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2017 Secret Santa




It’s time yet again! I am pleased to host the BT Secret Santa! I wasn’t going to, but I got quite a few messages asking about it so I figured whey the heck not!


The criteria are as follows, and may change as time goes on as I’m still getting use to this BT format! The rules are pretty much the same as the last few years though.  



1. US only

2. Must have a minimum of 600 posts on BT

3. You must make an account on elfsfer! That’s where the wishlists will be and the drawing will take place! Make sure your wishlists are updated with proper SHADE information and your address. 

4. The spending minimum is $40. Meaning you can buy one item that is $40 and have it count or multiple items to total up to $40! And as per usual, you can spend over on your elf if you so choose!

5. If there is even the slightest possible hint that you're going to buy something on your wishlist, do not put it on your wish list!

6. Include a gift receipt if the item your buying includes shade selection!








- To Sign Up: November 2nd. Names will be drawn on November 3rd and elfster will send you an email with who you got. Shoot me a message and I'll send you the sign up link!

- To Send Gift: December 12th. Gifts will need to be sent by or on this date. 



Kim S
Linda R

 If you have any questions feel free to post them here or shoot me a PM!


Happy Santa-ing!Decret-santa





Awww this is too cool! 😀 Hope I can participate next yea...

Awww this is too cool! 😀 Hope I can participate next year 💋

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Someone is going to get a gift soon!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

I got my gift!! And omg Im so happy! I actually needed some of this stuff so Im beyond thrilled! There is a before and after wrapping. Thank you so much dear elf! I love it all!  Im so excited to eat my pb & j caramels, those are my fave! And i can finally stop using my moms tweezers, and stop trying to get more liner out of my dried up stila pen LOL.








Re: 2017 Secret Santa

So many goodies- and I love the brown paper wrapping with the stickers! Too cute! 

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Great gifts, @sabrinas!  And yay, Kitty got some fun toys too - so cute!  


Nicely curated selection of sheet masks - well done, @sabrinas elf!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Aww kitty has the sweetest face! What a fun box, love those Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark squares Smiley Very Happy

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Kitty: all these for me???? So cute!!

RE: Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Ooooohhh! 😍😍 Looks like you got quite the haul! And I love your kitty! So cute!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Ohhhh yas LOVE all the sheet masks you got @sabrinas ! The tatcha is one of my favorites. so much good stuff! Enjoy! and I love your kitty photo bombing

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Awwww what a lovely gift @sabrinas!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Yay such a nice gift! I love your kitty just presiding over it all lol

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

@Kim888 @CC3616 @MissPuff Thanks all!!! Kitty got gifts too actually! She decided to stand right beside them Smiley Happy its a cute bauble filled with toys!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

@sabrinas Yay, an unboxing! So many pretties, kitty included. To sabrinas's elf, great gift!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

@sabrinas That gift looks great! And a million hearts for that kitty!!!! 

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Just wanted to let my Santa know I got my package very late last night, and have not had a chance to open yet! I'm so excited to dig in tonight!! Smiley Happy Thank you!!!

RE: Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Ohhh, I’m excited to see what you got! 😍

RE: 2017 Secret Santa

Sooo is anyone waiting to open their gifts until Christmas like me or just ripping them open as soon as they arrive? 😂

Re: RE: 2017 Secret Santa

I know I won't be able to wait until Christmas! 

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Mailed out my package today! Hope my recipient loves everthing they get!  

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

I mailed mine out yesterday as well!!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

I wish I would have seen this earlier! Would have loved to have been apart of this Smiley Sad

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