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The Candles thread :)

What kind of scents do you like?


I like fresh fresh air/clothes, freshly cut wood kinds of scents.


I went to a spa a while ago, and inside that thing that i cant remember the name right now 😂😂😂😂, that thing where you go in and its very hot..... anyway it was a natural one where they had fresh bois-franc logs burning in the center and i really liked the smell. 


Its not really the smell of "burning" wood perse that i like, it smelled really fresh because its bois-franc, and uhh.. it was probably very fresh logs because it smelled really good, like fresh air inside a wood cottage. Lol my description, i tried my best, i hope you get the idea 😉


So, i found this candle at BABW, its called Orchard Blossom; it reminds me that fresh wood smell with something a little fresh/sweet/crisp (not caramel sweet, its a very soft kind of sweet mixed with a very mostly fresh scent). 


I really hope they bring it back because i need to buy like atleast 3 more!!


Another smell/thing i discovered recently enough is Palo Santo. I love that smell, and im trying to find a candle that has that smell, i saw that BABW has one, but i have to smell it first,


Because we know too well how much it sucks to find a candle of a scent we like, but that it smells so chemically that its just not good. 


Candle smells that for me are most times done wrong are smells like: apple pie, cedar, etc. They most times smells way too sweet or way too strong. They maybe should have different levels of smells, because i like "normal real life fresh apple pie", not "extreme cinnamon apple pie". 😂😂😂


Who else like fresh wood with soft sweet together as a smell?? (something like that lol)


Also, whats your favorites smells for candles??


Note: i still cant think of the name of that room thing we go in where its really hot !!! 😂😂😆😆😆



OH, i need to add that i like the scent of pool chlorine too lol, not super strong chlorine, but more like regular level pool chlorine scent lolll 

Re: The Candles thread :)

Let’s talk about the new Sephora Favorites Mini Candle Discovery Set 


If you picked up the set, which candle are you planning to redeem? Any faves or disappointments ?? 

I was super surprised by the throw on the Maison Margiela REPLICA' Mini Lazy Sunday Morning Scented Candle 2 oz/ 70 g 1-Wick Candle - I think that was the best in the set. It might be a little too perfume-y for my taste though 


on the other hand, the one I was most looking forward to was the #Otherland candle. I liked the scent a lot in the candle, but I don’t feel like the throw off was very good. Has anyone tried the full size and found it better ?


right now I’m leaning toward redeeming the NEST New York Grapefruit Candle 

Re: The Candles thread :)

@Emy10 I purchased a couple new candles from BBW since I loved two of their holiday candles.  I got Vanilla Bean and Let's Get Egg Excited (a marshmallow fluff).  I was disappointed by both of them.  Their scent wasn't as strong and yummy as the Hot Cocoa & Cream and Merry Cookie.  I'll light them for ambiance, but don't see myself re-purchasing.  I was also disappointed to see how many tropical scents BBW already had.  It's like of like we went from winter right into summer.


I had purchased two Wood Wick candles from Yankee Candle after the holidays.  One was Golden Milk and the other was Vanilla Toffee (or something).  Recently I've been smelling a powder-like scent, and I think it's coming from one of the candles.  Powder is one of my most hated scents, so I had to move the candles into the basement until I decide which one is giving off the smell.  Who knew finding a candle scent would be so hard?!

Re: The Candles thread :)

2021-03-02 16.01.22.jpgI tend to like scents that can land in pretty much any genre  but I'm still very hit or miss. in other words its spin the wheel and then its "maybe..." The candle I'm currently and happily enjoying is a blend of coconut, sandalwood, and incense. its from a small business called burke and hare co.

Re: The Candles thread :)

I'm pretty picky with candles and only tend to buy them in the fall because that's when my favorite scents come out. I don't like any that are too fruity, too woodsy, too smokey, or too sweet lol. I don't like ones that smell like baked goods either. I don't even know what it is that I like to be honest. Right now my favorites are from B&BW- Marshmallow Fireside, Cozy Cashmere, Fresh Lavender & Honey, Autumn Woods, Vanilla Sage, Lavender Cedarwood, and Fresh Fall Morning. It makes me sad that they go away until the next year and they sometimes don't bring them back.

Re: The Candles thread :)

@Emy10 I prefer incense to candles to scent a room but I got the Mssr. Blanchy by Boy Smells and really liked that one. Right now, I'm working on finishing up Diptyque's Figuier and think I might go for something more woodsy for my next candle. Really curious about the new Aesop ones!


@WinglessOne if you like unusual candle scents, Boy Smells can be interesting 🙂

Re: The Candles thread :)

@pocketvenus  I'm also curious about the Aesop candles. 🙂 I have a local Aesop store, so I might have to visit for Ptolemy and Aganice—though I'm not sure how in-store candle-sniffing works in these covid19 days. Is there one candle in particular that speaks to you? 


I've never tried any of the Boy Smells candles, but now I must investigate! 

Re: The Candles thread :)

@pocketvenus Oooh Aesop has candles?


Ive been wanting to go to theyre store since a while now and was going to, but then stupid C-19 happened, so im waiting. 



Re: The Candles thread :)

@Emy10 Yes! I haven't seen or smelt them yet but they are pretty and the descriptions sound nice

Re: The Candles thread :)

@Emy10 I absolutely love candles.  My favorite scents change according to the season.  My absolute favorite time of year to burn candles is the fall. I love pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, cloves, cranberry.  All the scents that represent fall.  I also love Christmas scents.  My favorite brand to get on sale are the scents from Bath and Body Works.  My splurge candles are Jo Malone and Voluspa.  I also love fresh air, and ocean inspired scents.  I don't mind fruity smells.   I am not a fan of vanilla scented candles.



Re: The Candles thread :)

@tjffc - what are your favorite Jo Malone and Voluspa candle scents? I’ve just pulled out some old candles (I’m talking over a decade ago) and am looking to purchase - and burn - more now, especially since we are now at some so much. Great thread @Emy10 

Re: The Candles thread :)

@Emy10 I'd say a sauna?  I have several friends who have them in their back yards.  

Candle wise I'm typically into three catagories.  1. Tropical Beach scents, these could be a range of coconut screen type scents to MaiTai's to pineapple daiquiris. I love that I'm transported to the beach on a private island.  When in fact I'm in Northern Ontario. lol. 2. Baking.  These are scents I like more in the fall and winter.  A good hot cocoa, fresh baked cinnamon buns type of scent.  I am much more picky with these scents as they need to be the right kind of sweet baked yummy and they're only used for the cold months.  3. Fruity.  Love me some fruity scented candles, I have a pear one going right now and it's so nice.  Typically peach, pear, pineapple, and apple tend to be winners.

I do on occasion light a 'clean' smelling candle, these I compare to the scent of laundry detergent.  These are normally reserved for anytime I have a nasty smell in the house.  Cooked something that lingers or the trash is getting ripe type situations. 

I was big into BBW for candles for years, then started to buy more at winners/tjmaxx over 2019.  202 has been the year of using up what I have.  Should be able to carry through mid 2021 at least with my current stash lol.

Re: The Candles thread :)

@Emy10  Sauna. 🙂 I think that's the word you're looking for. 


I love wood scented candles, but not so much when they include a sweet scent. Usually the sweet overpowers the wood and gives candles a heavy vanilla or baby powder scent. I'm not a fan of those. Some folks hate sandalwood candles, but I love them—as long as they don't have that powdery vanilla scent. I love the smell of various other cut woods, too, especially cedar. Cedar is my lavender: it calms my nerves. I love it so much, I sometimes keep cedar planks under my bed so I can smell them while falling asleep. 


Along those lines: I love candles that smell like a forest, complete with wood, leaves, grass, moss, and maybe a spark of fresh crisp air or a deeply warm not-too-sweet floral note. Once upon a time I found a candle that smelled like fresh cut grass, and I wish I could remember what it was or find another that smells like that. It was fantastic! 


Smoky scents are another favorite of mine. I'd build a fire pit in my living room if it wouldn't get me in serious trouble with my landlord for fire safety violations. 😄 So instead, I look for smoke scented candles. They're very hard to find! Too many have a sweet undercurrent, and some of those honestly aren't bad but there's not enough wood smoke. I wish Le Labo would make a Patchouli 24 candle: that'd be PERFECT! Their Patchouli 24 fragrance smells nothing like patchouli. It makes the wearer smell like a bbq pitmaster. I love it. 


I don't completely hate sweet scented candles. I just don't gravitate toward them. I love a good frankincense + myrrh + leather + smoke candle, as long as it's not overpowered by a vanilla base. I love citrus scented candles that actually smell like fruit instead of super sweet cake or pie. And I'm a sucker for certain floral scents: jasmine, freesia, honeysuckle, and violet are my favorites. 


And I like "unusual" candle scents, or so I'm told by a few friends. 😂 I'm loving the Takahashi Hiroko candles and wish she'd release more of them, or re-release the original batch of 5 scents. 

Re: The Candles thread :)

@WinglessOne  I recently bought a candle that smells like a Fraser fir 🌲 I am really hoping it makes my house smell like Christmas! Another odd scent I have is French baguette candle. It smells like I am cooking fresh bread in my house. Amazing!! I wish I had picked up more of those!! 

Re: The Candles thread :)

@ather I would *love* a French baguette candle!  What brand is it?


I just saw a Frasier Fir candle at BBW.  I wanted to smell it, but obviously that is a no-no with masking.  I just picked up a Christmas tree scented candle at Yankee Candle, so I guess I can skip the BBW.  I did see a wonderful BBW Hot Cocoa & Cream that was calling my name, but I wondered if the cocoa would be too bitter.

Re: The Candles thread :)

@greeneyedgirl107 i'm not sure about the hot cocoa one but the Paris Cafe candle smells just like a latte/coffee house in a not super obnoxious way, in case that's something that would appeal to you. 

Re: The Candles thread :)

I loved Paris cafe at BBW.  One of my favorites there was Campfire Coffee (smelled like a Starbucks shop!).   I don't think they make CC anymore.  Regardless, I am now more so into candles that have a pure cotton wick and are made of soy and don't have "fragrance" chemicals in them.  I am obsessed with Lafco and Tatine candles. Both are ludacris in price (the latter more so expensive for the size).  Kobo is also amazing.  I'd for Sephora to carry more candle brands that are clean in ingredients. 

Re: The Candles thread :)

@makeitup305 Thanks for the input!  I'm thinking that maybe I will pick up the Hot Cocoa during their semi-annual sale, since I can't get it out of my head.  Now I'm wishing I hadn't used my 20% off code already.

Re: The Candles thread :)

@greeneyedgirl107  French baguette came from BBW a long time ago. I’ve been savouring it!! The Fraser fir I got was from a cute little boutique in my small town! It smells soo good! I’ve never seen a bread scented candle since either but it’s such a great scent. I use to burn it when I had people coming to view my house when we were trying to sell it. Didn’t work but was worth a try!

Re: The Candles thread :)

@ather @The French baguette is available again on B&BW!

Re: The Candles thread :)

@makeitup305  Ekkk definitely going to get more!! Thank you for letting me know!! Can’t wait! 

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