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Damaged Bleached Hair: Life Saver Needed

I'm going to start off by saying, my hair probably officially hates me.


I'm extremely indecisive about my hair color. Starting with my virgin mousey brown hair, to black, and continuing on with the colors of the rainbow, until finally I reached the need to bleach my hair...again. So, I did, impulsively. And as most know, when it comes to 'at home bleaching', there's always a risk, and also disappointment, which is where I stand now. 


Needless to say, I've done some serious damage. My use to be growing, healthy mane, now looks like frayed jeans, and feels like pine straw. 


So now starts the healing process. 


My hair and I would appreciate any suggestions for repairing shampoos, conditioners or treatment masks. 

Re: Damaged Bleached Hair: Life Saver Needed



It happens! You should be able to get your hair healthy soon:)


Try to stay away from heat styling if possible for the next few weeks. I also recommend applying a hair oil at night on your ends and 1x during the day. (as a leave in conditioner)

❤️ Melissa

Re: Damaged Bleached Hair: Life Saver Needed

@Mackadelliic I did pretty much the same thing a few years ago until I finally ended up with Rod Stewart hair. Not an exaggeration or joke. It was crispy and rubbery at the same time and would break super easily. What worked for me were a lot of Kerastase products. I used the Chromatique line but I just looked at their web site and they have a bunch of new lines since I last used them so there could be something even better now - but it’s a wonderful line of products. I also used thick treatment products aimed towards African American textured hair that I’d buy at the drugstore. And I almost always wore my hair up in a loose bun just so it wouldn’t get caught in a purse strap or behind my back while I was driving...stuff like that. And I only used a wide tooth comb right out of the shower (verrrry gently).


People told me I was going to have to cut my hair but I refused. I just babied my hair as much as I could and I DID bring it back to health! Here’s a picture after it had grown out. The ends is some of the grown out bleach. (This photo is a few years old now. I haven’t dyed or bleached my hair in years now. Too traumatized I guess!)



 Good luck!!

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