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The Disney Thread!

I've been meaning to start this thread forever and thanks to @lmi82 for giving me the push! Please post any current or upcoming Disney collections here. There are so many which include beauty, fragrance and fashion. Whether it's Sephora, Danielle Nicole handbags, Jamberry nails or my favorite cheap stuff from the drugstore collections, add it here. There are so many Disney fans here on BT and our posts get scattered. Hope this enables our shopping habits all the more.  ✨Faith, Trust and Pixiedust!



Re: The Disney Thread!

Kate Spade, why are you doing this to me?  You know I can't afford you!!


Maybe I'll get a wallet or the keychain!  Heart 


Re: The Disney Thread!

I originally purchased the purse but it was tiiiny; I ended up returning it because I like a little more room. 

Re: The Disney Thread!

That is good to know!  @annypoo  It is so adorable - super tempting!

Re: The Disney Thread!

Omg. I want the coin purse, it's so cute!!!

Re: The Disney Thread!

I got the card holder a while back and use it everyday so I don't have to bring my giant wallet to work with me or to run errands. I think you should get it 🙈

Re: The Disney Thread!

I thought I'd paste in some of the Beauty and Beast collection at Looks like a collaboration with MinkPink?


Re: The Disney Thread!

Came across this little gem. It's so true! Smiley Very Happy


Re: The Disney Thread!

Best song ever!  That was my favorite running song for the longest

Re: The Disney Thread!

Totally just read those lines in the voices of the characters. 


No lie!

Re: The Disney Thread!

There's no way not to! Hahaha. 

Re: The Disney Thread!

I know! I love it!!! ^_^


Welp, time to listen to the Mulan soundtrack on Spotify!

Image result for mulan girl worth fighting for gifs

Re: The Disney Thread!

Image result for mulan gifsImage result for mulan gifs


So much much confidence.

They were feelin' themselves.

Re: The Disney Thread!

is it me or is everyone else upset that the live-action Mulan will have no songs??? ummm.....


In the interview, Caro said her remake would primarily be a martial arts film, and “extremely muscular”.



Re: The Disney Thread!

Seriously?!?!  That is sooooo wrong!!! @shirleylin88



Re: The Disney Thread!

I was pretty disappointed when I heard this. The songs are the best!! 😔

Re: The Disney Thread!

@shirleylin88, I'm so sad that there's not going to be any songs! Smiley Sad It'd be really funny if the theater broke out in song during the movie. If not, I'll just have to sing quietly to myself. Smiley Wink


Re: The Disney Thread!

@MariekeBT. Too bad we all live so far apart across two (or more) countries or we could go together - BT meetup and singalong to the non-musical Mulan!

Re: The Disney Thread!

WHAAAAT?? A Disney movie WITHOUT songs?! What in Disney adaptation!!


and there's already been upsetting headlines surrounding this movie

Re: The Disney Thread!

I've yet to hear anything that sounds remotely sensible coming from news of this live action remake. -_- 


This includes the first draft of the plot that leaked when word first broke there would be a live action adaptation where they wanted Mulan to take a back seat to a European soldier who is the one who comes in and saves the day in China and essentially becomes her love interest. I think they did scrap this idea after so much backlash was heard, cuz....way to completely NOT make Mulan, y'know, Mulan.



Re: The Disney Thread!

@shirleylin88 Um, WHAT?!!! Smiley Sad

It would be a sacrilege if "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was not included! What in the world are these Hollywood people thinking? 

Image result for mulan let's get down to business gif


Well, if it's going to be like that... all I can say is:

Image result for dishonor on your cow gif

Re: The Disney Thread!

The dishonor gif is so on point

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