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Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

Piercing and Tattoos are a big part of body decoration but I can't find a thread dedicated to discuss P&Ts So I thought to start one. (If there is already a thread and I missed it somehow, please let me know and I'll take down mine). 

This is a place to show off your Tattoos and Piercing, share your good and bad experiences. Seek help and suggestions if you are considering to get one or two or more.


Images are found through Google search.

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

I have a bunch of piercings on my ears. None of them were done the 'correct' way haha. I've had piercing guns used on me, gone to Claire's, had some done free-hand (with a sharp earring pushed into my ear in another country- seems shady but boy was it fun lol) and the only two that were pierced with a needle were my belly button and tragus. Sea Salt water is life- heals everything. I healed my tragus up so quick with that natural miracle! I have my nose and belly button (which is now a bit stretched out after having my son 4 years ago but I still wear something in it sometimes because why not). Last year I got my Tragus done. Obviously I want more Smiley Very Happy I have 5 small tattoos and want more. Is it ever enough?! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

Well I don't know. Kinda thankful for my mom for not allowing me to have a tattoo 12 years ago, cause I know I would hate it today Smiley Happy


But I love to see a good tattoo on someone, when done right they can be real masterpieces!

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

Agree, awesome thread @fatimamummy!!


I started with piercings when I was in high school in the 90s, had my septum, tongue, and multiple holes in both ears. Fast forward 20 years, professional job, and a chronic medical condition that has required numerous surgeries, MRIs, etc., and now all I have are two holes in each ear. But seeing so many young ladies with tiny little septum rings lately has made me start to wonder if mine ever closed up entirely, because I would kind of like to start wearing one again! 


As far as tattoos, I moved on to those once I turned 18 and now have one full sleeve, two tattoos on my other arm, and tattoos on my hips. Mine are all traditional style, roses, skull, dagger, torch, etc. My most unique one is probably my Virgin of Guadalupe, because while the concept is traditional, I tweaked it by making her the queen of hearts - yes, from a deck of cards. 


I have a whole concept picked out for my second sleeve, but unfortunately with my medical issues, I haven't been able to get tattooed for a long time.

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

Ok, @jriskus - I need to see your Virgen de Guadalupe!  That sounds like an amazing idea.

I'm sorry to hear of your medical condition and hope that's all past you now and nothing but happy days ahead! Heart 

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

Not the best picture @ZombieMetroAnt, but all I have on my work computer - through my veil from my wedding, LOL! Have since finished the sleeve by adding light blue clouds behind all the pieces to tie everything together.




And thank you for your sweet words Smiley Happy Unfortunately it is a chronic condition, but I'm here today and feeling good, so that's all I can ask.


Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

11111.JPGOoohhh, that is very nice @jriskus!  And I think the veil adds an extra touch of awesomeness Heart  

Heart sending you lots of good vibes, girlie.  I admire your strength!

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

That looks lovely @jriskus! Smiley Happy

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

@jriskus - Very pretty!


Best wishes with your medical condition!  If you ever need support, we BTers are here to help!

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

It is a beautiful work of art @jriskus. My nose piercing closed due to same reason and I didn't think of getting it re done for a long time thinking what if I have to go through all that again but now I think I am gonna do it. If something happens, I'll change the metal nose pin with a thread or a plastic pin what ever.

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

This is soooo beuatiful!  @jriskus

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

@jriskus the saturation is amazing, its so beautiful!!!!!

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

Thanks @EmmyLove! My artist always mixed his own colors and it helps that I'm fair and use a lot of sunscreen. My husband has a sleeve from the same artist but his looks a lot less vibrant because he has darker skin and a lot of arm hair, LOL.

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

This thread....

Image result for me gusta gif

@fatimamummy, perfect timing!  Just yesterday I came across a great picture with an awesome tattoo and was thinking "dang, where does this go?"

So I stuck it in Beauty News but did rant a little on the tat.

Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies and just look at this gorgeous piece on her shoulder!! Insane, right?

I will live vicariously through everyone's pics because I'm allergic to pain (and a big wimp!).  


I do have an itty bitty "M" on the inner side of my left ankle and 6 itty bitty ear piercings.  But I do love and admire good artwork Heart

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

Love this thread @fatimamummy!  Nothing too exciting for me.  I have one small tattoo on the top of my foot of a heart.  I used to have my ears double pierced but let the 2nd holes close up, so they are now just single.  I also had my belly button pierced for many years when I was in a bellydance troupe.  Since I no longer dance, have gotten older, I let it close up.  But I really miss my bellybutton piercing.  I'm on a new program that is working for me, so you never know..... maybe I'll take the leap again!

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!



I'm sure you guys have seen my nose ring a

million times by now!  I have had my ears stretched since I was  in my early 20s, I don't think I'll ever go bigger than this (00 g). I used to have a ton of cartilage piercings when I was a teenager but took them out, and just recently got my anti-helix done. It wasn't nearly as painful as everybody said it would be imo. I'm  probably going to get an industrial piercing soon! 

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

LOVE! <3

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

I love this thread! 


Funny story, I've never gotten my ears pierced because I'm slightly paranoid about what my mom said. She's not one to be very suspicious, but when I was a baby my grandma told my mom that I had long ear lobes which means I have a lot of luck/good fortune. According to some (weird if I might say) Chinese superstition, if you have long ear lobes and you pierce them you'll lose all of your luck/good fortune! I'm quite afraid that once I pierce them, life may go a little downhill from there, haha! I've debated getting an upper part of my ear lobe or something pierced instead, but we'll see!


I don't know if I'd ever be able to commit myself to loving one tattoo for the rest of my life. I can't even get myself to stick a sticker on my laptop without some guilt hanging over my head. Let's not even talk about how many times I used to change my phone case! I do love the idea of one and love seeing other people's. (:  


Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

I REALLY want to get my nose pierced but I'm really nervous about A) it creating a raised bump or B) it leaving a black mark in and around the hole. I'm a college student/future teacher, so I need to be able to take it out. Anyone know if these are preventable?

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

I just came across this thread and read your question. I had my nose pierced about 5 years ago. A few months after I had gotten it, I had an interview with Disneyland and took it out.. It closed up so fast. I was only there for 3 hours ish. Never had a scar or any trouble with infections.. About 2 years ago I got it pierced again and this time my body was rejecting it big time. I had a bump right next to it and after going to a specialist, I was told to take it out. My body was not happy about the piercing being back and rejected it, causing my skin to grow around the piercing. So, yeah. Needless to say, I took it out asap. It all just depends on how your body reacts to it. There is no guarantee you will or won't have a bump or scarring.

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

@emmarose24 My nose was pierced a few yrs ago and healed quickly without any problem. I closed when I took out nose pin for a month.

I just recently get it re pierced at the exact same spot. This time again it is going really well. I can feel it isn't completely healed yet, if I touch it but it looks all clean without any bump , mark, redness or an other unpleasant effects. 

I haven't changed the nose pin yet because I think it need some more time to heal completely.

Inshort I think it is upto your skin. How it reacts to the foreign objects planted in it. Choosing a goldnose pin instead of steel or silver can decrease your chances of getting infection. I do not clean the piercing separately because I rinse my face multiple times during the day so I guess running clean water keeps it clean.

Re: Piercing and Tattoos , Discussion thread!

Hi, everyone!  Great thread @fatimamummy!  Even though I'm basically a wimp, I do have both earlobes pierced twice.  About 13 years ago, I had one earlobe pierced a third time and the upper cartilage pierced too.  Coincidentally, not long after these two new piercing healed I had surgery on my head so I had to remove all my earrings.  I asked my mom to have the nurse put the earrings back in the two new holes as soon as possible.  I knew they would close quickly.  It wasn't until the next day that I was coherent enough to realize mom didn't do that.  By then, the holes were already closed!  Mom conveniently forgot because she didn't like the piercings.  Thanks, Mom!  BTW, 13 years ago I was 39, so it wasn't like I was a teenager or something!


A few years ago, I almost took the plunge to get both re-pierced, but just couldn't quite do it.  Don't know why.  Guess the excitement or thrill was no longer there.


Edit:  No tattoos.  I love tattoos, so I enjoy seeing everyone else's.  Like @MariekeBT, I wouldn't be able to commit to one tattoo in one location on my body for the rest of my life.  Not to mention what happens when it fades or your body shape changes.  Smiley Very Happy

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