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The Packaging Thread

Packaging plays a major role in beauty products. Brands put out releases with special LE packaging. How many times have you drooled over the compact itself or the box or jar? Some packaging is a work of art. This is a thread to show that extra swoon-worthy items you had to photograph and share. I'm a sucker for the PMG lipstick boxes and keep them all. Huda put out a number of lip sets in adorable tins (this tin sits on the bathroom counter). These are a few of my favorite items. Please share yours. I can't walt to see.Huda Contour and Strobe Lip SetHuda Contour and Strobe Lip Set


PMG MatteTrance ElsonPMG MatteTrance Elson


PMG LuxeTrance Sorry Not SorryPMG LuxeTrance Sorry Not Sorry


Re: The Packaging Thread

@eshoe  On me, the patchouli in Superstitious isn’t immediately detectable. At first spray, it’s all about rose, jasmine, and a crisp, kinda tart airiness. After a few minutes, the peach note appears and blends into the florals. Around the 30 minute mark, amber and patchouli creep in to warm things up, supporting the florals instead of overpowering them. A few minutes later, sandalwood and labdanum join in. The longer I wear Superstitious, the warmer it gets, and I start to get noticeably smoky patchouli and vetiver. On me, this is a well balanced and blended fragrance—nothing fights for control or top billing—that lasts for hours. It shifts focus from time to time, but never in a bad way, at least not on my skin. Your mileage may vary. I especially like that it doesn’t dry down to just a super sweet powdery sandalwood or vanilla on me. That usually happens when I try rose fragrances. Not with this one. 


Oh, and Superstitious can be quite strong. If you find a sample, go easy with it at first. It’s not nearly as strong as, say, Papillon Anubis or Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex (both of which will absolutely knock bystanders back if you overapply 😂 but I love ‘em both) but still: go easy on the trigger/dabber. Superstitious is pricy—the 10mL travel tube costs USD $70-78, depending on where you buy it—so I definitely recommend trying a sample first, even if you have to pay for one. 


I think I got my Glossier You sample with one of my Glossier orders when that fragrance was first released. And it might’ve been a foil peel sample. It’s not in the box where I usually keep fragrance samples... that means I have to dig through all my other samples of stuff to find it. 😩 Which I should do anyway, so I can clear some of those out and audit the remainder. Anyway, it’d be great of Glossier offered more samples! Not long ago, they offered foil peel samples of various Cloud Paints with orders. I wish they had true DS of all their skincare items. 


And yes, what happened to Alber Elbaz was ridiculous and wrong. Some fashion news outlets accurately described it as an ugly divorce. I’ll be interested to see what his new line looks like, assuming that’s still in the works and hasn’t been completely derailed by COVID-related economic and logistics fallout. 

Re: The Packaging Thread

Now I see why you rate masks like wine; you can pick up on notes like nobody’s business😂 I struggle to separate more than 2-3 in perfumes. I just just gravitate toward smoky/peppery most of the time. I will snoop around a bit to see if there are any samples out there, although I am perfectly fine not finding and falling in love with a $$$ perfume!



Re: The Packaging Thread

Thank you for the suggestion, @sprocketta!




I love them, and they are slowly disappearing from skincare (or at least, the ones I am buying :D). 


  1. YTTP Superberry Sleeping Mask
  2. Neogen Vita C Powder
  3. YTTP HA Kale Cream (I’ve bought 2 jars since this and neither one has had a spatula included)
  4. Jeju:en Centella Green Tea Mask
  5. La Mer Crème de la Mer
  6. Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Mud
  7. Tatcha Kissu
  8. Laneige
  9. The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder
  10. Bloomeffects Royal Tulip Nectar
  11. Perricone MD Cocoa Moisture Mask
  12. Huxley Secret of the Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream
  13. Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask (was not included with Banana Soufflé; curious if it is still included with the sleeping mask)
  14. Farmacy The Honey Potion
  15. Sara Happ Sweet Clay Mask
  16. Misc. mask…wish I could remember which one!
  17. Tatcha Violet-C

No tags in case anyone wants to guess.

Re: The Packaging Thread

@eshoe  Ha fun you made it a recognition game!   I just decluttered most of my spatulas save for the ones with silicone ends (Glamglow and Laneige and one tatcha one).  I didn’t miss them til now but know I wasn’t using them 😄

Re: The Packaging Thread

Ugh I need to declutter mine too, @heartsmyface. My jar is overflowing and I end up not using what I love.


also….how did you end up here this is a quiet little corner lol

Re: The Packaging Thread

@eshoe  Haha, i clicked on a thumbnail.  I’m half awake and scrolling through pretties to distract myself from booster shot nausea. 

Re: The Packaging Thread

Oooh yuck @heartsmyface 😕


Lots to distract here, thumbnails always get me, too. Visuals so I can see textures are 💗💗💗


eta…I hope you feel better soon!!!

Re: The Packaging Thread

Very nice collection.

Re: The Packaging Thread

Awwwww so visually appealing @eshoe 

Re: The Packaging Thread

Surprised they aren’t included in more skincare products, @lmaster!

Re: The Packaging Thread

@eshoe these are so cute! Is 17 Tatcha? Thanks for posting!

Re: The Packaging Thread

Yes @sprocketta! I love that it has a mini version, too.

Re: The Packaging Thread

@eshoe  Oh I looooooooooove this picture 🙂 

Re: The Packaging Thread

Thank you @MissPuff ☺️

Re: The Packaging Thread

@eshoe I really like 10. 

Re: The Packaging Thread

I love that one too, @SportyGirly125. It is a little weighty, which is nice.

I definitely keep mine too @eshoe

I definitely keep mine too @eshoe

Maybe not my favorite but the ones I use the most and kee...

@eshoe Maybe not my favorite but the ones I use the most and keep out for a daily basis is the gold Tatcha ones #7 and #17. I use the small one for all my lip products. I think they are aesthetically pleasing and smooth feeling to wash.

Re: Maybe not my favorite but the ones I use the most and kee...

Yes @Luvstravel - the Tatcha ones are much easier to clean than the Laneige! I rarely use that one since it’s such a pain.

Re: I definitely keep mine too @eshoe

I can’t help it, @Luvstravel - happy to know I’m not the only one. Do you have a favorite?

Re: The Packaging Thread

@eshoe I keep all mine too!!!

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