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The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

What a fantastic thread! 🙂

I'm transitioning to cruelty-free products (i.e. using up whatever I have and replacing it with cruelty-free products), but I need some dupes.


  • Estee Lauder Double Wear - my HG foundation, no idea how I'm going to replace this, but I'll give it a shot. Any suggestions?
  • Benefit Gimmie Brow - I love this stuff, is there anything similar?



Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Congrats on making the switch!

In addition to those already mentioned two other brow alternatives that I really like are ULTA's tinted brow gel & Ardell's Pro Brow Building Fiber Gel.  W/ all of the dupes/ near dupes the shade options are generally far fewer, often having only 2 or 3, so many end up going w/ the brand whose shade/ tone is best. Wet n wild also has one that's pretty good, but ULTA's is by far my fave w/ Ardell a close 2nd & then Essence..ULTA's is $10 but w/ sales, coupons, etc I isually pay $5-7.


Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

OH, I just remembered, I forgot to mention Charlotte Tilbury's brow product as a replacement for gimme brow.  I think it's excellent and even have it, but it's not a great color match for me so I never use it.  


Boy Brow from Glossier gives the most oomph,

CT's brow product gives more natural and defined brows.  


After using Anastasia's dip brown, I'll sometimes run Eyeko's brow product through them..  this is a very wet and glossy formula.. cool effect but it's definitely different and doesn't build volume

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

The Essence Make Me Brow is an excellent (and cheap) CF dupe for the Gimme Brow.

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

I prefer Tarte clay tinted brow to Gimme Brow.  It's great but, argh, I just saw it's no longer at Sephora!!!  But you can still get it. 


Glossier boy brow is excellent too.  I actually prefer this one.  


If Anastasia has one that matches you, they have one too (too red for me so I don't know how good it is)


PS, good for you for making the effort!

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Thanks for the suggestions @sulfate!

Do you have any recommendations for a good CF foundation? I was looking at Too Faced Born This Way, but I'm struggling to find a shade match. -__- I do have an Hourglass one that I like, but it's always a bit tacky on my skin. I've also tried KVD's Lock-It and that was a disaster. 

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

I went through a ton of trials for foundation- I also started with too face (melted off of my face) then tried Tarte (too heavy), tried Josie Moran (it was ok) Tried NARS and Smashbox  ( before they started selling in China). I know there are a few other brands/formulations that I tried as well. Finally ended up with Urban Decay (fuller coverage) and Bare Minerals Complexion rescue for lighter coverage.  I had problems with how foundation felt on my face as well as color match (my face and neck are 2 different colors and a lot of the foundations oxidized orange after I had them on).  The Sephora consultants hated to see me coming into the store for a few months-  You can get 3 samples per visit so I ended up asking them for 3 samples of each brand that I was trying rather than buying a full size bottle that got returned-  I found it took me multiple wearings to decide if I liked it/ how it looked after a very long (12 hour) day.  Good luck and its very trial and error but eventually you will find one- Also you can go and have them color match you which was helpful to have somewhere to start.

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

I'm happy to share, but maybe you can tell everyone what type of coverage you like because then they'll be able to chime in incase my recommendations are duds.  


My HG HG HG foundation is Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation.  But, it's a love hate for most people.  I prefer light dewy coverage and I've been repurchasing this for years.


If you like a less dewy finish, their other foundation, Aqua,  is also hugely popular


KGD isn't sold in the stores so finding a match is a PIA..  if you email the company, they'll send you samples, or just buy and return from Sephora until you get it right.  If you ask on the questions page of the products, some experienced users might chime in to help recommend some shades too.


I also hear great things about Charlotte Tilbury and P Terry foundations.  Those are the only ones I'm tempted to check out, but I never pull the trigger because I"m so happy with what I use.


Hey, maybe those of us who use CF products can list our favorite picks to give the others a place to start their searches?  I'll try to do that for my favorites today or tomorrow.  It would be nice for me too so I can see what other things might be worth trying.





Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

more to add.. 


Koh Gen Do 


I believe Living Proof is CF but I don't have a resource other than Phyrra.  

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Added them!

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

sorry for so many posts!!!


I believe Dr Dennis Gross is cruelty free.  He also notes which products are vegan.

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!


Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

I have a dupe request for NARS


soft matte concealer in a jar.


creamy radiant concealer


sunwash laguna bronzer


unfiltered II palette

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Try the Milk Makeup concealer if you like something that is a bit moisturizing but not heavy.

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

I really like the Tarte amazonian clay concealer (the one in a stick) and the becca ultimate coverage concealer (in a pot). The ABH concealer in a pot is on sale now for $10, it has good reviews but I haven't tried it yet. The Laura Gellar real deal concealer is also excellent if you can find a shade match. 


I switched to shape tape from rcc and it's working out well. The Catrice one is also surprisingly good (and cheap!). 


The Viseart bronzer in their Ablaze palette is a dupe for Laguna (to my understanding they are cruelty free, they are on the crueltyfreekitty site). The physicians formula butter bronzer is my HG bronzer for a natural look. Hourglass has some new bronzer shades as well, I swatched them in store and they're gorgeous! 



Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Hey Marie, 

Thanks again.  I picked up the tarte concealer in the stick and it's great!   I guess I'll have to go to Utla one day to check out shape tape too.


I also got a sample of the cover fx concealed in a tube and it might be good too.  


THX again!



edited 1 hr later... bummer, there is something in this that's irritating my eyes.  I'll try it again tomorrow, but otherwise, I'll have to return it.  I'll give the shape tape a try!

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Wow, that gives me a list of things I've never tried to check out.. THANK YOU!!


And on that note, Madeline, please add Viseart.  Marie is correct and they are CF!  😉

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Thank you so much for starting this thread!!!  They suggested I do this on the Nars thread, but I knew I'd never get around to it 🙂


You might plan on doing this, but if I may make a suggestion, it would be really helpful if you occasionally update the list at the top so people don't have to scroll through and read all the posts (because I assume this thread will become very popular!).  As we discover things, it would also be great to keep a list of companies who test.  


Are you able to edit the list you started with or does the system make you just add a comment? 



Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Oh, I see you have now included Drunk Elephant, so you can edit your list.. GREAT!!!


Are we SURE Perricone is CF?  

All the websites out there  have some mistakes and don't always update their lists.   

Their site says the following .


Perricone MD does not test on animals nor do we believe in the practice. We are one of many beauty brands that are sold internationally including in China and you may be aware that the Chinese government tests imported wholesale cosmetics by law, but products ordered from Perricone MD and shipped directly from us to our customers throughout the world are not tested on animals. Some of the products’ ingredients are not considered vegan in case this is a related concern.


To me, it's a grey answer (They sell in china, or the consumer could just order it directly. Or, they only send it directly and it's not sold in any stores?  They weren't specific to me)


Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

I believe that they only sell online, and don't have a physical presence, so testing isn't required

Re: The Cruelty-Free thread: dupes, discussion & news!

Phyrra is also a great blogger who focuses on CF products. She posts about a lot of things that are high end as well as different indie brands and offers a lot of insight into how to go CF. She makes YouTube videos too.

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