprays worth of my Bed Head Beach Freak spray and comb my hair with a wide tooth comb. After discovering Bed Head Beach Freak, I have not had issues with spending a long time detangling my hair.

Re: How to Keep Long Fine Hair Manageable

I have long, fine hair and LOTS of it! my wet brush is a life saver.

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