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Workout Accountability/check-ins

Hi All,


Hoping people would be interested in this. 

I want to work out regularly and have a group of people who can keep each other accountable, just do daily check IN’s. I keep falling off the routine and then get into inertia and then it takes few weeks to couple of months to start back up. I am still not fully recovered after last years health issues and excercising is imperative to my health and everyone’s health. 


Please let me know your ideas !! We can structure it how everyone wants it.


I was thinking a check in and any tips people have, every day. This is the social group I interact most with and love the company of you kind and fun ladies. 


Also let me know if we need to move this thread in any other group.


Some tips I learned for athletic/ athleisure clothes I used buying new workout clothes as my motivation incentive for being consistent for 1 months rather than any food incentive. Used points to convert to gift cards and then bought 2 sets during sales. Before this I just had 1 legging and 2 Costco shirt. I didn't want to spend any money till I convinced myself that I would consistently use the clothes. Now I do so did some shopping 🙂


Leggings (criteria not rolling down on tummy fat, not needed to be pulled up a lot during the workout) - 

  • Old Navy compression leggings - Very highly recommended and affordable
  • Athleta Contender Leggings - Mid range, they have sales (semi-annual and general)
  • Zella Live-in leggings from Nordstorms (people stock-up during anniversary sales)
  • Sweaty Betty Power Leggings
  • LuluLemon Fast & Free - High price but people love these
  • Reebok Cotton 7/8 - I love these for yoga. These are my most "roll-down-proof-during-downward-dog" on my tummy since I gained mass in mis-section after surgeries. 
  • Nike Dry Fit etc. from big box sporting goods store (name starts with D)

Shirts -

  • I like short sleeve so most of mine are from Costco (Tuff brand or Kirkland)
  • Tanks from Athleta. They have most of their styles in all sleeve length (from Tanks, short sleeves as well as long sleeve shirts)
  • Tanks from Old Navy
  • Calia by Carrie Underwood - I have been eyeing some but waiting for them to go on sale
  • Nike Dry-Fit
  • Under Arrmer compression shirts

How to take care of your workout clothes - I learnt about these recently. I always bought workout clothes from clearance racks in the past so used to just wash with regular clothes in normal cycle. That can cause them to fade soon. If investing in pricier/ better clothes, better take care of these 🙂

  • Wash in cold/ delicate/ "activewear mode" if your machine has one
  • If not washing immediately, let them air out if wet and not put it in hampers
  • Line dry or tumble dry WITHOUT heat
  • If too sweaty/ too stinky soak in a bucket full of water with 1/2 cup white vinegar overnight and then dump in the wash



*****Goals ***** <<still updating>>


@naturalooks15  Excercise 4 x week. still get to 7000 steps on off days. PT specific exercises 4 x week



-Exercise at least once a day, no matter how little

-Go to an (easy) yoga class once a week until I can do it without muscle soreness the following day



Weekly goals: 

Run 30+ min on at least 1 weekday, 6 miles on a weekend



  • Exercise class 6x a week
  • At least two long walks around the neighborhood 
  • Try out all the trials from local studios (1st class free! One week for $10, etc) before committing to a new studio contract
  • Make myself talk to a person at each class


Goal: 6-7 miles a week, split into 2 or 3 evening runs

Proof: Selfie or run stats screenshot



personal training/weight lifting 2x a week

add in a 3rd day of boot camp (class) and

a 4th day of just cardio (running)



Exercise 5-6 days a week (Lifting and cardio)

add more HITT cardio in approx 2x-3x a week

Hit my macro numbers everyday

Drink more water

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

Just wanted to post an update that I hurt my shoulder so my PT has told me to rest/ice and massage it for 2-3 weeks and no strain hence not too active. Though I did go to 3-4 times,  just avoided any rowing plus shoulder/arm exercises and stick to treadmill, bike, abs, squats etc. 

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

I am super happy, including today's yoga class, I closed at 21 total workouts in Nov. Though I am sure all the pecan pie, mashed potatoes etc.  I ate in last two days cancelled out few of those days. 


Folks !! get your workouts in before the holidays so you can eat those yummy treats guilt-free !!

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

Congrats @naturalooks15 !


I don't feel guilty about the feasting (my appetite is huge), but I like to workout, eat, repeat lol. I've been doing some gentle workouts lately due to an injury. Happy holidays to all!

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

Yay !! Finally I am able to post and not getting into infinite loop of browser trying to log me in.



so far I have been pretty consistent in working out in Nov and I think highest number of workouts in a month - 18 workouts !! Part of the credit to @Brutalitops ‘s strategy that I used for trying a new place with new client offer.




Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@naturalooks15Appreciate the shout-out but I think it was actually @scott1201 that first came up with the idea 🥰 


On a related note, I finally found a yoga teacher I love! I'm hoping to stick to my low/no buy next year and use my savings in interest payments and other spending to upgrade to an unlimited yoga package. Having a class to go to is really the motivation I need to be consistent

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@Brutalitops  check out classpass (you go to any studio you want till you use up your credits). If you want to try it for free (worth about 5-6 yoga sessions, depending on the city), pm me as I have some credits to give out for free (some holiday promotion). 

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@naturalooks15 Wow! I’m really impressed!


I typically go to the gym MWF, but Thanksgiving is messing me up a bit. I’m debating if I should try a “make-up” gym session tomorrow, since I’m out of town and busy shopping today.

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

I am sure I won't be able to go as much in Dec with work, travel and snow etc @skcfan  hence was trying to make sure to make-up for it in Nov.  

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

Hi @naturalooks15!


How has everything been going with your workouts? Have you been keeping things up?


Surprisingly for me, I haven't fallen off my routine yet. Usually I only last until a really bad low blood sugar, then I quit. I think the thing that's helping me stick with it this time is having the personal trainer because I feel guilty about wasting money if I'm not going.

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

Thanks for the tag @skcfan I haven't fallen off the routine. It's been actually pretty good. I sort of copied @Brutalitops and tried new studio and took their awesome 2 week trial offer for very low fees and to utilize it well, I went more often than I generally would 🙂


So I have worked out for about 15 days in Nov so far and I think I'll reach about 18-20 days of workout in Nov ! Yay !!


I have been having trouble in posting on this site for last few days, it just keeps giving me error "not authenticated" on laptop as well as phone. Finally working on laptop. I can read the threads but when I try to reply I get "authentication failed" even though I am logged in and I can see the cart and points etc. I'll post progress screenshot when this site starts working on phone.

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@naturalooks15 Congrats on the progress! 


Sorry about your not being able to post easily ☹️. I love participating here, but sometimes the tech problems keep me away. A lot of times I cannot even log in☹️☹️☹️.

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@naturalooks15 Could I join in the fun as well?


I didn’t really exercise at all for ~15 years, but recently I’ve been working with a personal trainer doing strength training once a week, and doing stuff on my own at least twice a week. 



Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@skcfan Welcome !! Good to have you here. 

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

This week’s check-in: Oct so far has been pretty ok. 8 workouts/ 15 days !!



Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@naturalooks15 Looks good!

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

How is everyone doing? Sorry gang, I know I have been missing from here and will try to be on more often. As I said, some changes in my job so I decided to not find another sitter and managing myself. Also cut back on Sephora shopping/ trips and trying out cheaper brands (CosRx, TO) and it's been working really well. Will post in skincare group on that. 


Has anyone tried Megaformer/ Lagree method (inspired by Pilates but much harder)? I took the free trial and then got new client offer for few classes at very affordable price. Every time I do the class my gluets are sore and screaming for 4 full days so assuming it's working. I really need to gain muscle in my one of the hips as it has been causing over all structural issues that my Physical therapist worked on and helped me. Would love to hear thoughts if anyone has done it for bit longer term. 


@Brutalitops  - Are you able to find Yoga classes. If not, I noted a you tuber you might wanna try.

@gonerogue - Hope you recover soon

@MissPuff - How is running going and wine sessions after that.


@RNGesusPls - When is your run that you were training for?

@scott1201 - Are you done with trying new studios in your area? Any particular ones you really liked?

@jen143xo How is HIIT going? Do you go to a class or do it on your own?

@WinglessOne  How is your knee now?

@LexBT - Have you started the routine back? 


Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

This thread is in-active. Half my fault for not updating here. Good thing is that I have been working out, just not posting here. Need to be more regular.


Nov 1st week : 6 days out of 9 days. Super happy about it !!B39643BE-5B23-46C9-8319-48A3EB8F2835.jpeg


Oct was also very good: 15 days in the Oct which is every other day !!



Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@naturalooks15  I haven't heard of the lagree method, but it sounds really interesting (and effective). Do you think it's something that could be learned via videos or is it difficult enough that you think in-person training would be necessary? 

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@PrettyPaint  It's done on specific machines which they call Megaformer. They were inspired by Pilates Reformer machine but are a lot more complicated, tough and cost an arm and a leg (I think around $7K and they probably only sell to businesses not individuals). 


so short answer... search for Lagree method in your city and you can do the free trial class (some studios give you sticky socks as gift so even if you don't like the class you come out with a pair of socks for your Yoga/ Pilate practice :D).

It's like Barre+Pilates together on steroids. 


Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

@naturalooks15 this is great timing. Okay, so to be totally transparent... I have not worked out regularly for almost 3 months! I moved to a new city and am still figuring out all of my new spots. So anyway, this past weekend, I FINALLY joined a new gym. I'm going in for my complimentary personal training session this weekend and then am going to try and go 2x a week. I'm also starting to cycle again when I can. Thanks for the tag ❤️

Re: Workout Accountability/check-ins

Sept check-in : I have done ok. I surprised myself for sticking with OTF and I actually look forward to going to OTF though I never thought I am HIIT kind of person. 15 days of achieving move goal.






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