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A Curly Conundrum

Hi there everyone! 


Hi there everyone! 


I have a bit of a curly haired problem here. So, I have closest to 2C hair (3A if the curly haired gods shine down upon me for a day) but lately I have been having some trouble with it. I recently got a health cut that got all my dead ends off and my hair has been the most manageable it’s been in a while. I used to use Devacurl but after the lawsuit that I saw going up and finding some similar reactions in my hair I stopped using it. My curls would just dissipate into  a pile of frizz after just a day since washing it among other things. I think my hair went through a shock after quitting the protein rich formula for a few years. At first, I was using…

  • the shea moisture hibiscus and coconut line (shampoo + conditioner + curl cream + curl milk)
  • I tried the OGX coconut miracle oil shampoo with shea moisture restorative conditioner
  • and lastly the new pattern line (the hydration shampoo and conditioner).

I've tried each of these combinations for about a month but all of them leave me with this squeaky clean that kind of leaves my hair dry and prone to frizz. What I'm looking for are any recommendations for a shampoo and conditioner duo (in particular) that won't strip my hair too much but also doesn't have so much oil that it will weigh my hair down (my hair is on the finer side). I am not opposed to some trial and error here since I know this is a whole process. I kind of follow the curly girl method but not to a T so I’m also up for any styling products or methods that can be recommended!


(Also, while I'm being needy and asking for recommendations does anyone know a good clarifying shampoo and conditioner that would be good for cutting product buildup?)

Re: A Curly Conundrum

Hi @Sivan! A few of us have been sharing our hair progress and what we are trying here:


I'm working through some DevaCurl stuff but won't likely repurchase. Even before the lawsuit I had mixed feelings about the products, some worked nicely others made my hair feel like straw.


Do you have fine hair or thick? Similar wave/curl patterns but different hair features like thin vs. thick and porosity can make a difference.

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