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2017 Secret Santa




It’s time yet again! I am pleased to host the BT Secret Santa! I wasn’t going to, but I got quite a few messages asking about it so I figured whey the heck not!


The criteria are as follows, and may change as time goes on as I’m still getting use to this BT format! The rules are pretty much the same as the last few years though.  



1. US only

2. Must have a minimum of 600 posts on BT

3. You must make an account on elfsfer! That’s where the wishlists will be and the drawing will take place! Make sure your wishlists are updated with proper SHADE information and your address. 

4. The spending minimum is $40. Meaning you can buy one item that is $40 and have it count or multiple items to total up to $40! And as per usual, you can spend over on your elf if you so choose!

5. If there is even the slightest possible hint that you're going to buy something on your wishlist, do not put it on your wish list!

6. Include a gift receipt if the item your buying includes shade selection!








- To Sign Up: November 2nd. Names will be drawn on November 3rd and elfster will send you an email with who you got. Shoot me a message and I'll send you the sign up link!

- To Send Gift: December 12th. Gifts will need to be sent by or on this date. 



Kim S
Linda R

 If you have any questions feel free to post them here or shoot me a PM!


Happy Santa-ing!Decret-santa





Re: 2017 Secret Santa

To My Secret Santa,

USPS Left a notice in my communal mailbox that there’s a package that could not be delivered because it needed a signature confirmation. I am not sure if this was the package you sent me, but if it is I’ll try to pick it up soon as I can (though I’m in town I’m busy with family so I am not at home to sign for things, and I’ve promised to entertain people over the course of the week this getting to the post office is tough.) If you didn’t send this package (it’s coming from Baltimore,) then ignore this missive!



Your Elfster

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Huzzah! I was able to ditch the group for a while today to sneak over to the Post Office! So without any further ado, here’s my lovely Secret Santa box o’ Christmas cheer!C758DFD3-4261-4BFC-81EB-8168EC3D65A7.jpegSo many unexpected goodies!

 I received a pair of socks with grippy soles to pad around the house, as well as a pair of fuzzy slippers, a unicorn shower cap (so cute, I actually am afraid to use it in the shower tho, don’t want to ruin it!), a tin of dark chocolate champagne truffles, hand cream, moisturizer, facial cleanser, clay mask, and mascara! But what’s in the wrapped packages you ask? D350F1FA-0834-4FAD-94C1-2F76AB2BFB43.jpegLip products galore!

 I recieved a much coveted Pat McGrath Lipstick (35 mm, so gorgeous, I must update my swatch pics!), and a Sephora Favorites Lip Boldly set, with all the red and vampy colors a girl could want! The package was so worth the wait, and everything will help me look fabulous as we bid adieu to 2017 and ring in 2018 in style! 

Thanks again my wonderful Santa! 💄👄😘❣️💋😍

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

I love that Sephora favorites lip kit! And that unicorn shower cap is so cute. What a great box @LCResz

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

So much goodness in your Christmas box of cheer, @LCResz!  Your secret santa did a fabulous job!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

I love What you received @LCRes! So many cozy items and that Pat McGrath lipstick looks amazing 😍

RE: 2017 Secret Santa

Merry Christmas ladies! My fiancé and I opened up gifts last night at like 1am so I finally opened my secret santa gift. 1. I love the fact I end up with Rolo’s every year. 😂😂 2. Had to hide the chocolate from my fiancé before he devoured it. 3. I love everything, thank you so much.

Re: RE: 2017 Secret Santa

OMG haven't had rolos in years, I used to love them when I was younger.  Have you tried the LM powder before?  I would love to hear your thoughts on it!


Enjoy and Merry Christmas @IttyxBittyxMe !!!

Re: RE: 2017 Secret Santa

@IttyxBittyxMe Merry Christmas!! So many nice skincare goodies! 😁

Re: RE: 2017 Secret Santa

@IttyxBittyxMe, I'm so impressed you waited until Christmas!  This is a lovely secret santa gift - lots of goodies for you to play with and treats to eat as well!  FUN!

RE: 2017 Secret Santa

Yay what a great gift! Merry Christmas

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

OMG @snoflakefaerie, you are so amazing!! The tracking said it was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but it never updated saying it was delivered. So this morning I marched down there on a mission to find out whatever I could, and it was there!! I immediately opened it at work (like 30 mins ago lol) because I couldn't wait. Everything is perfect and amazing. I am loving everything and I appreciate you taking the time to curate this for me.  You have made my day and holiday season that much more extraordinary. I hope you also have a holiday season filled with happiness, family, and friends!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Pictures and more of my ramblings below Smiley Happy


IMG_8071.JPGCute decals on the outside of the box!IMG_8072.JPGA beautiful card upon opening. I got my cards at papyrus too!IMG_8073.JPGAll the unwrapped contents displayed. SOOO much candy. I'm going to have a chocolate overload.IMG_8076.JPGEverything unwrapped and displayed! I am so thankful for the Herbivore spray, my current bottle is on its last leg and I didn't have any more backups. I was using a different Herbivore toner before but they stopped selling it at UO. I can't wait to try the codex pimple patches to see if they're a more affordable dupe for the one Sephora sells. The candle's packaging is so cute and it smells fresh and lovely. Of course I'm loving the Sunday Riley! The good genes tube is going to be great for when I travel this holiday season (the alterna too!). And I love the masks and samples you included. I could go on and on lol

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

@snoflakefaerie is the bestest, enjoy @mella900

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

@mella900 Nice!!! 😍 you got so many great things! 

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

So many fabulous skincare goodies @mella900!  Nicely done @snoflakefaerie!

RE: Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Looks like a great gift!!! Those foot masks are really nice!!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

I love your gifts @mella900@snoflakefaerie picked up really great skincare products! The Cosrx patches are ah-mazing! I bet your skin will look so radiant going into the New Year! Enjoy! 

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

IMG_5458.JPGIMG_5459.JPGThanks so much to my secret santa! Loved the gifts! Especially excited for the mike and Ike's. Sorry didn't post last night pregnant and 🤢.  Hopefully I feel better soon so I can eat the candy! Hope everyone has a great holiday!!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Thanks @ElleElleG I just found your note at the bottom of the box! I blame the prego brain for this! I enjoyed the mike and Ike's and my daughter was mad I finished them the other day! Thanks again!

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

HAHA you're welcome @jen81  Glad you enjoyed everything 😁

Re: 2017 Secret Santa

Congrats and feel better soon @jen81!!

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