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Summer Resolutions

It's halfway through summer (technically), at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  NE U.S. is in a heat wave, so it's extra summery right now.  What are some things you want to do for the remainder of your summer?  I always try to do a few summery things like grab an ice cream cone at a park or at the beach, have a beach day, find the "song of the summer," see a few movies, binge something fun on TV/streaming, come up with a summer look or two.  Was curious about the rest of BIC, what are your summer rituals, songs, resolutions and/or bucket list items?


Summer To Dos:


Working out: trying to keep a consistent regime for the whole summer

Song: nothing has caught my ear, yet

Movie: ehhhh, 🤷🏽‍♀️

Sephoria: I need to know!!!!

Trip: probably not this year, but maybe some beach days 🤔

Summer Look: going to bronze up, for sure .  Just posted a new challenge

Cheek Challenge Summer 2024: Choose Your Own Adventure

And there's:
Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022/2023 Capsule Makeup Collection Challenge 


Ice Cream: There's  a Carvel is still opened nearby, so I will definitely made good on this ✔️✔️✔️


Courtesy GIPHY & FlydeweissCourtesy GIPHY & Flydeweiss

Re: Summer Resolutions

No worries, @Mellmars1185! 💕

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle Great thread idea!  I have some similar goals as you!  I am off work this week so I am hoping to check ✔️ some things off my list soon.

  • Barbie Movie
  • Beach Day (s) ✔️
  • Baseball Game (s) ✔️
  • Make dishes with items from my garden ✔️
  • Sephoria
  • Read hopefully 2 more books by the end of summer
  • Participate in more challenges in the BIC
  • Shop my stash more
  • Live in the present

I will report back as I complete some of my goals to keep myself accountable.

Re: Summer Resolutions

The last two are good all year round, but Sephoria is also going to make your stash bigger 😂 @Mellmars1185 

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle There is always room for more  😁😂

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle The sound track isn’t half-bad! There’s definitely a few bangers on there. I really enjoy Lizzo’s vocals on Pink. It sounds like she took vocal lessons and put it a ton of vocal work because she sounds really soulful on it. And the mention of Midge right at the end gets me every time! 🤣 Ryan Gosling’s I’m Just Ken was on repeat for a while just to relive that scene. 😂


I’ve been wanting to participate at least once in the Cheek Challenge Summer 2023: Collabs with Makeup Challenge of the Week 

Hopefully in the coming weeks as I’m off for a bit and should have plenty of time between taking my kids out for some summer time fun.

I also want to sort through my wardrobe and makeup collections, get them into better storage and declutter.


I bought a cheap sewing machine to hem pants and fix a few other issues with clothes that I want to keep, so I need to refresh my memory on how to use one.


And I need to get a decent hike in before September.

Re: Summer Resolutions

Half bad?  It's no bad!  It's been on repeat for me since it came out 🤣😂


This is a nice, ambitious list, and looking forward to your cheeky looks @JoSometimes !

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle I'm in the Southwest and it's been brutal. 30+ days of >110 and the lows are in the 90s. I'm slowly dying over here. My goal is to make it through August and hopefully into some cooler weather 😰💦

Re: Summer Resolutions

Ugghhhh, so sorry, stay cool @makeitup305 .  The heat waves are all over, but 100+ is terrifying.  Hydration is the upmost to-do 🥵

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle 110 is pretty common over here in the summer which was expected. What has been bad is the many days of 113-117 in a row with no respite. I've lived here almost 6 years and this has been the worst by far. No rain just yet, either. It seems to be tapering off a little bit but we'll see. My bf and I have started adding Liquid IV to our water on the daily and it honestly really helps. They should sponsor me at this point, I'm telling everyone to buy it lol

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle yay for Carvel!  That reminds me that I need some vanilla custard from Rita's!!!

Re: Summer Resolutions

Oh yes, definitely need to have a summer ice as well @greeneyedgirl107 

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