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2017 Secret Santa




It’s time yet again! I am pleased to host the BT Secret Santa! I wasn’t going to, but I got quite a few messages asking about it so I figured whey the heck not!


The criteria are as follows, and may change as time goes on as I’m still getting use to this BT format! The rules are pretty much the same as the last few years though.  



1. US only

2. Must have a minimum of 600 posts on BT

3. You must make an account on elfsfer! That’s where the wishlists will be and the drawing will take place! Make sure your wishlists are updated with proper SHADE information and your address. 

4. The spending minimum is $40. Meaning you can buy one item that is $40 and have it count or multiple items to total up to $40! And as per usual, you can spend over on your elf if you so choose!

5. If there is even the slightest possible hint that you're going to buy something on your wishlist, do not put it on your wish list!

6. Include a gift receipt if the item your buying includes shade selection!








- To Sign Up: November 2nd. Names will be drawn on November 3rd and elfster will send you an email with who you got. Shoot me a message and I'll send you the sign up link!

- To Send Gift: December 12th. Gifts will need to be sent by or on this date. 



Kim S
Linda R

 If you have any questions feel free to post them here or shoot me a PM!


Happy Santa-ing!Decret-santa





Re: 2017 Secret Santa

you guys I got my secret santa gift today and my elf hit it out of the park with this one!!! 

the wrapping was sooo cute and I'm keeping all the cute flowers Smiley Happy


i'm so obsessed with everything and sooo happy so many items from my wishlist made its way to me! thank you thank you thank you @mella900 for your thoughtful card and all these amazing goodies!






Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Yay!! I'm so glad you love everything! I wanted to open that diptyque candle so bad to smell it LOL. I love wrapping gifts so I'm glad you liked that too. And the dark red flowers I already had (from michaels) conveniently went so well with the black and white tissue paper (Sephora tissue haha), all your fav colors. You're welcome and please enjoy @shirleylin88 !!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

So many fun goodies!!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Hi guys!!! I got my gift last week, and things have been crazy up in here, so I apologize to @Kim888 for taking so long to get back here to post these!! Thank you SO VERY much for all the goodies. I am beyond thrilled to play with everything!


Everything wrapped all pretty (my husband did have to help me open it, because glitter and I do not mix, lol)Everything wrapped all pretty (my husband did have to help me open it, because glitter and I do not mix, lol)

 My box was packed with goodies!!!My box was packed with goodies!!!A cute little Christmas coffee to-go cup.A cute little Christmas coffee to-go cup.Huda set I've been dying to have!Huda set I've been dying to have!All the goodies!All the goodies!


Thank you again, Kim. I'm so appreciative of the gift. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

hehe I love those socks. fuzzy AND punny

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

What great goodies! I love that coffee cup!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Glad you liked everything @simplycaren ! lol mine was a not so secret elf since you would have known from the return label 

RE: 2017 Secret Santa

Sooooo my gift came today! But I told myself I’m going to be good and open it on Christmas Eve after work!

Re: RE: 2017 Secret Santa

Dang girl! Can't wait to see it.

Re: RE: 2017 Secret Santa

Oh my goodness!  You have superhuman will power, @IttyxBittyxMe.  I don't think I could show so much restraint!

Re: RE: 2017 Secret Santa

Oh my gosh that sounds like the ultimate challenge! Good luck Smiley Very Happy Can't wait to see the unboxing!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

I got my gift yesterday! It was high point in a "meh" day and much needed pick me up. 


Everything wrapped so pretty with the awesome pop up tree card!



First, I opened one of my favorite treats! And definitely had some before I continued.




Really excited to try out the petit pro, which has pocket friendly versions of lots of my go to type shades. The bite set was a perfect surprise (how did you know I lost a mini mask last week!?) and I love everything in it. <3


Ooooh, masks. A great mix of some favorites and things I haven't tried. Especially looking forward to trying the magic foot peeling socks!











And everything together. YAY!And everything together. YAY!

Thank you so much to my elf @sabrinas!!! Looking forward to enjoying all my new treats!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

yaaas loving all the sheet masks! I'm so interested in that bite lip set! Enjoy @CC3616!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

What an amazing package! You were definitely spoiled! 

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

@CC3616@sabrinas, awesome secret santa gifts!  So many fun treats!


The magic peeling socks are indeed magical and work, @CC3616!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

This is amazing @sabrinas! Enjoy all of your new goodies @CC3616 💗 Sugarfina is so addicting lol. 

RE: Re: 2017 Secret Santa

You’re going to loooove that Viseart palette!

RE: Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Such a fun gift!!! The viseart petit pro is one of one of my faves

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

@CC3616 Im glad you like it!! I was indecisive on what to get and finally was like ok, I think she will like this stuff Smiley Happy enjoy!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Yes, it's awesome! I love it, thanks again @sabrinas

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