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BIC School Superlatives

I tried to search and don't think I've seen this. As the school year is ending, I'm reminded of choosing superlatives for classmates. I think this would be an awesome way to spread a little love. Especially after seeing @SportyGirly125 mention a poster was being mean/rude, it seems like a good time to share some kind words.


I'll add a few to start us off. You may want to tag more than one person for a superlative. No rules except be kind!

Re: BIC School Superlatives

Thank you @ShortErica yes gotcha. Meant to tag you also for this great idea! 

Re: BIC School Superlatives

There are so many people to tag. I'm glad so many are participating @Sunnysmom. I feel like I recognize a lot of names but am still getting to know everyone's personalities. I especially like seeing how friendships have formed and inside jokes that have happened throughout the years. I wish I jumped on the BIC train sooner!

Re: BIC School Superlatives

Totally agree @ShortErica ! I feel same! Maybe we should have a reunion somewhere! πŸ€”lol. πŸ€—

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@Sunnysmom   You are too kind. Smiley Happy

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@makeitup305 ,

Thank you!  I always love talking to you!

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@makeitup305 Awww thank you so much πŸ₯°

Re: BIC School Superlatives

Hair goals: @gonerogue @heartsmyface  @IttyxBittyxMe - I love all of your styles so much!

Masking goals: @itsfi @eshoe - thanks for sharing and reviewing so many awesome masks with us!

Haul goals: @Tamara76 - your collection and haul posts make me salivate!

Lashes goals: @lmaster - your eyeshadow and lashes always give me envy!

Thrifty Deals goals: @Shosh85 - thanks for posting so many deals to save some $$!

Skin goals: @darlyndar- your skin always looks amazing!

Color goals: @RGbrown - your color combos and bright posts are so fun!


Re: BIC School Superlatives

@makeitup305 Thank you!  You’re such a sweetie!  

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@makeitup305  thank you!! You are BIC friend goals! Seriously, you never have a bad thing to say about anyone!

Re: BIC School Superlatives

😍 Thank you, @makeitup305 πŸ˜˜

Re: BIC School Superlatives

Awww thank you @makeitup305

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@makeitup305 awwwww how sweet 😘

Re: BIC School Superlatives

Sleuthing goals: @veronika23 and @Mochapj - thanks for keeping the product releases up to date.

And to the @TeamBIC , mods and the rest of the BIC thanks for keeping this a kind and loving corner of the internet!

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@SportyGirly125Thank you for the shout out! Your patient, friendly presence is always appreciated on BIC <3 (Plus I always agree with your advice!)


I'd like to add a note of appreciation to BIC members who offer great fragrance advice here. We are very lucky to have @Vmaster who is just encyclopedic when it comes to fragrance information, and @Mochapj who always helps keep us in the know with cool new releases Smiley Happy And of course, everyone who comes to share their love of good smells and beauty! <333


Also, a special thank you to all the BIC members I've had private exchanges with on the board, especially when responding to concerns I've had, and who have extended their kindness and consideration to me and others here in so many ways. There are many members I have in mind and you all keep this place the special, magical internet unicorn that it is.


Finally, heartfelt thanks to the moderating team for hosting and running BIC. I am sure there is so much work going on behind the scenes that we never see but it is still appreciated!




Oh, if I don't respond to an @, I must apologize, but my notifications are currently all gone!!



Re: BIC School Superlatives

@pocketvenus Thank you so much. 

Re: BIC School Superlatives

I know everyone's seen these gifs before, but I'm feelin' all the feels and these just feel right. πŸ’•EC7479A4-5470-4AD0-A5DB-E1AD6F2A43B9.gif




Re: BIC School Superlatives

This whole thread is like a big hug for the soul @Shosh85 ! I just love seeing women supporting each other. I’m not supper creative with these things but I’m working on some.... 

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@veronika23 and @ZombieMetroAnt: The most generous and creative. Both of you give the most amazing Unicorn Mail I have ever seen and put so much thought into it. You both have the most fun, entertaining and creative threads – every single thread by you two have all been so awesome and unique! Thanks you two, for bringing such fun and flare to the BIC! πŸ˜˜πŸ™Œ

Re: BIC School Superlatives

@ShortErica this is an AWESOME thread--you really nail it with being creative and sparking conversation.


I just read through this entire thread and it was so much fun seeing all of you who are so active in the BIC and agreeing with everything that was said because you are an amazing group of ladies!

@veronika23 @ZombieMetroAnt --you're ALWAYS in the know! 

@sonnydee @Tamara76 @mezzotown88 @Lazybeautybeast - totally enjoy seeing your amazing hauls.  

@faeriegirl @bakeamuffin @SportyGirly125 --you ladies are always so sweet and kind to everyone and always have something positive to say.


Re: BIC School Superlatives

Thanks @CookieGirl1! If only I got this notification when you posted it. Haha. I had a lot of posts to catch up on and it's been so fun reading yours and everyone else's kind words. Smiley Happy

Re: BIC School Superlatives

Thank you @CookieGirl1!❀️

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