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Christmas Cactus

I enjoy my Christmas Cactus plants. And I look forward each year to their blooms.  This year they are blooming well ahead of time.  

As you can see, there are multiple blooms still waiting to open.  

I will take other pictures as the flowers bloom.


Does anyone else share my love for this plant?? If so, please share your pictures with our community!!!



Re: Christmas Cactus

@Cissy63  I love that you have red and pink! Mine are pink and I didn’t realize they come in different colours 

Re: Christmas Cactus

@ather  You know I didn’t see another color either.  But 3 years ago we went to a Garden Center to look for a new artificial trees.  Inside the center were all of these pots of little pink Christmas Cactus.  I had to get one.  💕💕 Thanks!!

Re: Christmas Cactus

@Cissy63 ,

I love Christmas Cactus plants, too!  I don't have any now to share pictures, but I enjoy looking at yours!   I think the blooms on yours are larger than any that I have seen before!  Beautiful!

Re: Christmas Cactus

@tsavorite  Thank you very much.  I have never before, at least I think not, given these plants any Miracle Gro.  Now that may be why, I really don’t know.  But they make me so happy this time of year.  And I am glad you are enjoying them too!🥰

Re: Christmas Cactus

@Cissy63, the blooms are beautiful!

Re: Christmas Cactus

Thank you @itsfi!  They are doing well this year 🌵🎄

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