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Brunette hair, blue shampoo?

Have any dark brunettes had success toning their hair with a BLUE shampoo to cut out any red/orange tones? (Very similar concept to using purple shampoo on blonde hair to cut out yellow tones.) I recently dyed over my natural brunette hair with a slightly darker ASH brown specifically marketed as "COOL, ANTI-BRASS"...and I'll be damned if it didn't tint my hair with an all-over WARM, BRASSY, red hue. Whhaaatttt?? Seriously, I double & tripled checked as I thought I must've picked up the wrong shade at the store...the warmth is that pronounced. But no. I bought ash and turned auburn.


Anyways, if a blue shampoo has worked for you, can you kindly recommend a brand? Thanks, all! 🙂

Re: Brunette hair, blue shampoo?

@dreamsingreen the Maddison Reed Tune Up Colour reviving shampoo and conditioner would be perfect for you! I have this issue with my hair as well, and it really helps to keep my hair a rich chocolate shade. It’s a blue shampoo that is colour safe and gently cleanses while neutralizing brassy tones, I find it works best if I lather really well and let it set for a couple of minutes. 

RE: Brunette hair, blue shampoo?

My friend is a stylist. You can buy these colors in Walmart. How did the blue violet turn out?

Re: Brunette hair, blue shampoo?

Matrix Brass Off shampoo which is a blue-violet is what my stylist uses. It cancels the orange if you leave it on a few minutes. You could also just get it toned at a salon if you are a darker ash brown so you do not have to worry about again. Do not try to remove brass by using semi colors (wash out in a few shampoos). That is how I got orange undertone that would not come out for anything. Not Your Mothers makes a violet one that works if you are not super bright orange undertone.

Re: Brunette hair, blue shampoo?



I tried a blue shampoo before and I thought it worked pretty well! My hair was a light brown with warm undertones. I personally like using a blue conditioner as I felt it lasted longer in my hair.

❤️ Melissa

Re: Brunette hair, blue shampoo?

Hi @dreamsingreen


I am blonde so I can't personally speak to the effectiveness of blue shampoo (but I do love purple to help keep my hair cool-toned), but I know other brunettes who have had great success with blue-toned shampoos or masks that have really helped with any brassy tones. One of our most popular masks is the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Nutritive Mask with Temporary Coloring - Ash Brown. 

Stay Fabulous,

Re: Brunette hair, blue shampoo?

Ashy colors will have a greenish tone at the darker end of the range and (usually) blue and/or blue-violet at the lighter end. Had you done any sort of lightening and that’s why you decided to color it with the cool ashy shade? What brand was the dye you used, was it a permanent or semipermanent, and were there any letters next to the numbers used to indicate what level this color was categorized? Examples; level 9 is lightest blonde, level 1 is black, level 2 darkest brown, generally speaking. 


If you have well water, that can give hair a reddish orange cast, hard water in general contributes to brassiness. If you were seeing the unwanted warm tones on virgin (never dyed) hair, that’s pretty standard for brunettes, even those with dark ash brown tend to get reddish toned highlights when they are outside in the sun regularly. 


And a final possibility is that whatever brand the dye was, doesn’t have a good understanding of color mixing/color science. It may even have passed the expiration date even if you bought it at a beauty supply. 


I need more information to really know why the color went wonky before I can recommend any at home fixes. Of course you can always go to a salon for color correction service. 

RE: Brunette hair, blue shampoo?

You should look into the brunette hair mask from Christophe Robin. It’s a hydrating hair mask that has a mild brown color depositing agent. Based on what I know about the product it should to what you’re looking for. It was recommended to me because I get gray hairs around my forehead and I don’t want to have to color my hair as often as I do. While it won’t “change” your hair color. It is supposed to add warmth and tone the hair.

RE: Brunette hair, blue shampoo?

It did not work work for hair stylist said it won’t work for brunettes . I toned my hair with ash color ,but after using purple shampoo it became yellow..I tried like 10 different shampoos so far
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