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Sharpening eyeliner pencil

How do I sharpen my eyeliner pencil without breaking the tip. I am going through product so fast and I’m not even using it. 

Re: Sharpening eyeliner pencil

@PaulaPalermo I make sure the sharpener is clean before use.  Also, don't press too hard when turning it.

Re: Sharpening eyeliner pencil

Thank you all.
I’m new to this forum as I don’t know how to respond to all of you.

I have put my pencil in the freezer. Maybe it is my sharpener. I will try cleaning the one I have then if it doesn’t work then I guess I need to buy another. 

Re: Sharpening eyeliner pencil

@PaulaPalermo To tag someone back so they are notified just use the @ sign and then their username. 

Re: Sharpening eyeliner pencil

Ok thanks!

Re: Sharpening eyeliner pencil

@PaulaPalermo I agree with the rec to clean out your sharpener.  I use Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel Pencil Sharpener .  I like to keep the top off to keep it clean.  It also comes with (or used to) a little pick to help clean it out.

Re: Sharpening eyeliner pencil

@PaulaPalermo  Unfortunately, this is a "known issue" with eyeliner pencils. The best tips I have found for sharpening them include making sure you have a quality sharpener, putting the pencils in the refrigerator so that the product is cold and more likely to "shave" than break off, and don't press too hard - let the blade do the work. I long ago gave up on getting that perfect pointy tip, so I aim for "close enough". LOL. You should also clean out your sharpener after every use, as best you can, because blobs of old eyeliner stuck inside will also cause breakage when sharpening.


That said, you might prefer to switch to the retractable style of eyeliner, like SEPHORA COLLECTION Waterproof 12HR Retractable Eyeliner Pencil 30- Matte Chocolate Brown . You won't get the sharp point, but you'll also never need to sharpen again!

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